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June 12, 2010

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Booth Pictures from 2009

PICTURES of Entries from 2009

Picture Video from 2009 (4 min)

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We need volunteers to work our booth on Saturday, October 23rd. There are many tasks so we are sure we can find one or more that you would LOVE to do! We need folks to do setup, demo tatting, share our beauties with fair attendees, teach tatting (12 to 2 only), and take down. Come for all day or 2 hour shifts. Write Pam and Donna T. if you will be able to share some of your precious time and LOVE of TATTING.
Thank you!


WOW! Each year, we are AMAZED at the GENEROSITY and CREATIVITY of the International Tatting Community!

We are in need of small tatted items to share with the attendees at the fair again this year. Can you help? We have folks come by our booth every year just to get their tatted piece. They are treasured by all.
Mail items to
Palmetto Tatters Guild
P.O. Box 1597
Lexington, SC 29071


Tatted Butterflies
2006 Butterflies

Tatted Beauties
2006 Beauties


PICTURES of Entries from 2009

Register your pieces online during August. There is no fee to register if you do it during August. Go to the SC State Fair page. Tatting is under Home & Craft, Fancy Work, Miscellaneous. See possible categories below. We will gladly help you register your pieces at the August meeting. Note: You no longer must enter your Social Security Number to enter.

Delivery of Fancy Work is in October on a Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30 AM - 6 PM. Don't forget your entry cards. A Palmetto Tatter will gladly deliver your handiwork if you get them your pieces before the 1st along with your entry cards that the State Fair will mail to you after you register online. (Bring them to the Aug. or Sept. meetings.)

Date of Judging (Closed to public): A Friday.

Pickup: Monday, October 25 & Tuesday, October 26, from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM. (At your request, a Palmetto Tatter can pickup your pieces, provided they have the pickup tags, and will return your pieces at the November meeting unless you need them before then.)


  • Must be a resident of South Carolina
  • May enter one (1) article per class (numbered category)
  • No article having previously been shown at the Fair and having received a premium may be entered.
  • All work must have been done by the exhibitor and within the last three (3) years.
  • A person is considered a professional if he/she has earned more than $1,000 during this year teaching the craft, selling or bartering his/her work and would have an unfair advantage over a hobbyist.. Unless otherwise designated, all classes should be entered only by amateurs.
  • Complete rules are on the State Fair page.

In the four tatting classes below, there will be additional judging done by a Palmetto Tatters Guild judge and a special award will be given for Best Double Stitches & Picots, Most Innovative Tatted Design, and Judges' Recognition Award.
Special Awards will be a large, beautiful ribbon, a book or other premium, and $40.

2009 Categories

Home & Craft, Fancy Work
Miscellaneous (Section -0330)
3033 - Tatting - Decorative
3034 - Tatting - Doily (any shape or size)
3035 - Tatting - Edging (attached or unattached)
3036 - Tatting - Wearable (jewelry, infant and other clothing)


Other categories where entries may be submitted with tatting (use your imagination):
Miscellaneous (Section 0330)
3001 - Bedspread
3016 - Handkerchief
3018 - Luncheon or Dinner Size Cloth
3019 - Monogram or Initial
3020 - Napkins (set of two)
3027 - Picture, Framed
3028 - Picture - Novelty - Framed
3029 - Pillow Cases
3031 - Table Mat (4)
3037 - Towel

Infant Wear (not over the age of 2) (Section 0329)
2903 - Bib
2904 - Bonnet
2907 - Bootees or Shoes (other than crocheted or knitted)
2911 - Cap (other than crocheted or knitted)
2919 - Nursery Spread
2912 - Diaper Set
2913 - Dress
2916 - Infant's Set, 2-4 pieces (other than crocheted or knitted)
2917 - Nursery Spread
2918 - Pillow
2922 - Sacque Set (other than crocheted or knitted)
2925 - Other

Under "Hobby Crafts"
Straw Work and Basketry Handmade (Section 0351)

Christmas (Section 0344)
4403 - Door Decoration - Other
4404 - Religious Ornament
4408 - Stocking - Other
4409 - Large Tree Ornament/Over 2 1/2"
4410 - Small Tree Ornament/Under 2 1/2"
4411 - Tree Skirt
4412 - Tree Topper
4413 - Other Christmas
What about ALL those GORGEOUS Angels you have done?

Eggery (Section 0343)

Dolls - Amateur (Section 0347)

What about tatting on a Rug or Quilt? See Fancy Work.

Section 0348, Amateur Animals, Class 4905, Any other textile (no knitting/crocheted).
Dragons anyone???

Work of Adults Age 70+ (Section 0334)
3416 - Tatting

Go ahead and register NOW! Then you can receive your entry tickets in the mail, and bring your pieces to our September meeting (or deliver them yourself). Must bring tatting and tickets to September meeting for a Pametto Tatter to deliver.

For more information on the SC State Fair, click here to go to www.scstatefair.org

Questions? Write Pam and Donna T.

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