(All about tatting - all aspects, all moments, all stitches, all designs, all purposes, and all people. )

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15th Annual

Tat Days 2017

September 7-10

Toccoa, Georgia, USA

[Many will arrive on Thursday "BIG Shopping Day" and leave on Sunday.]


Updated May 27, 2017

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More Coming Soon: 2017 Class Grid Schedule | 2017 Class Projects-Pics & Info | 2017 Weekend Schedule | Teachers | 2017 Tat Days

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2018 Tat Days Theme? Email your ideas to Donna at web@palmettotatters.org
See ideas here that are already in the running. (List updated May 27.) We will vote at our June 17 meeting. THANKS!

And our distinguished teachers for 2017 will be....

Anita Barry
Paige Deputy
Sandra Eichelberger
Marilyn Jones
Sharren Morgan
Erin Holloway Moseley
Linda Reiff
Georgia Seitz
Phyllis Schmidt
Tonya Smith
Karey Solomon
Wally Sosa
Riet Surtel-Smeulders
Bonnie Swank
Sherry Townsend
Shawna Wachs
Stephanie Wilson

Class Project Pictures Page with lots of information on each class - Most information on the classes is now up (May 15). Preparation is subject to change after patterns are test tatted.

Class Schedule (Shuttle and Needle info has been added.)

Registration: Online Registration will open probably June 11. Your Check List for registration below.

Scholarship Application files: DOC or PDF

Volunteers: What will you volunteer to do? What small job would you like? Write tatdays@palmettotatters.org

KEY VENDOR: Lisa Adams of Tatting Corner (www.tattingcorner.com) will be our Key Vendor this year! We always look forward to our wonderful vending room with items from our Key Vendor, our teachers and and few other favorites!
NOTE: Lisa will be taking Pre-Orders on speciality items that she will bring to you at Tat Days. She will open this soon on her web page.

Scholarship Online Fundraiser: Here is the link.
Pictures will go up soon of the 3 beautiful baskets filled with tatting and non-tatting items that will be avaible in the drawings.
Plan to donate item(s) or $.
If you have item(s) that you believe would be AWESOME in the baskets, please email Donna at comments@tatdaysscholarship.info. (You can bring them to Tat Days.) If we have an over abundance of items to fill the baskets, the extras will be placed in the Silent or Live Auctions at Tat Days. Thank you!



1) To come in Thursday the 7th and stay through Sunday AM. Classes Thursay evening, Friday and Saturday.

2) Banquet Costume Parade and Contest (Optional): Who, What or When will you be?

3) Save your change each week! Registration ($80), Room (3 nights double-occupancy) and 7 Meals ($255)(per person), Banquet ($18), Online Donations, Silent Auction, Live Auction, and Vending.

Of course, TONS of information coming soon! Take a look at Tat Days 2016 to see what it is all about! SEE YOU IN TOCCOA!

NOTE: Costs are the same as last year except the Commuter Fee. It will be $25 per day. Most choose to stay on campus and the commuter fee is included in their room costs. If an individual chooses to stay off-campus, and that is perfectly fine, then the Center charges us $26.38 + tax per commuter per day. We are not able to absorb this cost so we must pass it on. Thank you for understanding.

Your Check List for Registration (Printable)

Lodging + Meals

Payment: Paypal or Check? We would appreciate payment at time of registration or by August 7 for all of our pre-planning costs. Thank you.