Tatted Heart by Barbara H.

Thanks to Barbara Hevener the
tatting design for our logo

Thank you Teresa Woods for our Tat Days theme!

Palmetto Tatters Tatted Trees


"Le Tatting est dans Mon Coeur"
("Tatting is in My Heart")

September 5-6

Class Teaser - Sneak Peek

Updated June 27, 2008

In random order, here is a sampling of tatting from our upcoming classes at Tat Days 2008.
(If you place your mouse over each picture, it should give you the teacher and the class title in the text box that pops out. This should work in Internet Explorer. It may not work in FireFox.)

Nina's Palmetto 2008 Necklace
Riet's Mobile (Enclose a Circle)
Martha's Basket Weave Heart
Sheron G's Juline's Edging with Corner with a Double Bobbin Shuttle
Sharren M's Heart Motif
Abby's Mini Magnolia
Riet's Jane's Hearts
Anitra's Cable Chain
Nina's Jewelry Set
Abby's Loaded Lanyard
Sheron G's Pineapple with a Double Bobbin Shuttle
Karen's Herringbone Fun with Split Rings
Martha's Valentine
Anitra's Byzantine Owl
Sharren M's Beaded Angel
Anitra's Snowflake
Karen's My Heart Belongs to Split Rings
Karen's Continuous Tatting
Anitra's Byzantine Chain
Anitra's Byzantine Chain in Color
Riet's Sally's Angel by Jane
Sharren M's Split SCMR Heart
Martha's Valentine Cat
Nina's All Rings Necklace
Sheron G's SCMR Double Bobbin Shuttle
Karen's Danish Heart Basket
Anitra's Support Our Troops
Martha's Crewel Flower

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