Shawna's Owl Lanyard and Other Bead Options

We are EXCITED about having Shawna attend our Saturday meeting to share with us her Owl Lanyard from Tat Days 2017.

We will provide kits (probably $5) of Owl beads (or other large beads) and the medium beads. Each kit will have 4 or 6 large beads and medium size beads. See image below for the variety. If you want to reserve one specific kit other than the owls, please email Donna and Theresa at
This pattern can also be a beautiful necklace with a pendant in the middle or connect with another bead at the end in the front middle.


Size 10 thread
12  8mm round beads (in kit)
6  20mmx15mm beads(in kit - Owl or other)
180 #6 seed beads (pre-load on shuttles BEFORE meeting)
2 clips to attach to name tag (lanyard hooks provided) or 2 jump rings to add a pendant, or another large bead for center.
3 shuttles

Preparation: Load shuttles CTM. 10 yds with 90 #6 beads on Shuttle 1 and 6 yds with 90 #6 beads on Shuttle 2.
Plus a 40" length of your thread for the large beads-do not add beads to string just yet. You will load the large and medium size beads from the kit onto this thread after you begin the pattern.