20th Annual Tat Days 2022

August 4-7

"Celebration of Tatting"

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What will you design?

Palmetto Tatters' Palm Trees

"Our mission is to promote the craft of tatting and spread it like kudzu across the South!"

Membership Info: Email or write us at Palmetto Tatters Guild, P.O. Box 1597, Lexington, SC 29071. Membership Dues: 1 tatted butterfly annually. Samples. Questions? Email Donna.

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Tat Days 2021 PICTURES

2021 SC State Fair Tatting Entries

Past Tat Days Pattern Collections Visual Guides here

Tat Days Pattern Collections Available here

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NEXT Meetings: November 20 and December 18, Time: 12:00-3:00.

2021 Meeting Calendar

2021 SC State Fair Tatting Entries Pictures

MORE Fair Pics

2022 TAT DAYS - "Celebration of Tatting" - 20th Anniversary

August 4-7, 2022 at the historic Lambuth Inn at Lake Junaluska, NC USA.

Teacher Applications DUE December 1st. Email to tatdays@palmettotatters.org
Information:   DOC   PDF
Application:   DOC   PDF   RTF

LOGO Ideas DUE December 1st. Email to tatdays@palmettotatters.org
Information:   DOC   PDF

Lambuth Inn

Historic Charm

From rocking chairs on the front porch to quaint parlors, the Lambuth Inn is a popular destination for guests looking for historic charm and old-world feel. Stroll through the gardens to nearby Inspiration Point. The inn was built in 1921 and renovated in 2018. Also called Lake Junaluska’s “stately lady,” it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. https://www.lakejunaluska.com/accommodations/lambuth_inn/


THANKS to Raymond and Donna for the pics!
THANK YOU for your smiling and concentrating expressions!

Pattern Collection for 2021 Tat Days is available. Visual Guide.

Check out the Tat Days page regularly for News and Updates.

We are EXCITED about new possibilities! NEW LOCATION, Lake Junaluska, NC, USA
Dates: August 26-29, 2021

REGISTRATION closed July 10. Questions: Write registrar@palmettotatters.org
More info on Registration page.

Lake Junaluska

A few new policies at the new place.
PAID in FULL by July 10. NO refunds. (PTG must pay in FULL in July for the event.)

Tat Days 2020 Pictures! ENJOY!

2018 Tat Days Pictures are HERE!

2017 Tat Days PICTURES are HERE!
(One day there will be pictures from 2019!)

SC State Fair

What will you create for the SC State Fair Home & Craft Competitions?
REGISTER to ENTER TODAY (at least by Sept.1) at https://www.scstatefair.org/competitions/
Actual tatted pieces are to be delivered to SC State fair via Gate 1 on Tuesday, Oct. 5 and Wednesday, Oct. 6 from 7:30 am – 6:00 pm.

LINK to FULL Instructions for Registering. (Thanks Pam!)

Palmetto Tatters Guild Awards – The Palmetto Tatters Guild will award the following premiums and ribbons for handmade laces in addition to those awarded by The South Carolina State Fair:
• Best Double Stitches and Picots - $40
• Most Innovative Tatted Design - $40
• Judges Recognition Award - $40
• Best Youth Entry - $25

Tatting Booth is October 23, 9 to 9. Volunteer for a 2 hour + shift by emailing statefair@palmettotatters.org

SNOWFLAKE PICTURES from SC Capitol Project of 2019!


How does your group share the Art of Tatting? Share Facebook Facebook . THANKS!

   SnowFlake Tree 2019
See the pattern here! THANK YOU Barbara for sharing!


Finger Lakes event in Lodi, NY, April
contact: www.fingerlakestatting.com

Shuttlebirds event in Post Falls, Idaho, May
contact: www.shuttlebirds.com

Tatting Corner Tat Days 2021 in Chesterfield, Indiana:  "Super Tatters Assemble - Changing the World One Double Stitch At a Time"
July 8 - 10, 2021, Event Registration
contact: www.tattingcorner.com OR www.facebook.com/tattingcorner OR lisa@tattingcorner.com

2021 IOLI Convention
Co-hosted with the Gold Country Lacemakers
July 24 - August 1, 2021, Reno, Nevada

Fringe Tatters event in Cambridge, ON, September
contact: www.fringetatters.ca

CALL for Tatted Items for Craft Box for various craft sales, Mail to our PO Box anytime you have an extra something. THANKS!
School colors of Garnet and/or Black for Univ. of SC and Orange and/or Purple for Clemson sell well, too.


SC State Fair Tatting Ribbon Winners 2018
All State Fair Home Craft Winners posted online. Once on that page, CTRL F will bring up a "find" box and you can search for your name or tatting. See pages 26, 27, 56, and 57.
Pictures below are PTG BIG BLUE Ribbon Winners.
A list of our PTG Ribbon Winners and PICTURES of all the BEAUTIFUL entries!

2017 SC State Fair Ribbon Winners and Booth! Take a look!

Tat Days 2020 - THANK YOU for a WONDERFUL EVENT year after year!

Past Tat Days Pages

THANK YOU for sharing the retreat with us whether in-person, virtually, or in-spirit!


2022 Tat Days 20th Anniversary "Celebration of Tatting"
Dates: Late August, 2022, Location: NC, USA

What will you volunteer to do? What small job would you like?
Write tatdays@palmettotatters.org



SMILE South Carolina State Fair in October: Each year we collect butterflies and other small tatted items to share with the thousands of fair goers. They love animals and insects: fish, giraffes, owls, spiders, etc.!

SMILE Items to sell at craft fairs: We love to share our tatting and make more folks aware of this wonderful art form and craft shows are one way we do this. It also brings in a little cash to help support our teaching efforts throughout the year. Craft show goers are looking for unique items and we can provide just that. Items like, but not limited to, jewelry, bookmarks, decorative things, etc. School colors of garnet and black for Univ. of SC and orange and/or purple for Clemson sell well, too.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU for your generosity!


Palmetto Tatters Tree McCaskill's Farm, Camden, SC, All Day, craft sales, Saturday in April or May and December.

Palmetto Tatters Tree Cayce Arts Festival, Cayce, SC, All Day, arts and crafts sales, music and food, Saturday in April.

Palmetto Tatters Tree Columbia Art Crawl, Columbia, SC. 10 to 3 community stroll with 50+ artists showing and selling their wares. A Saturday in March.

Palmetto Tatters Tree At a public library near you. Ask your library and let us know if you need/want help with a class or two.

Palmetto Tatters Tree At Richland County public library Craft Demo days. Many meet weekly doing all kinds of crafts. Check their web pages for details.

Palmetto Tatters Tree Monthly Meetings, Tat Days and SC State Fair!

Palmetto Tatters Tree If you know of any craft fairs that PTG should look into, please let us know.

Palmetto Tatters Tree And anywhere you show off your tatting can be an opportunity! SMILE

Remember, if you TEACH one-on-one or a class, please turn in your time to Pam.

Palmetto Tatters Guild is recognized by I.O.L.I for volunteer demonstration hours. Read more here.

Tatters Across Time Inc. shuttle Tatting Proficiency Program© is a non-profit organization formed to help all tatters everywhere improve their proficiency in shuttle tatting skills, techniques, and/or knowledge. The goal of the program is to promote high standards of quality workmanship and to further the appreciation of shuttle tatting through education, teaching and communication.

Palm Fronds: (Updated July 2018) Is there a Palmetto Tatter local neighborhood contact or group near you? Look here at our list to see. If you have a group or would like to be the contact for your city, please write Donna at web@palmettotatters.org to be added. Thanks!


Palmetto Tatters Guild
2021 Saturday Meeting Dates (Mark your calendars)
Usually 3rd Saturday of each month, 12:00 to 3:00. Lessons subject to change.
LOCATION (most of the time-when it reopens): Lexington County Museum (Directions)
Several books from our PTG Library are at our monthly meetings. We have hundreds of publications for local members to check out for 1 to 2 months at a time. Be sure to "check it out" at our next meeting. Write our Librarian if you have questions - librarian@palmettotatters.org
DUE in December: Teaching Applications for Tat Days submissions. THANK YOU!

January 11: Museum Closed. Virtual

February 8: Virtual

March 21: Virtual.

2021 Scholarship Silent Auction at Tat Days: BRING wonderful items Tatters will love to bid on!

April 18: Virtual.

Craft Fair
Old McCaskill's Farm, 10 to 6, March 27th

May 16: Virtual.

June 20: Virtual.

July 17: IN-PERSON & Virtual



August 21: IN-PERSON & Virtual
Prepare for Tat Days.


September 18: IN-PERSON & Virtual
Tat Days 2021, "Tatting Across the Miles" and "Miles of Tatting," August 26-29, Lake Junaluska, NC  USA

October 23: State Fair Tatting Booth 9 to 9
and Virtual

Full Dates: 13-24, 2021

November 20: IN-PERSON & Virtual December 18: IN-PERSON & Virtual
Holiday Gathering-Show 'N Tell, Favorite Snack Recipes and Fellowship!

Dates may change.

2022 Tat Days 20th Anniversary "Celebration of Tatting." Probably August 4-7, 2022. Location Probably Lake Junaluska, NC, USA

Last updated October 22, 2021

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"Our mission is to promote the craft of tatting and spread it like
kudzu across the South!"

If you have any questions about this website please email the webmaster at web@palmettotatters.org
If you have any questions about the Palmetto Tatters, please email the president@palmettotatters.org  
or membership@palmettotatters.org.
Folks may also write our Membership Coordinator if they would like to join The Palmetto Tatters as a local or long-distance member. 

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