Tat Days 2007

Tat Days 2007
September 7 & 8

"Flower Garden"

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August 23, 2007

Emergency Numbers: Let's do HOPE no one has an emergency but just incase, here are a few phone numbers you can share with your family incase they need to contact you.
White Oak Confernce Center: 803-635-4685
Karen Lowrimore 803-238-6497 cell
Donna Thompson 803-338-1384 cell
Jeff Thompson 803-755-2024 home or 803-338-4349 cell

Your cell phones may or may not work out in the country at White Oak. They say, "If you hold on to the flag pole, you get an OK signal." So, if your cell does not work, you may want to have a calling card available to use with the phones that are in the lobby.

Lodging Off Campus
If you would prefer to stay off campus, check out the Fairfield County Chamber of Commerce website.

Sesquicentennial State Park/Campground: This 1,419-acre park, situated in the middle of the sandhills region, features a beautiful 30-acre lake surrounded by trails and picnic areas. About 30 miles from White Oak.


State Parks site

Lake Wateree State Recreation Area: Very close, same county as White Oak-Fairfield County

Packing List
Riet says: A bag of Sunshine, a bag of Smiles, a bag of Patience, and a bag of Humor.
Or take a look at our suggested Packing List: Word doc or PDF file
which includes sample CARTS you may want to think about for transporting all of your tatting supplies.

Transportation from Columbia Airport: There will be a shuttle service provided again this year by Judy and Milton Tabor. Contact them directly for details. Cost will be between $20 & $30 one way. It is about an hour drive to White Oak.
803-237-1764 or 803-237-1765
PLEASE keep their numbers with you, on your person, at all times. PLEASE call if your schedule changes at all-delayed flight, caught earlier flight, missed flight, luggage lost, etc.

Weather: The average high in September is 83. The average low is 62.

Who is coming? HOPEFULLY YOU! Smile See our list.

Palmetto Tatters Guild Mission
"Our mission is to promote the craft of tatting and spread it like kudzu across the South!"


General Tat Days Questions: Karen and Bonnie

General Registration Questions: Sally

Web Page Questions: Donna T.

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