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CONGRATULATIONS to Barbara Hevener for the
tatting design for our logo!

Thank you Teresa Woods for our Tat Days theme!

Palmetto Tatters' Palm Trees


"Le Tatting est dans Mon Coeur"
("Tatting is in My Heart")

September 5-6

White Oak Conference Center
Winnsboro, South Carolina, USA

Updated October 26, 2008


Who is Teaching?
Who is Coming?
Why? Why NOT!
And How Much?

Airport Shuttle Service
Cancellation Policy
Class Teaser Pictures
Dates to Remember
Emergency Numbers
Flyer / AD
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Heartfelt Swap
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Silent Auction
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White Oak Conf Center

Tat Days 2009, September 11-12
"I've Been Bitten by the Tatting Bug"
(Thanks, Erin Holloway, for the theme!)
White Oak Conference Center


Pattern CD is NOW available.

NEWSlideshows (LARGE video files):
(Note: If using Internet Explorer, you may want to right-click and select Save Target As and let it download to your computer to watch. May take an hour to download for some. I will try to cut the largest one in half next week. AND, there is music so you may need to lower your volume on your computer if viewing at work. Donna T.)
Class Pictures (11MB)
Tatting (40MB)
Extras/Fun (19MB)

HANNA - NOT STOPPING US YET! (Ended up not affecting us at all.)
Special Note: We may see some heavy rain mid-day on Friday and early Saturday from Hanna but once you get from the motel rooms to the classroom building, you can stay dry for classes, shopping, meals, tatting and more tatting. We are watching the storm and commuicating with White Oak regularly. We are not expecting a mandatory evacuation in the Winnsboro area, so as far as we know, we ARE GOING TO HAVE TAT DAYS, despite Hanna! White Oak is well built and there are basement rooms, if needed. Just watch this web page for more news as we get it. One tatter said, "We will just tat ourselves to the poles and doorways!"

Online Registratin is Closed. If you did not get to pre-register, still COME ON to White Oak and register there. Email us, if you want, especially if you think you will stay on campus, so we will be watching for you - Bonnie & Joanie

CAMPUS MAP - Find parking, registration, motel rooms, classes, vending, and meals.

More White Oak Conference Center information.

NEWS FLASH! Packing List, Weather, and NEW THREAD! (updated September 3rd)

We are EXCITED! How about you?

Dates to Remember: .
Now until Tat Days: Tatting Hearts! See Give One - Get One, Heartfelt Swap
And watch this web page for our News Flash!
Tatting for SC State Fair-small tatted pieces to share with fair goers. THANKS!

Emails to Tat Days folks: If you use a local/on your computer email program like Outlook Express, then just click on a name and a new email message will open. If you use an online email service like gmail, just point to the person's name and the email address should appear at the bottom left of your screen. Jot it down and send away.

What makes this Tat Days unique?
• Classes will be held for tatters that are just getting started; for intermediate tatters; and for advanced tatters (shuttle and fingers). We have a roster of local, national and International Teachers.
• Palmetto Tatting Exhibit - Show 'N Tell Exhibits
• Vendors and Lots of STUFF!
• The location-White Oak Conference Center-beautiful, quiet country setting.
• Exciting games, including a Tat Off! Here is the Tat Off! pattern so you can practice! smile

Beautiful beginning of Fall, just as it is beginning to cool down, September 5 & 6, 2008. The average high in September is 83. The average low is 62.

Special Note: We may see some heavy rain mid-day on Friday and early Saturday from Hanna but once you get from the motel rooms to the classroom building, you can stay dry for classes, shopping, meals, tatting and more tatting. We are watching the storm and commuicating with White Oak regularly. We are not expecting a mandatory evacuation in the Winnsboro area, so as far as we know, we ARE GOING TO HAVE TAT DAYS, despite Hanna! White Oak is well built and there are basement rooms, if needed. Just watch this web page for more news as we get it. One tatter said, "We will just tat ourselves to the poles and doorways!"

We will be on the beautiful campus of White Oak Conference Center, 633 Mobley Highway, Winnsboro, SC  29180. Lodging is in motel style rooms. The rooms will have one or two double beds and a private bath. We encourage you to buddy up! (We can help with the roommate selection-write Sally.) This is a GREAT time for old friendships to be renewed and new friendships to be formed. Meals will be served buffet style in the dining hall. Linens are provided. The rooms are not equipped with a telephone, TV, microwave, coffee pot, refrigerator, hairdryer, internet service, radio, or a clock. There is a microwave in the break room, which is located in the classroom building. Internet service is also available in the classroom building. There is no ice machine. Teachers may check in after 2:00 pm on Thursday. Participants may check in after 4:00 pm on Thursday. (If you arrive on Thursday, volunteer to help set up for tat days!) Final checkout and key return is Sunday before 10:00 am. (If you wish to stay off campus, you may wish to check out the Fairfield County Chamber of Commerce web page for other options. There are some very nice Bed & Breakfast places there.)

Why? Why NOT! Read Comments from Tat Days 2007

Help us get the word out about Tat Days. Here is a flyer for you to share with friends, print and post around your town, etc.
We would love to know how you are spreading the word about our Tat Days. Just drop a note to Bonnie and Joanie.

How Much?
Estimated Costs
Trying to keep the costs to our participants close to the same as last year.

Arriving Early Friday and Departing Sunday morning:

  • Registration/Classes - 2 days: $75
  • Motel Room (per person/per night): $60 single, $42 double
  • Meals: $7 each (6 meals-Friday lunch, 3 Saturday, 1 Sunday)
  • Banquet Friday night: $18
  • T-Shirt: $15
  • Pattern CD: $10

Total for Double (2 in a room): 75+(42x2)+(7x5)+18+15+10=$237
Plus spending money smile for class kits and the vending room....thread, thread, thread, etc.

Adding Thursday night = $237+42+(7*2)=$293

SAVE $40+ with a roommate. If you are coming by yourself, we will be glad to help you find a roommate. Just write Sally. If you have specific conditions, like no perfume, prefer hot/cold room, you may want to consider a single room or find your own roommate.  We will do our best to accommodate your preferences, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to meet all requests.  If you know someone with whom you would like to room, please add their name to your registration. 

OnSite Registration Fees:
Friday & Saturday = $85.00
Just Friday = $45.00
Just Saturday = $60.00

Visitors: If you just want to just drop-by and visit, shop and see the tatting display on Saturday, that would be GREAT! LOVE to have you!

By check: Make checks payable to Palmetto Tatters Guild and mail to c/o Gail Hitchcock, 104-4 Gully Branch Lane, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572 USA (US Dollars, please.)
By PayPal. If using PayPal, please check the box at the bottom of the registration to add the fee that PayPal will charge us to use this service. It is 3% + 30 cents. On $300 that would be $9.30. Thank you.

Insurance: White Oak charges us $5 for everyone that comes to Tat Days -tatters and spouses and friends. We are including that $5 in the registration fee for tatters, but we need to charge the $5 for the spouses/friends. Thank you for understanding.

Need a Ride?
If you are flying into town, the Tatters Shuttle Service is ready to provide transportation from the Columbia Metropolitan Airport to White Oak (or return) for $30 per trip. Please make arrangements with our drivers, Judy and Milton Tabor. Email them at tabo7298@bellsouth.net or call them at 803-237-1764 or 803-237-1765. Questions?? "Now that I'm at the airport, which door do I use to meet the shuttle?" Or, "Yikes! My plane was delayed! Are they still going to be able to meet me?" Call them. They both carry their cell phone. Also, be courteous and call Judy and Milton if your plans change - delayed flight, missed flight, caught an earlier flight - so they do not make a trip to the airport looking for you and you are not there. And so we do not worry about you. They will have to charge you for 2 trips if they make 2 trips for you when you did not call ahead to change your plans. So, please take their numbers with you, on your person. Also, when leaving, please be ready to leave 2.5 hours before your flight since it takes 55 minutes to get to the airport from White Oak.

Cancellation policy
All cancellations must be in writing, either by email to Bonnie and Joanie, or to the Palmetto Tatting Guild,  PO Box 1597, Lexington, SC  29071.To receive a full refund, a cancellation must be received on or before Aug 5, 2008. For cancellation notices received from Aug 6 through Sep 5, all paid fees, excluding half of the registration fee, will be refunded. Commemorative items, tee-shirt, pattern CD and class kits are not refundable. These items will be mailed following the conclusion of Tat Days.

Emergency Numbers/Family Contact Numbers
We HOPE no one has problems or emergencies while in Columbia for TAT DAYS! However, if needed, here they are!

Donna T. 803-338-1384
Jeff T. 803-755-2024
Bonnie Geiger 803-261-4727
White Oak Conference Center 803-635-4685

Class Teaser - Sneak Peek

Meet our Teachers

Class Schedule

If you are a brand new tatter (if you want to learn to tat), we will have Georgia Seitz with us on Friday afternoon to teach you how to tat. And we would love to have you come to our PTG meetings, usually the 3rd Saturday of each month. See our Calendar.

Click here for a NEWS FLASH! New Thread!(Sept 3rd)

This year, Palmetto Tatters Guild welcomes The Lacemaker of Cortland, OH as our key vendor. The store is operated by Tracy Jackson. In addition to her store, which regularly hosts classes, Tracy has many years experience in vending for retreats and large shows/conventions/conferences, with the number of participants between 30 to 6000.

Tracy regularly teaches classes in her shop as well as at other conferences and lacemaking events in a number of traditional lacemaking methods as well as other types of fiber arts. In addition to the threads noted on her website at http://www.lacemakerusa.com,
The Lacemaker will also bring
Tatting books, books, and more books
shuttles, shuttles, and more shuttles
tatting needles
tatting notions, hankies and doilies, cards, videos
a variety of containers
a variety of embellishments (threads, beads, etc.)

The Lacemaker accepts Master Card, Visa and Discover credit cards and will accept personal checks with proper identification and approval.

The Palmetto Tatters Guild only accepts cash or personal checks with proper identification and approval.

ALL selling MUST be done in the vending area and pre-approved by the Tat Days Committee. Contact Teresa if you have questions or would like to inquire about a consignment table.

Class Kits: Kits will be available from your teacher at the beginning of the class. Please bring exact change, if possible. Contact the teacher individually if you have questions about a kit.

Supplies: Be sure to check your class information for the list of supplies for each one.

Check this page regularly as many of our teachers will also have items for sale and PTG encourages the support of the teachers. Other interested parties will also have items for sale. There will be multiple vendors with multiple registers / cash boxes. Not all vendors can accept credit cards and the Guild checkout can only accept checks or cash. Personal checks will most likely be accepted by all with proper identification and approval.

NEW Silent Auction!!
News Flash (Aug 29th)
Silent Auction!!  Through the generosity of tatters who made donations to the silent auction last year, we raised $296.50 for the scholarship fund.  That was awesome!!  So, bring on the donations this year!!!  And remember, donations do not have to be tatting related! THANKS!

updated (Aug 3) - Commemorative Items

T-Shirts ($15)
T-Shirt for Tat Days 2008

Please bring cash/checks, preferably cash, for commemorative items that will be available at the registration table. 

No more orders for the Palmetto Tatters 2008 Shuttles: Heart logo shuttles and Winders made by the The Shuttle Shop. There may be a limited supply available in vending. They will be cherry or tulipwood for both shuttles and winders, and point or no point for shuttles. (Will be similar to this one from last year)
$20 for shuttle, no point, $25 for shuttle with point, $5 for thread winder
If you pre-ordered these shuttles, you may pick them up when you check-in at Tat Days. Please bring either check or cash.  No credit card or debt card. 

No more orders for the Logo Shuttles made by Georgia Seitz for Tat Days 2008.
Event shuttle $11 plus $1 for personalized = $12 (White shuttle with red heart logo).
Special Inlay shuttle $18 plus $1 for personalized = $19 (Inlay)
The inlay shuttle has a special sapeli wood veneer on both sides, plus the inlay piece itself is made from  beech wood. If you preordered shuttles, you may pick them up when you check-in at Tat Days. Please bring either check or cash.  No credit card or debt card. 

Tat Days Pattern CD: Get a copy of ALL of the patterns from Tat Days 2008! Maybe you wanted to attend 20 out of the 29 classes! Now you can have all of the handouts from ALL of the classes! Just $10 if order when you register to come for Tat Days or $10 in vending at Tat Days. If you cannot attend Tat Days (we will MISS you) but would like to purchase the pattern CD, after Tat Days we will link up an order form. Cost will be $15 plus shipping.

Palmetto Tatters Guild Denim Shirts: These will be available in vending at Tat Days. They come in short and long sleeves. We recommend you try one on for size before you purchase. If you want to wear it as a shirt, the "normal" size you order would probably be correct. If you want to wear it like a jacket, then you will probably want one size larger than your "normal" size. Questions? Email Marie.

Tatting Display/Show 'N Tell
NO COMPETITION – Due to the number of volunteers it takes to run competition, we chose not to have competition this year.  For those of you who have been working on pieces to submit, PLEASE ENTER them in the SC State Fair which will be held Oct 8-19. Information regarding entries can be found at www.scstatefair.org.  If you are not a resident of SC, enter your tatting in your local/state fair.

TATTING DISPLAY – In lieu of competition, this year we will have a lace display.  Bring your tatted lace with you and put it on display.  We will have, as a minimum, a People's Choice Award.  Other details will be forth coming.  

Listen Up. We are going to have a Heartfelt Swap Hour this year. We are swapping hearts and thread. Tat some hearts and bring them to swap. Got a favorite thread? Wind about 10 yards, or whatever you like, and label it with your name, thread size, thread color/color number, and where you bought it. Bring to the Heartfelt Swap Hour to share. Give one - get one!!
Here is a heart bookmark called "Hasty Heart" for you to tat, if you like. Thanks, Barbara!
Or get inspired to create your own design-look at these wonderful Theme Hearts we received.

Special Needs
Please write Sally if you have a special need pertaining to a room. Or, send a note to Pam if your need pertains to special diet or a wheel chair.

Scooter Rental
We have contacted several companies about scooter rentals and here is the one we believe to be the best choice for this year's Tat Days. They will deliever the scooter to White Oak and retrieve it. You need to contact them to reserve your scooter and make all of the payment arrangements. Check with your insurance company to see if they will cover the costs. They only have a limited number of scooters so it will be a first call/first served.

All Medical, 2011 Hampton St., Columbia, SC. Contact person Christopher, 803 779 2011. Will deliver and pick up for $129 + tax.

Photos and Video
You may bring your cameras to capture your special times. There will also be an "official photographer" taking photos and video for The Palmetto Tatters Guild for our archives. We hope to post lots of pictures on the website after Tat Days. Hope you will share your photos, too.

Standard Tatting Notation for our Tat Days

Tour of White Oak Conference Center

Questions? Write Event Coordinators at tatdays@palmettotatters.org

We had many, many WONDERFUL tatted hearts submitted to us for our theme this year and we want to share them with the world. THANK YOU! Hearts from around the World! And thank you Teresa Woods for our Tat Days theme!

Wondering about the next Tat Days theme? "Tatting Bugs Me"

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