2005 TAT DAYS Teacher

Georgia Seitz
of Illinois
(formerly from Alaska)

I think that tatting is a method of relaxation for most of us. And never think that there are but few tatters. There are thousands, perhaps even millions. We can join the Palmetto Tatters or other local lace groups, the world wide group of lacemakers such as the Ring of Tatters from the UK and the IOLI, International Old Lacers, Inc. and even the tatchat group online too. The contact with other tatters is very stimulating.

About being a linguist, I took my degree in Chinese and German from Indiana State Univ. I worked a couple of years with an international bookseller in Portland, OR before joining the Army. I worked as a Chinese linguist in Misawa Japan for two years as the war in Viet Nam was ending and then as a German linguist in Augsburg, Germany for two years. The last year I served in the military, I was the editor of the Augsburg Profile, a field station newspaper.

Later in CA I helped minority persons and non English speakers to establish a small home businesses. After moving to Alaska in 1985, I became a volunteer for the Emergency Language Bank helping tourists and such while working at the International Airport; first at the currency exchange and then at the communications center. When that facility closed I worked for the National Wildlife Federation. I was supposed to help set up an international conference on birds in Harbin, China, but the Tian An Men massacre happened and the conference didn't. I stayed on with NWF for five years before establishing my own teaching/publishing/shuttle manufacturing mail order business. And I have loved every minute of it. It is just wonderful.

I began guesting" on AOL's national lacemaking chat over 6 years ago now and I now host an online tatting class. I taught at the IOLI convention in San Diego 1998 and at Costa Mesa 2002 and several local workshops with the Spokane Tatters Guild, The Lacemakers of Puger Sound, Camp Wannatat, the Atlanta IOLI chapter and the Freeway Lacers, all of them a great deal of fun.

I have written a few books of tatting patterns and still enjoy a day in the sun on the porch with nothing but me and my shuttles. So, this is more than you ever wanted to know about me, I'm sure. However, if you have tatting questions I am delighted to help, with Best Wishes, Georgia Seitz aka AKTATTER@aol.com