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July 10, 2010

“Broomstick” Tatted Bookmark

Level 1

Here is a bookmark with a different twist. You will learn to make very long picots with a picot gauge, and then join them to create a swirled effect reminiscent of broomstick lace. It looks complicated, but it’s really just ring and chain, and can be worked with either shuttle or needle tatting.

· Thread, size 20 or perle 8 recommended
· 1 tatting shuttle (or needle)
· Hook for joining picots.
· A picot gauge will be provided.

Preparation: please bring a shuttle already wound, do not cut thread between shuttle and ball.

Needle Tatter Friendly.


Martha's Red Tatted Broomstick Bookmark


Martha's Blue Tatted Broomstick Bookmark

Martha's Green Ring Braid Bracelet


Half Ring Braid Bracelet

Level 1

Take the half ring braid technique, add beads, and you’ve got a bracelet. The half ring braid may look complicated, but it’s really quite simple. Dressing it up with beads takes the guesswork out of closing the rings part way, too. Needle tatters can use a slightly different method to achieve the same effect.

· Thread, size 20 recommended
· 1 tatting shuttle (or needle)
· Bracelet clasp
· Hook for making joins
· Seed beads, size 10

Preparation: Please thread beads and wind shuttles before class

Needle Tatter Friendly: Needle tatters will need a crochet hook small enough to pull the beads onto the thread. The tatting needle will not pass through the beads.

Martha's Red Ring Braid Bracelet

Shuttle Tatters: For a bracelet up to 6 ½ inches (not including clasp), wind shuttle with 6 yards of thread and 156 beads for single bead picot style (red example) or 260 beads for triple bead picot style (green example). Cut thread from ball—this is a ring only design. (For a larger bracelet, for each additional inch of tatting, allow 1 yard of thread, and 24 beads for single bead picots, or 40 beads for triple bead picots.)

Needle Tatters: For a bracelet up to 6 ½ inches (not including clasp) thread 52 beads onto ball thread for single picot style (red example) or 156 beads for triple bead picot style (green example), and have an additional 100 beads ready to add as you go. For a longer bracelet, for each additional inch of tatting, thread 6/18 more beads, with 12 more ready to add.

Optional Kits: Will include a post style shuttle prewound with thread and beads, and a bracelet clasp. Bracelet clasps alone may also be purchased. Complete kit $10.00 in choice of red, blue, yellow, green. Select colors in vending when picking it up. Bracelet clasp only 0.75.


Celtic Button Pendant or Amulet Bag

Level 2

Here you will learn Celtic interweaving and adding buttons for a fun look. You can make one motif and wear it as a pendant, or make two and join them together for an amulet bag. For the neck chain portion, instructions are given for several versions. Needle tatters welcome, too.

· Size 20 thread in 2 or 3 colors
· 1 shuttle (or needle) is required for the motif. Depending on the neck chain style you choose, a second shuttle may be required.
· Hook for making joins
· Buttons:

Pendant: 1 four hole button for center (1/2 to 5/7 inch diameter), 8 small buttons 1/4 inch diameter, optional extra small buttons (probably 6 or 8) for neck chain

Amulet Bag: 2 four hole buttons for center (1/2 to 5/7 inch diameter), 17 small buttons 1/4 inch diameter, optional extra small buttons for neck chain

Note: Depending on the store, you may find the tiny buttons in the bead or scrap booking section.

Optional Kit: $2 for set of buttons in pastel or bright color. Select colors in vending when picking it up.

Needle Tatter Friendly.

Martha's Amulet Bag
Amulet Bag

Martha's Celtic Pendant



Martha's Leaf Lanyard


Button Lanyard or Chatelaine

Level 2

This will be a fast paced class to introduce you to all the techniques in this lanyard. The lanyard takes quite a while to complete, but you should be able to finish on your own after the class. Techniques are lock stitch chain, color hiding single shuttle split ring, block tatting (the direct chain way), and joining to buttons.

· Thread in 2 colors, size 20 or perle 8 recommended
· 6 buttons, 1/2 – 5/7” wide recommended, can be hole or shank style
· 2 shuttles: slender shuttles, such as Aeros or Clovers, are recommended since you will tat with both shuttles held together in one section of the pattern. This may be difficult with thicker shuttle styles, such as Gr-8’s and Pop-a-Bobbins.
· Hook for joins
· 2 lanyard clips (these will be available for optional purchase through pre-registration)

Preparation: Please bring 2 shuttles already wound with your 2 colors of thread.

Note: Some techniques in this project do not translate easily for needle tatting.

Optional Kit: Lanyard clips (pair): 0.25

Martha's Button Lanyard

On Time: As a courtesy to your teacher and your classmates, please arrive ON TIME to your scheduled classes. If you finish your project early, or would like additional time to visit, shop, or see the silent auction items, you may leave any class early.

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