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South Carolina State Fair

Tatting Booth

October 16, 2004

Butterflies | Volunteers | Judging

Thank You!

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Butterflies (and Critters) to flew into South Carolina!
THANK YOU to all who contributed!
We have over 3000 to share with others!

Thank you Bonnie for collecting and glueing ALL those butterflies and critters!

Here is a special Thank You Note to all!

Remember, Palmetto Tatters Guild "Dues" are at least one butterfly for the State Fair.


If you wish to volunteer to help with the one day/all day booth on the 16th, contact Katharine at statefair@palmettotatters.org. We need volunteers to setup or take down, demonstrators of shuttle and/or needle tatting, friendly smiles to give out butterflies and critters, and teachers - lots of teachers! We would like each volunteer to share a 4 hour shift. We meet at 8:30a.m. to setup and take down at 9:00p.m.

THANK YOU for your TIME!!!


Delivery of Fancy Work: Thursday September 30 or Friday October 1, 7:30 AM - 6 PM. Don't forget your entry cards.
Pickup: Monday, October 18th, from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Donna can pick up entries if she has your claim ticket.


  • Must be a resident of South Carolina
  • May enter one (1) article per class (numbered category)
  • No article having previously been shown at the Fair and having received a premium may be entered.
  • All work must have been done by the exhibitor and within the last three (3) years.
  • A person is considered a professional if he/she teaches the craft, sells or barters his/her work. Unless otherwise designated, all classes should be entered only by amateurs.

In the four tatting classes below, there will be additional judging done by Palmetto Tatters Guild judges and prizes for Best Double Stitches & Picots, Most Innovative Tatted Design, Judges' Choice.
The Recognition Award: A ribbon, $40, and 'Fifty Butterflies' book.

Categories: Home & Craft, Fancy Work, Miscellaneous (Section -0333)
3309 - Tatting - Edging
3310 - Tatting - Round
3311 - Tatting - Motif Work
3312 - Tatting - Decorative


Other categories where entries may be submitted in tatting or with tatting (use your imagination):

Miscellaneous (Section 0333)
3301 - Bridge Set - 2 Napkins
3317 - Tote bag
3318 - Placemats (4)

Infant Wear (not over the age of 2) (Section 0329)
2901 - Bib
2902 - Bonnet
2905 - Bootees or Shoes (other than crocheted or knitted)
2910 - Cap (other than crocheted or knitted)
2913 - Nursery Spread
2917 - Diaper Set
2918 - Dress
2919 - Boys Wear
2920 - Pillow (complete)
2923 - Sacque Set (other than crocheted or knitted)
2924 - Other

Straw Work and Basketry Handmade (Section 0351)
Bonnie G??? GO FOR IT!

Christmas Ornaments (Section 0344)
Faye! LOTS of places here to enter for Faye and all you that do those BEAUTIFUL ornaments!
4401 - Religious Ornament
4402 - Large Tree Ornament/Over 2 1/2"
4403 - Small Tree Ornament/Under 2 1/2"
4406 - Christmas Door Decoration - Other
4407 - Tree Skirt
4411 - Christmas Stocking - Other
4412 - Tree Topper (Note from Guild: What about ALL those GORGEOUS Angels you have done?)

Eggery (Section 0343)
4311 - Eggery - Christmas

Dolls (Section 0347)
4704 - Soft Sculpture
4705 - Rag
4706 - Pair Rag

Rugs and Quilts (Section 0320)
You may wish to include Tatting on your quilt or rug. There was a beautiful quilt in 2003 that had a good bit of tatting on it. Click here to see the list of classes/categories.

Work of Adults Age 70 (Section 0334)
3411 - Tatting

Go ahead and register NOW! (At least as soon as the entry forms are available.) Then you can receive entry tickets in the mail, and bring your pieces to Donna (or deliver them yourself) in September. Must bring tatting and tickets to September meeting for Donna to deliver!
Donna will also pick up tatting from State Fair and bring to next meeting on Dec 4th.

For more information on the SC State Fair, click here to go to www.scstatefair.org

Questions? Write Katharine.

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