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JUNE 3-4, 2005


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TAT DAYS 2004 | 2003

May 29, 2005

Who is Teaching?
Who is Coming?
Why? Why NOT!
And How?

Airport Shuttle Service
Columbia Area
Flyer / AD
Fund Raisers
Packing List
Phone Numbers
Photo Release Form
Show 'N Tell
Special Needs


Competition Special Awards

Best of Show
Lori Dunlap
Tatted Edging
Tatted Fan
Best of Theme
Leeann Shaw
Judges' Choice
Gail Owens
Tatted Fan


HOMEWORK: If you want to get a head start on the
Round Robin Competition
on Saturday night, here is the pattern for the Center.

ROOM CHANGES: A) Classes previously scheduled for Room 203 will now be in 206.
B) Classes previously scheduled for Room 206, have been moved to the Ridderhof building, 1st floor, next to the Rossi Student Center. There will be signs on campus to help you find your way!
C) Deb Arnold is now in Ridderhof.
D) Rita is now in 103.
NEW Class Grid can be found here.

Tatting for TAT DAYS (Imagine that!)
1) Butterflies, Bugs and Beauties for Sharing Contest: How many can you make with your left over ends for our SC State Fair Sharing of Tatting project? The person with the most turned in to the Registrar by 3:30 on Friday, wins a $30 Gift Certificate for the TAT DAYS store! (More info on 2005 SC State Fair Tatting Booth.)
2) How about a Tatted Lanyard for your name tag? Probably about 30" long.
Ideas: a) split rings in Altin Basak 50 or DMC 20, b) elastic encapsulated with a Josephine Chain, c) something with beads, or, of course, d) your own creative creation. Have FUN!
3) Show 'N Tell including FANS
Fan Ideas:
Logo Fans by Mary Maynard
Tat Off Fan (Save your practice fans. See #1)
Fan Sample
Looking forward to all of your creative ideas!

If you are visiting the South and things get a little tricky,
You know, by now, it is because the weather 's hot and sticky.
With this in mind, the Tatters Guild (Palmetto Branch) you see,
Decided the theme for Zero Five, "Fans" it had to be.
You all have things to work with. If not, go out and buy,
And then you just start tatting. Come on! Give it a try.
A decorated fan is nice to hang upon the wall.
An extra one to have around, when neighbours come to call.
A fan stitched on a T-shirt looks elegant, I well know,
Because a fellow tatter came with one she made to show.
So get your think tank working and see what comes to mind.
Don't hesitate. Get working on a special fan, one of a kind.

By Joyce Harper, THANKS, JOYCE, for setting our mood!

What makes this TAT DAYS unique?
• Classes will be held for beginners, intermediate and advanced tatters (needle, shuttle, hooks, and fingers) with a roster of International Teachers.
• Palmetto Open Tat Competition and Exhibit
• Show 'N Tell Exhibits
• Vendors and Lots of STUFF!
• Exciting games, including a Tat Off! Practice the Tat Off pattern.

Where is TAT DAYS 2005?
We will be on the Campus of Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina. Dorm rooms will be available for lodging and all meals will be provided in the dining hall, buffet style. (No Smoking or Alcohol allowed on campus.)

How do I get there?
MAP to TAT DAYS 2005 at CIU
MAP of Campus, Tour of Campus, Colored Map of Campus

Need a Ride?
If you are flying into town, we the Tatters Shuttle Service ready to provide transportation from the airport to the college (and return) for $10 per trip. If you will be using this service, please make arrangements with our drivers, Judy and Milton. They are ready to make sure tatters have a smooth trip from the airport to the university. If you have any questions or concerns, such as "Now that I'm at the airport, which door do I go out to meet the shuttle?" or "Yikes! My plane was delayed! Are they still going to be able to meet me?" don't hesitate to call them on their cell phones at 1-803-237-1764 or 1-803-237-1765. Remember to be curtious and call Judy and Milton if your plans change - delayed flight, missed flight, caught an earlier flight - so they do not make a trip to the airport looking for you and you are not there. And so we do not worry about you. They will have to charge you for 2 trips if they make 2 trips for you when you did not call ahead to change your plans. (Sorry.) So, please take their numbers with you, on your person. Also, when leaving, please be ready to leave 2.5 hours before your flight since it takes 25 minutes to get to the airport from the university.

Emergency Numbers/Family Contact Numbers
Let's do HOPE no one has any problems or emergencies while in Columbia for TAT DAYS! However, it is always nice to have a phone number to call, just incase. And your family might feel better about you "running off" if they have a number that can reach you. In the age of cell phones, most of you will have a phone close by but just in case you do not, you may give your family the number for Donna T., 803-530-0356, her cell phone, or try her husband Jeff at home at 803-755-2024. Or Karen's cell number is 803-238-6497.

What's the Schedule?
Here's the Class Schedule and the FULL Schedule. You will not want to miss a minute! We will have Discussions Friday morning and classes Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. Wonderful banquet Friday night. Vendors/shopping Friday and Saturday. Fun and Games and Fellowship. And of course a tatting display all day Saturday!

Who are the Teachers & What are they teaching?
Our list of International Teachers is UP! In our 35 class sessions, we will cover many techniques, many varied projects, and even 3 classes in wire tatting. Included in these sessions will be "conference" classes. Have you always wanted to learn more about a certain topic? Maybe you’d like to learn split or mock rings; or maybe those split chains need a little work? Sign up for the "conference" class! In this class, the students select the topics to be taught! You may send an email to stating the topic you would like to learn, or write a note on the blackboard when you arrive. The teachers will present an individualized lesson based on your interests! (Go ahead! Try to stump them! If they don’t know ... we are dedicated to finding someone who does!)

PDF of Teacher list and Class Schedule

What is the Palmetto Open Tat Competition?
Thank you for your entries into our International Competition! Please remember to include your entry forms along with your pieces. If local, please bring your pieces and entry forms to the May 21st meeting. If MAILING your entries, please do so to arrive in time to GET TO COLUMBIA BY the 1st day of June. We will pick up the mail on Thursday the 2nd. Or bring them in on Friday at TAT DAYS between 8:30 and 11. Guidelines.

Will there be a TAT DAYS Show 'N Tell?
Of Course! Tatting is Always Welcome at Tat Gatherings!
We expect and want to see all sorts of show and tells - whether judged or not - whether displayed on fancy boards or pulled out of a pocket. Do Please Bring Tatting of All Types! If you want your pieces that are not a part of the judging/competition, displayed in the display room, please bring it by the display room in the Rossi Student Center on Friday before 3:00.

Can I get tatting supplies there?
There will be a number of vendors present — local and regional.
Shuttles, tatting needles, threads, instruction and pattern books, and more than you can imagine, can all be purchased on site.
If you are interested in bringing items to sell, please contact Teresa about our consignment table in the vending room. (10% fee to the Palmetto Tatters Guild based on total sales.) All items sold at TAT DAYS must be pre-approved by the TAT DAYS Committee so as to not interfere with any of the other vendors. Thank you.

Commemorative Items
T-Shirts ($15)
Calendars ($10) July 2005 to June 2006 with tatting patterns contributed by this year’s faculty. Only 100 will be printed.
Palmetto Tatters 2005 shuttles ($20 or $25) and Winders ($5 each or 3 for $10) Order from the The Shuttle Shop before May 20th (may be a limited number at TAT DAYS).
FREE Postcards to mail back home. Bring addresses and stamps (Or we will have a limited supply of stamps for purchase.)

How much is the Registration?
Early Registration On or Before May 15
Entire Conference: $60.00
Friday only: $30.00
Saturday only: $45.00

Registration May 16 to May 29
Entire Conference: $75.00
Friday only: $35.00
Saturday only: $50.00

Walkup Registration
Entire Conference: $85.00
Friday only: $40.00
Saturday only: $60.00

REGISTRATION: It is "first come - first served" for classes this year. Be sure to look over our FanTATstic list of teachers and their offerings. Registration is closed until TAT DAYS.
Registration Questions? Write Bonnie
Payment Questions? Write Teresa

Who is coming? HOPEFULLY YOU! See our list.

How much is the Lodging on Campus?
1 per room/per night: $30.00
2 per room/per night: $20.00 each

Staying on campus is optional and solely up to you. The dorms are "old style" with the bathrooms down the hall. If this is OK with you, then we would LOVE to have you. But if you prefer a local hotel and all they offer, then go for that.

On Campus, participants may check in most likely after 10:00a.m. on Friday.
Linens are provided (sheets, pillows, pillow cases, towels, washcloth - one set for the weekend). There are laundry facilities in the dorms. Folks may bring their own phones and plug into the phone lines in the rooms for outgoing calls. (Do not have to dial 9 to get out.) No incoming calls. There is a refrigerator and microwave on each floor in the dorms. Due to electrical system limitations, CIU asks you not to bring private refrigerators, ice-less coolers, microwaves, or TVs /VCRs, for your individual rooms. The Computer Center will be open - next to library - for those who need to do research or check emails. Final checkout is Sunday 9 to 10a.m. Checkout is VERY IMPORTANT so that we get your room key returned or there will be a $40 charge to you by CIU since they would have to replace the door lock. There will be a place on the registration form to select a type of dorm: women's hall, men's hall, or married couples' hall.
If you want a roommate, please email your request to Bonnie S. If you have any preferences like no perfurmes or no snoring (ggg), include that, too.
Note: Because this is a college campus, if you will have children with you (or do not wish to stay on campus), you may want to check out the other lodging options below. And remember NO smoking and NO alcohol allowed ANYWHERE on campus.

Special Needs on Campus:
Please note on your registration form.
The campus is "wheel chair" accessible. Or you may wish to rent a scooter from a local shop. Check your insurance; it may pay for it. Click here for more information or write Donna.
Lodging: Will you need a wheelchair accessible room, can't do stairs (3 story dorm without an elevator), special bathing needs, etc? Questions? Ask Bonnie.
Food: If accomodations are needed for diabetes, allergies, etc., please let us know.

Packing List: (THANKS Ladies!)

Christina's Packing List: DOC or PDF

Riet's List:

  • A bag with Sunshine
  • A bag with Big Smiles
  • A bag with Patience
  • A bag with Humor

And maybe bring addresses of Family and Friends. There will be FREE TAT DAYS postcards for you to mail back home. (Bring stamps or purchase them there.)

Other Lodging Options
Hotels near CIU
Note: CIU is exit #68 off I-20.
MAP to TAT DAYS 2005 at CIU


This 1,419-acre park, situated in the middle of the sandhills region, features a beautiful 30-acre lake surrounded by trails and picnic areas.

Camping: Each site is packed sand and has individual water and electrical hookups. Seventeen sites accommodate RV's up to 35 feet, others up to 30 feet. Eighteen sites are pull through. The campground is convenient to restroom facilities with hot showers. 87 sites with electricity and water and rent for $16-18/site/night plus applicable taxes.
15 to 20 miles from CIU.
Contact Information: 9564 Two Notch Rd., Columbia,SC 29223, (803) 788-2706
Driving Directions: On US 1, 13 miles northeast of Columbia and 3 miles from I-20 and 1.5 miles from I-77.


Barn Yard RV Park

Each site is $22.00 (tax included) per night for two people.
Each additional person over 12 years of age is $1.00 per person per night.
Note from Webmaster: "My brother says this is a really nice place!"
Give them a call at 1-800-633-6351 for Reservations or 803-957-1238.
It is about 25 miles from Columbia International University.

Where will we eat?
Our meals will be served in the dining hall in the Rossi Student Center on campus.
$4.50 Breakfast, $5.25 Lunch, $15 Friday Night Banquet, $6.25 Saturday Dinner

What else can we do in Columbia while we are in town?
Click here and check it out!

What will the weather be like?

In Columbia, SC, June 4th has an average high of 90°F, average low of 66°F, making the mean 78°F. Usually HIGH Humidity. The record high for June 4th is 102°F set in 1985 and the record low is 53°F set in 1988. The sunrise will be at 6:13 and sunset will be at 8:32. (Courtesy of
The dorms, dining hall and classrooms are air-conditioned.
Click for Columbia, South Carolina Forecast
(watch out for the ads)

Flyer / AD

Flyer for you to pass out around your town.

Press Release - Please share with your neighborhood papers. (2MB pdf file)

Announcements Around the Country
Charleston, SC:
South Carolina:
North Carolina: The Charlotte Observer on Sunday, May 8th

Photos and Video
You may bring your cameras to capture your special times. There will also be an "official photographer" taking photos and video for The Palmetto Tatters for their archives. You will be asked on the Registration Form if the Palmetto Tatters may use your name and likeness in their materials. See our Full Release Form here. Thank you.

Fund Raisers
Butterflies Migrating: A Flock of Lace Flutteries
, our butterfly book.
Personalized Business Cards shaped like a Shuttle. Order by May 29th for delivery at TAT DAYS.
Calendars: July to July complete with...what else...TATTING PATTERNS! Patterns by our TAT DAYS teachers! $10 Limited Edition-Only 100 to be printed.
T-Shirts ($15) Adult Small to 6X
Video on DVD (most likely $10+postage) and Picture CD ($4+postage) of TAT DAYS events.

See you there!

Questions? Write Lori

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