3rd Annual Palmetto Tatters Guild

Juried Tatting Show Guidelines

Columbia, South Carolina
June 3 & 4, 2005

Thank YOU for your entries!

May 17, 2005

General Rules:

  1. Enter in as many categories as you like; only one item per category, please, except where noted.
  2. Complete an entry form here online and print it. You will need one completed entry form for each category entered. Must complete by May 15th so we will have a good idea of how many entries to expect.
  3. Mounting and/or framing the work is not required.
    (If works are framed, appropriateness of frame will be considered in judging.)
  4. Due to the volume of entries anticipated, we would like to have all of the local entries either hand delivered to our May 21st meeting, mailed to our PO Box, or shipped to The Needler.
  5. All mailed entries must arrive no later than Wednesday, June 1, 2005. Entries may be hand delivered Friday morning between 8:30 and 11. If you "Walk it in, You must Walk it out" meaning if you hand carry your item in for the Competition, you must pick it up on Saturday evening between 6:00 and 7:00.
  6. Entries will be judged and displayed during TAT DAYS, Friday and Saturday June 3-4, 2005.
  7. All judges' decisions are final.


  • Youth (up to age 17)
  • Adult (18 to 64)
  • Senior (65 and older)
  • Master (Tat Proficiency, 2 Best of Shows, Ring of Tatters, Lace Guild Advanced Assessment )
  • Professional (Earning $2,000+ (U.S. Dollars) in tatted related income when the piece was completed. Examples: teaching fees, publications, or sales of tatted items.)

Clothing embellished w/tatted motifs

Linens embellished w/tatted motifs

Baby Item (bonnet, booties, etc.)

Christening Gown
Bookmark (up to 3, judged as a set) Butterfly (up to 3, judged as a set)
Collar Doily
Edging (attached or unattached) Fine Thread Work (size 50 or smaller)
Holiday Ornament (up to 3, judged as a set) Jewelry (earrings, necklace, chatelaine, etc.)
Motif/Medallion (2 of identical pattern required) Note Cards / Stationary (set of 6)
Tatted Table Linens Scene or landscape
Three-dimensional Works Wearable (handbag, shawl, hair bow, vest, etc.)
Wedding Apparel & Accessories Wire Works
Theme: "FanTATstic" (Special ribbon awarded for this category.)
Handmade shuttles and other tatting tools (Form and function will be judged.)
Other (items not in the categories listed above)

Vintage Tatted Items are always WELCOME! Please submit a "competition" form including the history of the piece. Although not judged, these items will be displayed and recorded.

WOW! What a List!
A Category for Anything and Everything Tatted!
And remember the theme category of "FanTATstic!"
Please SEND IT IN! Everyone would love to see it!

Special Instructions:

  • Items can be accepted for judging if not previously entered at Palmetto TAT DAYS.
  • Items from last year may be displayed.
  • Entries are expected to be clean for judging and displaying.
  • The judges wish to know: 1) What is the intended use of this piece? 2) Was it tatted just for this Tat Day competition? Please do not identify yourself in your answers to these two questions.
  • Aged vintage items will be displayed.
  • There is no entry fee for judged or displayed items.
  • The Palmetto Tatters Guild reserves the right to use photographs of entries for publicity and educational purposes in 2005, and/or in subsequent years, without further permission being sought.
  • We are creating an Online Database of Tatted Pieces. We hope you will allow your pieces to be included.
  • Our photographer will be taking pictures of all items.
  • Contestants must provide return postage. You may put it on the return box or include a check payable to Palmetto Tatters. If insurance is desired on the return trip, be sure to include that amount on the return box or in your check payment. Remember that there will be certificates with ribbons included in your return box so add a tad bit more to the postage for the return trip.
  • If you would like to hand-deliver your piece (especially vintage items) bring it Friday morning between 8:30 and 11.
  • If entrants want to save postage, they may pick-up their pieces on Saturday evening between 6:00 and 7:00. This will be required for items hand carried in.
Head Judge: Marie Smith
(pictured on the right)

To Participate in this Competition:

  • Although we cannot guarantee against all contingencies, The Guild has taken great care to ensure the safety of each item during its exhibition at the Palmetto TAT DAYS. A special post office box has been opened to handle the entries for this competition.
  • Two members of the Competition Committee have arranged to pick up all entries from the post office and The Needler at 10:30 on Thursday morning. Entries will be taken directly to the judging room, where they will stay until exhibition. At the end of the exhibit, all items (with their accompanying certificates and ribbons) will be returned by the Competition Committee to the containers in which they were sent, and posted by return mail on Monday after TAT DAYS.

In order to ensure the safe delivery and fast return of your tatted items, we ask that you take the following steps.
1. Select two priority mail containers at your post office.
2. Address the smaller container to the location where you want your piece(s) to be returned and add postage for the return trip, with insurance, if desired (or you may include a check for the return postage).
3. Address the larger container to:

Palmetto Tatters Guild
P.O. Box 1597
Lexington, SC 29071

4. Place inside the smaller container: a) the tatted piece(s), b) with the completed entry form for each piece, and c) a check for RETURN POSTAGE made payable to the Palmetto Tatters (if you did not put the postage on this inside container or if you will not pick up the item on Saturday). Please DO NOT SEAL.
5. Place the small self-addressed container into the larger container, with a label addressed to Palmetto Tatters as noted above and seal this last container.
6. The mail will be opened the day of judging, therefore we will not be able to notify you when your item arrives. The Post Office does provide this service, however. If you would like to be notified that your package has arrived safely, please purchase a return receipt request from your postmaster.
7. You may also wish to purchase insurance. If you would like the item returned to you with the same insurance with which it arrived, please include that amount on the smaller return container box or include with your check for the postage. Upon opening, your tatted items - and the container in which they arrive - will be matched to the entry form and carefully tagged to insure their proper return.

You may mail your entries to the PO Box above, beginning as soon as the entry form is available.

If you are using DHL, FedEx (Federal Express), or UPS (United Parcel Service), you may ship your entry to:
Palmetto Tatters Guild
c/o The Needler
102 East Main Street
Lexington, SC 29072-3421 USA

Need more info?
Write Lori
Call Katharine at (803) 951-1961 or email Katharine

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