15th Annual Tat Days 2017
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(Teachers, Class Schedule, Pictures, Techniques, Prep and Kits, Beginners, Weekend Schedule)

And our distinguished teachers for 2017 will be....

Anita Barry
Paige Deputy
Sandra Eichelberger
Marilyn Jones
Sharren Morgan
Erin Holloway Moseley
Linda Reiff
Georgia Seitz
Phyllis Schmidt
Tonya Smith
Karey Solomon
Wally Sosa
Riet Surtel-Smeulders
Bonnie Swank
Sherry Townsend
Shawna Wachs
Stephanie Wilson


Meet the Teachers


Class Project Pictures
Information for each class includes teacher, picture, shuttle and/or needle, level, description, techniques, skills, preparation, and kit.


Class Schedule (Shuttle and Needle info and levels. If you have been tatting for a little while and are pretty good with rings, chains and joins, challenge yourself with a level 2 class. If you have been tatting a long while, go for a level 3 class!)

If you are a brand new tatter (if you want to learn to tat), sign up for the Beginners classes on Friday and Saturday. The rest of the day, find a tatter not in class to assist you as you practice.

Other options for learning to Tat


Level 1: knowledgeable and proficient with rings, chains, and joins.
Level 2: knowledgeable and proficient with split rings and block tatting and comfortable working with beads. Ready to learn SCMR or Split Chains and much more..
Level 3: mastery of all the above skills and ready to try new techniques and creative tatting.
ALL Levels. FUN for everyone!


Glossary of Terms for Tat Days. Not all inclusive. Specifically written for our Tat Days and Pattern CDs.


Weekend Schedule