19th Annual Tat Days 2021, August 26-29


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TAT DAYS HOME (Updated, May 21, 2021)

Updates/News, NEW Location, Costs, Vending Discount, Shirts, Who?, FULL Classes


We are EXCITED about new possibilities! Thank you for your patience as the details are worked out.

What are we missing that you would like to know about Tat Days 2021?


SEE Who is Coming! Are you?


Updates and News


May 21: Activities page updated.


New May 16: What classes are full after only 2 weeks of open registration? FULL Classes


May 14: Scholarship App updated. DUE July 5th.


May 9: A few short videos of Lake Junaluska.


May 7: Registration is OPEN. Go to Registration page for the link.


May 1: Tee Shirts. Short Sleeve $25 or Long Sleeve $30. Small to 6XL. Order through Teresa, not registration. See flyer. Shirt order due by July 17th. TShirt TD2021


March 23: Vending Discount Code from Lisa at Tatting Corner is PTG2021 for pre-orders.
More info on Fundraisers page.


March 22: Click here for Costs that are listed on the Registration page.


March 15: Classes Posted. Select Classes/Teachers on menu above.


NEW LOCATION, Lake Junaluska, NC. We are going to LOVE the new location!
(Toccoa location has been sold and is not operating in 2021.)


Dates: August 26-29, 2021

Take a look at the beautiful conference center campus HERE.

A few short videos.


Lake Junaluska

A few new policies at the new place.


Costs going up; it is a cost of doing business. We are really excited about the new location.

See Costs Breakout under Registration or click here.


Tat Days Registration will continue to include all tatting activities+classes and lodging+meals in Terrace Hotel. If you do not wish to stay in Terrace Hotel, there are many other options on campus and nearby. Go to Registration page to explore possibilities.


PAID in FULL by July 10. NO refunds. (PTG must pay in FULL BEFORE the event.)


Tat Days Pattern Collections from 2003 to 2020


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Tat Days 2020 Pictures! ENJOY!

2018 Tat Days Pictures are HERE!

2017 Tat Days PICTURES are HERE!
(One day there will be pictures from 2019!)

Tat Days 2022 = Probably Late August - 20th Anniversary

You can post your photos from our Tat Days on our Facebook page. Just look for the Palmetto Tatters Guild page. And we welcome any tatted related posts there, too. Thanks! Be SURE to have permission of all the folks with faces in the picture before posting. THANKS!

What is Tat Days?


One tatter writes: "I am so excited I can hardly STAND it! ;-) You'd think I was 5 years old and waiting for Christmas, my birthday, and a trip to the circus, all rolled into one. ;-)"
Tat Days is a time for all level tatters (tried it a little to advanced) to come together and tat ("art of making lace") for 48 hours. Well maybe only 45; we do sleep a little! There will be a variety of 1.5 to 3 hour classes to select from with various items being created and new techniques being learned. There will be lots of time to chat and learn from other tatters. Show 'N Tell will be exciting as folks bring out works of tatted art they have created. And of course fun, games, and good food. Meet back up with old friends and make new ones. Find out you no longer need to keep tatting by yourself in your closet because there are tatters all across the globe. Tatting started out as an edging on sheets and clothing. It is much, much more now. As you browse our site, you will see many examples of tatted lace. Enjoy! We DO!



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