Thank you to Mary Maynard for these tatted fans. (pattern)


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May 29, 2005

Our Teachers!
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Deb Arnold - Of DS9Designs-beautiful bags, beads and patterns-from Colorado

Gina Brummett - Tatting Goddess from Indiana

Rita Cochrane - Mary Maxim Shares A Talented Tatting Teacher from Ontario, Canada

Mimi Dillman - Cluny Queen from Washington

Jane Eborall - Bright & Bold Designer from Stratford-upon-Avon, England

Sue Hanson - Purple Tatted Panache' Comes 'Cross the Pond from London, England

Camelia Lambert - Tat Queen from Washington

Nina Libin - Originator of Beanile Lace from New York City via Russia

Mary Maynard - Author of "Tatting Rings of Flowers" and "Tatting a 4 Square Ring" from Wyoming

Karen Miner - "Best in Show!" from Washington

Mark Myers - Tatman and Author of "Tatted Gathering of Angels" from Illinois

Tina Neudorf - Author of " Tatting From the Heart" from British Columbia, Canada

Georgia Seitz - Teacher of the Online Tatting Class, AK has moved 'outside' to Illinois

Riet Surtel - 'Our Tatting B-Engel' from Holland

Sherry Townsend - The Celtic Dream Weaver from New York State

Teachers Aides

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Class Schedule

ROOM CHANGES: A) Classes previously scheduled for Room 203 will now be in 206.
B) Classes previously scheduled for Room 206, have been moved to the Ridderhof building, 1st floor, next to the Rossi Student Center. There will be signs on campus to help you find your way!
C) Deb Arnold is now in Ridderhof.
D) Rita is now in 103.

Color Codes in the Class Schedule Chart Below:

Red/Pink: These courses are geared to both the beginning and intermediate tatter. And for the ‘brand new’ tatter, individual tutors are provided right within the class!

Purple: This course is an introduction to an advanced technique.

Blue: These advanced courses have pre-requisite skill levels. Please see course description for required competencies.

Green: This session provides additional instruction for the student who wants more direction and time to complete a project begun in an earlier class. Feel free to join this class if you’ve been working at home on a pattern created by this designer, and would like some guidance in its’ completion.



Conference Classes
Have you always wanted to learn more about a certain topic? Maybe you’d like to learn split or mock rings; or maybe those split chains need a little work? Sign up for the conference class! In this class, the students select the topics to be taught! You may send an email to stating the topic you would like to learn, or write a note on the blackboard when you arrive. The teachers will present an individualized lesson based on your interests! (Go ahead! Try to stump them! If they don’t know ... we are dedicated to finding someone who does!) The Conference Class is suitable for brand new beginners through masters level students!

Please make your selections before going to the online registration page since you will be asked to select your classes at time of registration. Class registration is "first come, first served" so just incase a class is full, you may wish to have a 2nd and 3rd choice available.

See you there!

Questions? Write Lori

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