Lexington County Library, main facility, on Highway 1, 803-785-2600

(Library web page with address and phone numbers)

If you come in on I-26, get off onto Highway 1 going towards Lexington. (Exit 111)
You will pass I-20.

If you come in on I-20, get off onto Highway 1 going towards Lexington. (Exit 58)

Pass the Bowling Alley and Credit Union and Gym. Before FATZ restaurant.

Library will be on your RIGHT. It is set back from the road so you will have to look for it. It is just before FATZ restaurant. If you miss the first entrance, you can turn at the light and come in the back of the parking lot. If you get to the courthouse and Hwy 6, you missed it. Go one more block and vist The Needler on the right and then come back.


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