Scooter Rental Information

Hawthorne Medical
1506 Taylor Street
Columbia, SC 29201

Hawthorne has the names of Donna Thompson and The Palmetto Tatters Guild. They also should have Donna's numbers of 803-755-2024 hm, 803-737-3322 wk.

They talked like they could deliver the to Columbia International University on Thursday, June 2nd.
The Guild probably have to make arrangements for one of the Guild to return it on Monday unless CIU is willing to store it securely somewhere on campus for us until Monday. We can work that out!

Cost: $95 + $95 refundable deposit.
Payable by credit card, check or cash. Deposit will be refunded in the same method it was paid.

If you do decide to use this service, Donna T. would appreciate an email just so we will know how many will be there. Thank you.

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