Tat Days 2010
THANKS, Jane Eborall for the tatting for our logo
and Rick Culverhouse for the theme.

8th Annual
Tat Days 2010

August 27-28

Toccoa, GA

"Fall Into Tatting"




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Who is Teaching?
Who is Coming?
Why? Why NOT!
How much?

LOOK Banquet Friday Night
Cancellation Policy
Cameras (all welcome)
Cell Phones
Class Sample Pictures
Class Schedule Grid
Commemorative Items
GPS Address
UpdatedNight Owls - Friday
Night - Saturday
Pattern CD
Registration Class Fees
Schedule for Weekend
UpdatedShow 'N Tell (Friday Night)
Silent Auction
Special Needs
Supplies - See the class pages
Tat Off!
Theme for Next Tat Days
Toccoa, GA Conf Center

NEXT TAT DAYS: September 23-24, 2011

Thank you to ALL that applied for teaching at Tat Days for 2011! It is going to be EXCITING! We are proud to announce our slate of teachers (in alphabetical order):

Sandra Eichelberger

Martha Ess

Sheron Goldin

Erin Holloway

Nina Libin

Sharren Morgan

Georgia Seitz

Abby Small

Riet Surtel-Smeulders

Donna Thompson

Logo Submissions - THANKS for all of your entries!
Our 2011 Logo Design Winner is Pam Freck. See the image.

2011 Quilt? YES!

Looking for Snowflakes-all sizes. See specifics on Georgia's page.

Snowflakes and Cherry Blossoms

THANK YOU for your support!

Tatting in a Winter Wonderland


We are always wanting to improve our Tat Days. If you would like to leave us comments about any previous Tat Days, just email our Tat Days Chairs here. Thanks!

A few PICTURES from Tat Days 2010. ENJOY!

See the wonderful tatting on AKTATTER's 2010 Crazy Quilt Project. LOOK
More than 60 international tatters joined together to tat up a one of a
kind quilt. THANK YOU to ALL!

NEW Close up pics of large quilt.

Crazy Quilt Square

Online REGISTRATION is closed for 2010.
You CAN still come!
Email Theresa at registrar@palmettotatters.org your intentions to come and we will gladly hold you a place at Toccoa. Or just show up! We love walk-ins, too! You will just register and select your classes when you arrive.

LOOK Look Who's Coming

Where? Toccoa, GA
462 Sonrise Way Toccoa, GA  30577-Georgia Baptist Conference Center
This address does work at maps.google.com. If you have a fairly new GPS or recently updated, it should find it, too. Or you can go to their website at
toccoa.gabaptist.org and click on the Driving Directions link on the left. If your GPS does not recognize this address, just get to Toccoa, GA. Once you get to Toccoa, you should be able to ask anyone in town and they should be able to point you in the correct direction. This Center has been there for over 40 years. I (Donna) used to go there when I was growing up for Church Choir Festivals. If you get lost, call me, 803-338-1384. Put that number in your cell phone.
Pictures of New Location

Shuttle Here is a link to the class grid schedule.
Class Sample Pictures

Commemorative Items

Shuttle from Georgia. Yes we will have Georgia's shuttles again this year. They are on registration and she will probably have a few in vending. $10 each. (No personalization.)

Shuttles from The Shuttle Shop (No more orders.)

Shuttle Shop Palmetto 2010

SMILE Have you purchased one of these lovely shuttles from The Shuttle Shop in the past? Let's share with Chris and Erin how we have enjoyed their shuttles. Click here to add your message.

LOOK NEW Shuttle to TRY at Tat Days called the "Winder" Shuttle! See Sharren Morgan.

New Winder Shuttle
(Click for more pictures.)

T-Shirts: Yes! $15 each for commemorative t-shirts. There will be a few in vending.
Participant T-Shirts
Participant T-Shirts
Teacher T-Shirts
Teacher T-Shirts

Palmetto Tatters Guild Denim Shirt
Our denim shirts will be available in vending for $25. We will have short and long sleeves. They make great light weight jackets.

Denim Shirt
Denim Shirt Detail

TEACHERS! Here is our distinguished list for 2010:


Here is our Meet Our Teachers page.

THANKS to ALL that applied!

Important We have several odd jobs for anyone that might want to volunteer to help with Tat Days. Things like ideas for and collection of items for goodie bags, very simple Tat Off! pattern, Special Needs Coordinator, Publicity-Ad is done; just contact one or more publications, etc.
Just contact Hope and Lori.

LOGO: THANKS for all of the GREAT entries! Congratulations to Jane Eborall!

See Info from Tat Days 2009
Thank YOU for making it special!

We will have a 2010 Pattern CD available at Tat Days and a few days after Tat Days it will be available online for $15.

2009 Tat Days Pattern CD order form

Lodging at Toccoa
Registrants have the option to be housed in the hotel style rooms at Toccoa. The rooms will have two double beds and a private bath. We encourage you to buddy up with a second person. (We can help with the roommate selection-write our Registrar.) This is a GREAT time for old friendships to be renewed and new ones to be formed. Meals will be served cafeteria style in the dining hall. Teachers may check in after 2:00pm on Thursday. Participants may check in after 4:00pm on Thursday. Linens are provided and I believe one small bar of soap. You will need shampoo and other toiletry items. No phone, tv, or internet in the hotel rooms. Wireless internet will be available in one room near the classrooms. One laptop will be available at various times if you must check your email and Facebook or bring your own laptop. Final checkout and key return is Sunday by 10:00 AM.

On the registration, you will select one of the following:
I am a tatter, relative, friend, shopper, observer or vendor I am a teacher for this event I am a part-time teacher for this event I am a teacher assistant for this event

On Campus Lodging
On the registration, you will check which night(s) you will be spending on campus.
NEW: Each person coming to the conference center for our event, must complete a registration form individually.
(Teachers: Please select nights and Double or Single.)
NEW: We have "packages" for room + meals. 1 night includes 2 meals (Single=$98, Double=$75 each). 2 nights includes 4 meals (Single=$204, Double=$158 each). 3 nights includes 8 meals (Single=$304, Double=$235 each).

Room Choices
Double Room Package      or Single Room Package

Roommates: If you have selected a roommate, include on registration who they are so we can match you up.? If coming by yourself, we will be glad to help you find a roommate. Just write our Registrar. If you have specific conditions, like no perfume, prefer hot/cold room, you may want to consider a single room or find your own roommate. Smile

On registration, you will check the boxes to show which meals you will be eating on campus. When you click submit on the form, meal costs will be calculated.
On Campus: If you are staying on campus, your room package "included meals" will be counted and then any other meals will be added. Only $10.50 will be added for the Banquet if that is one of your "included meals" with your room package. If you select less meals than your room package, we are not able to subtract any meal costs since we will be charged for them with your package so just come EAT! Smile
Not Staying On Campus: If you are not staying on campus, then you will be charged individually for each meal you select.
Costs: $18 Friday Night Banquet, $7.50 Meals

There will be a "Commuter Fee" for those not staying on campus. It will be $10. (The Guild is covering the other $9.)

Registration for Classes
Friday & Saturday $85. Friday OR Saturday: $60.

You may pay by PayPal from the link on your confirmation after you register Or
by Check payable to Palmetto Tatters Guild and mail to Palmetto Tatters Guild, c/o Hope Bates, 2017 Carp Drive, Augusta, GA 30906, USA.

Cancellation policy
All cancellations must be in writing, either by email to Hope and Lori, or mailed to the Palmetto Tatting Guild,  PO Box 1597, Lexington, SC  29071. To receive a full refund, a cancellation must be received on or before Aug 6, 2010. For cancellation notices received from Aug 7 through Aug 16, all paid fees, excluding half of the registration fee, will be refunded. Commemorative items, tee-shirt, pattern CD and class kits are not refundable. These items will be mailed following the conclusion of Tat Days.

Banquet Friday Night
We will have another exciting banquet! (Some will dress up and some will not.)
Georgia will be there showing off her quilt projects. See her page at http://www.georgiaseitz.com/2010/quilt/donationpage.html for more information.
Georgia will also have 2 quilt wall hangings and one framed square to auction off after the banquet. Proceeds will go to our Tat Days Scholarship Fund. Here are pictures. Come prepared to BID and ENJOY the FUN!

Autumn Wall Hanging
Midnight Wall Hanging

Erin's Elvis Block
Erin's Elvis Block

If you are a brand new tatter (if you want to learn to tat), you may want to first come to our PTG meetings, usually the 3rd Saturday of each month to get a head start on learning to tat. And it is FREE. See our Calendar.
And contact our Tat Day Chairs for more info on how to register for classes specific for you at Tat Days.

Cell Phones
When a few of us were there looking over our new great location, our AT&T and Verizon phones worked fairly well so you should have service.

Night Owls - Friday: "Falling Asleep Into Tatting"

Falling Asleep Into Tatting

We will be making cards or pictures to put in a frame. You can make a choice what the theme of your card will be: Halloween, Fairy tales, dirty bed and so on and so on.

What you have to bring with you:
First of all your normal tatting supplies, glue, picot gauges.
All kinds of small beads.
Lots of different colored thread in 10 or 20.
Also thicker nice thread (it is not for tatting), pieces of lace, small ornaments, and nice colored paper.
Shortly said: All you can find in your cupboards.
If you have the book: “Tatting Collage” by Lindsay Rogers

More Info on Riet's Class Page

Saturday Night: "Make 2, Take 1-A Card Workshop

"Yorkie Lacewing" Yorkie Lacewing Stationary will be provided to encourage you to make some greeting cards embellished with tatting. We encourage you to make at least two cards, keep one and donate the other to the Guild. All donated cards will be sold at fund raising events to support the Guild. This is part of what makes it possible for us to have Tat Days! Here is a link to the butterfly class.
Just bring a shuttle with thread and your imagination for the cards!
"Yorkie Lacewing"
Yorkie Lacewing

Photos and Video
You may bring your cameras to capture your special times. There will also be "official photographers" taking photos and video for The Palmetto Tatters Guild for our archives. We will try to post some pictures on the website after Tat Days. Hope you will share links to your photos, too.

Show 'N Tell, Friday Night, 5:30 to 7:00
Bring in your tatting to display! Everyone votes for winner of People’s Choice and Best in Theme. Bring your tatted items to show and compete.

Updated See pictures from 2009-Added WINNERS Aug 22.

Silent Auction
Again this year we will have a silent auction. It is always LOADS of FUN! Small items and large items. If there is any size 80 or small thread, you will have to out bid TeresaW! If there is chocolate, you will have to out bid me (Donna T.) and many others! Many of the teachers have donated items. Palm Fronds groups have donated things. There will also a BEAUTIFUL quilt square, framed and ready for hanging. Here are is a picture. WOW!

Susan's Square
Susan Cuss's Square

Special Needs
Please write Theresa if you have a special need pertaining to a room. Or, send a note to Pam if your need pertains to special diet or a wheel chair.

Tat Off! Pattern
Here is the Tat Off Pattern! Start practicing. On the pattern, you do NOT need to do the stem, just the acorn. THANKS, Karey, for the pattern.
Acorn for Tat Off!PATTERN


Theme for Next Tat Days: "Tatting in a Winter Wonderland"

Vending/Supplies (Thread, Thread, and MORE Thread!)
Again this year, Palmetto Tatters Guild welcomes The Lacemaker of Cortland, OH as our key vendor. The store is operated by Tracy Jackson. In addition to her store, which regularly hosts classes, Tracy has many years experience in vending for retreats and large shows/conventions/conferences, with the number of participants between 30 to 6000.

Tracy regularly teaches classes in her shop as well as at other conferences and lacemaking events in a number of traditional lacemaking methods as well as other types of fiber arts. In addition to the threads noted on her website at http://www.lacemakerusa.com,
The Lacemaker will also bring
Tatting books, books, and more books
Shuttles, shuttles, and more shuttles
tatting needles, tatting notions, hankies and doilies, cards, videos
a variety of containers
a variety of embellishments (threads, beads, etc.)

The Lacemaker accepts Master Card, Visa and Discover credit cards and will accept personal checks with proper identification and approval.

Note: The Palmetto Tatters Guild only accepts cash or personal checks with proper identification and approval.

ALL selling MUST be done in the vending area and pre-approved by the Tat Days Committee. Contact Teresa if you have questions or would like to inquire about a consignment table.

Class Kits: Kits ordered with registration will be available for pickup in vending Thursday evening. Some teachers will have extra kits for sale in vending.

Supplies: Be sure to check your class information for the list of supplies for each one.

PTG encourages the support of the teachers as several will have goods for sale. Other interested parties will also have items for sale. There will be multiple vendors with multiple registers / cash boxes. Not all vendors can accept credit cards and the Guild checkout can only accept checks or cash. Personal checks will most likely be accepted by all with proper identification and approval.

Weather: Average High = 85/86 and Average Low=66. Check out weather.com for specifics.

Questions? Write Hope and Lori at tatdays@palmettotatters.org

Registration Questions? Write Theresa at registrar@palmettotatters.org

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