Palmetto Tatters Guild

14th Annual
Tat Days 2016
September 9-10
Toccoa, Georgia USA
GA Baptist Convention Center
"Tatting is out of this world!"

EACH PERSON coming to the conference center with our group (tatter, relative, friend, shopper, observer) must complete one of these forms INDIVIDUALLY.

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Note: There will be photographers and videographers for the Palmetto Tatters Guild recording the activities to share on the PTG website and sometimes in advertising for PTG.

Registration questions? Ask our Registrar at
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I am a tatter, relative, friend,
     shopper, observer or vendor
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Registration for Classes
Which day(s) will you be taking classes at TAT DAYS?

If you are a brand new tatter (if you want to learn to tat), let us know and we will provide instruction. Or you may want to come to our PTG meetings, usually the 3rd Saturday of each month to get a head start on learning to tat. And it is FREE. See our Calendar.
And contact our Tat Day Chairs for more info on how to register for classes specific for you at Tat Days.

To see detailed information on Tat Days classes, click here for the class schedule and here for specific classes.
Please sign me up for:
(Teachers and Assistants: Please register/select ALL of the classes you will be in-teaching, assisting and attending.)

Fri 10:30-12:00
Fri 1:30-3:00
Fri 4:00-5:30

Sat 9-10:30
Sat 1:00-2:30
Sat 3:00-4:30
Class Kits: Order 1 here. Extras for some classes will be in vending.
Stellar Pendant (L2 SN) (Anita) $1.00
Love 2 Tat Charm (L1 S) (Carol) $2.00 for students and $3.00 for those not taking the class.
Awareness Star (L2 S) (Kathy) $1.00
Starry Night Bracelet (L2 S) (Martha) $8.00
Split Ring Jewelry Set (L2 SN) (Nina) $20.00 for students and $25.00 for those not taking the class.
Interlaced Necklace (L3 SN) (Nina) $30.00 for students and $35.00 for those not taking the class.
Bugle Beaded Star (L2 SN) (Richard) $4.00
Falling Star Necklace (L2 S) (Shawna) $20.00
Athena Headlace (L3 S) (Sherry) $18.00 for students and $25.00 for those not taking the class.
3D Barrette Flower (L1 S) (Sherry) $2.00 for students and $3.00 for those not taking the class.

A few extra class kits and shirts will be available in vending.

TAT DAYS Tee Shirt $15.00 each - How many of each size would you like? Note: This will be a ladies v-neck shirt (Small to 3X) and will be fitted. If you like them not fitted, order a size larger. 4X and 5X will be a men's crew neck, not fitted-order your regular size.


CDs & Videos (How many?)
Pattern CD $12.00  
Pattern USB $12.00  
Pattern SD Memory Card $12.00  
Tatting Hands Video
DVD $15.00 Windows Media file on CD $10.00
These items are available year-round but if ordered here and picked-up at Tat Days,
you will save the postage and handling fees.

Lodging at Toccoa is FULL due to our wonderful response in registrations!

Check the boxes below to show which meals you will be eating on campus. When you click submit, meal costs will be calculated.
On Campus: If you are staying on campus in the hotel style rooms, your room package includes a certain number of meals. Those will be counted and then any other meals will be added. $18.00 will be added for the Banquet Friday evening if selected. If you select less meals than your room package, we are not able to subtract any meal costs since we will be charged for them with your package so just come EAT! SMILE
Camping on site or not staying in the on campus hotel: You will be charged individually for each meal you select.
Individual meals are $8.25.

A cost per person is required by Toccoa for insurance purposes. It is included in the room + meals packages. However, if you are just dropping by to shop or meet a friend, camping on site, or not staying on campus, we need to charge you a nominal fee of $15.00. (Toccoa is charging us $21.84 + tax per person.)

PayPal: If paying via PayPal, please check here to add 3% + .30 to cover the PayPal service fee.

Special considerations: (wheelchair, scooter rental, ground floor motel room, food considerations, etc...) You may also email our Registrar. (HG)