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April 2, 2005

In 1990 I took up tatting and haven't stopped since. I originally learned from written instructions, but later, watching Bev Dillon's tatting instruction video, I learned what I was doing wrong. And from then on tatting became MUCH faster.

In 1991 I started teaching tatting at Ben Franklin Crafts, in Redmond, Washington. I have been asked to teach classes for the Lacemakers of Puget Sound, Shuttlebirds Tatting Day in Spokane and Bobbi Demmer's tatting workshop in Montana.

Early on, I figured out that designing things myself was much more fun than following someone else's pattern. One of my favorite things is noticing a picture or a piece of lace and thinking, hmmm... I could make that in tatting! I enjoy tatting large projects; this way I have fewer ends to finish off. I have found that the hardest part of designing is actually writing down the pattern so someone else can follow it. My tatting, most original designs, won many ribbons at the Evergreen State Fair. Because of the coaxing of many friends, my published patterns can be found in KNOTS!, Tatting With Friends Book 5, International Lace Magazine, and Tatters Across Time proficiency program.

Redmond, Washington, is where I call home. Having recently retired as manager of an appliance repair company, I now enjoy the extra time to tat, crochet, cook and take better care of my husband. I can be reached at cameliacrapo@hotmail.com

Class 1 - Team Teaching with Mary Maynard

"Hey! I can do that in Tatting!"

Time: Saturday, 11:30 to 1:30

Techniques: Multiple techniques will be used as you work to design an original tatting pattern.
Project: Designing Tatting Patterns Inspired by Crochet and Hairpin Lace

Intermediate to Advanced Level: It is helpful to know split rings, bridges/split chains, shoelace trick, self closing mock ring (SCMR), twisted picots, measured picots, lock join, mock picot and pearl tatting. Being able to work from a visual diagram (not just from written patterns) is a plus in this class.

Description: Students will learn the 'thought process' involved in design, as well as learning some of the guidelines for selecting tatting stitches that work to duplicate hairpin lace, crocheted pineapples, clusters, double crochet, and popcorn stitch. Camelia and Mary will go over the crochet or hairpin lace that you bring and help you design your own tatting pattern from your inspiration piece. (Feel free to bring your favorite non-tatted laces for inspiration on future tatting patterns!)

2 pairs of shuttles (4 shuttles) wound continuous with size 10 or 20 thread, so you can see your stitches
Bring 2 shuttles wound with contrasting thread and cut off the ball
3 balls of thread – bring the rest of the balls you have shuttles wound from
Pencil and paper
Scissors to cut out those frustrating mistakes.
Picot spacers that you can leave in your project.
Photocopy of crochet pattern you want to duplicate. This will be written on so you probably won't want to bring your original.
A good imagination!

Contact Mary & Camelia ahead of time if you want to start a large project in class. We can help you figure out what additional supplies are needed.

Class 2 - Team Teaching with Mary Maynard

"Design Guidance - Creating your Own Tatting Pattern Inspired by a Non-Tatted Lace"

Time: Saturday, 3 to 5

Techniques: Multiple tatting and design techniques are incorporated in this class
Project: A new project will not be taught in this class. The instructors will aid students in completing design projects already in progress.

Intermediate to Advanced Level

This session gives the student the time and guidance they need to complete the unique tatting patterns they have been working on. This might be a pattern a student began in Class 1, or the student is welcome to bring a pattern they have been designing at home. Camelia
and Mary can help you find ways to translate the stitches in another lace form into a new tatted piece.

Please bring photo copies of the lace that is your inspiration piece, and whatever threads and tools you choose to use in its creation.

Class 3

"Summer Snowflakes"

Time: Friday, 3:30 to 5:30

Techniques: Rings, Chains, Picots, Joins, plus a variety of intermediate techniques
Project: Snowflakes

Beginner to Intermediate Level

Students can select snowflake patterns to match the skills they would like to learn. Students who are learning the flip will be tutored by a teacher's aide. Students who are comfortable with rings can choose a snowflake of rings and chains. If you are right at home with rings and
chains, try a snowflake with more difficult joins or fancier picots. And if you are confident with the basics, you are welcome to come try your hand at speed tatting the whole collection : )

2 shuttles wound continuous with white thread in your favorite size
a ball of white thread in your favorite size

Optional items:
sparkly thread (so your snowflakes can glitter)
crochet hook for joins
floss threaders or magic thread to finish ends

Conference: Friday, 1 to 3, with Lily and Tina.

Samples of teacher’s work:


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