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Updated September 3, 2008

September 3 (1 of 2): NEW THREAD! Lizbeth Thread

Looking for a high quality cordonnet thread with a large assortment of colors? Handy Hands, Inc., U.S. seller of tatting supplies and books, combined forces with an international thread manufacturer to develop this exceptional imported line of cotton thread, designed especially for tatters, crocheters, knitters and hand-crafters of all persuasions. We will have, at our Tat Days, drop shipped to us at White Oak this BRAND NEW thread! We will have many, many of the 75 colors 100% cotton thread, 6-cord cordonnet, size 20. It is super-combed and gas-singed for outstanding body, and picots that hold their shape. Color is uniform throughout without white spots. Made to Handy Hands' high standard of quality. We were not expecting this thread to arrive until mid-September but it is HERE and YOU will be among the very FIRST to see it, touch it, feel it, and own it! See the magnificent colors at http://hhtatting.com/.

September 3 (2 of 2): Packing List, Phone Numbers, Weather, and Drive Safely!

Last minute packing for Tat Days 2008!!

First and foremost, drive safely, enjoy the scenery, and know that the Tat Days Committee is at The White Oak Conference Center awaiting your arrival with gleeful anticipation!!

Hanna was not exactly invited, but should she decide to attend Tat Days, we will welcome the rain she brings as we sit in the safety of White Oak. A flashlight or two might be a good idea!! Batteries included please, with spares!! And a battery operated radio/alarm clock might also come in handy. White Oak has back up generators, so hopefully we will not find ourselves in the dark. However, should that occur, we can always have a contest to see who can tat a heart in the dark!!

Best guess, a raincoat will be advisable!! Once in the classroom building, you will be dry. However, walking from the motel room to the classroom might be a little damp!!

We have snacks and extra water should we lose power! If you have special dietary needs, it might be wise to come prepared should cooking not be possible due to power outage. But again, with generators, hopefully the availability of hot meals will not be interrupted.

We have many plans for fun, tatting and shopping. Of course, the main objective is simply to be together --enjoying our art with old friends, and hopefully, new friends as well. We will tat with fine threads, and Hanna if she chooses to visit? Well, she can tat with kudzu!!

Remember to bring your display items, hearts to give away, thread to trade and books to trade. Things sometimes forgotten - cell phone battery charger!! Hair dryer, medications, shampoo, and other daily needed items.

Should you be delayed for any reason, please, please let us know! Take the following telephone numbers with you and give us a call if you are delayed, regardless of the reason for the delay.

Bonnie Geiger 803 261 4727
Donna Thompson 803 338 1384
Karen Lowrimore 803 238 6497
White Oak Conference Center 803 635 4685, toll free 800 723 7242, ext 2900.

While the Weather Channel is good, it is not local. Check out this site, a Columbia News Station, for information close to Winnsboro! http://www.wistv.com/Global/link.asp?L=214732.

September 1: Registration Location

Registration for Tat Days will be in the classroom building -- same place as last year. For first time visitors, as you enter the campus, follow the hearts. Best place to park is the parking lot on the left beside the auditorium building, which will be the first left hand turn possible from the White Oak driveway.

CAMPUS MAP - Find parking, registration, hotel rooms, classes, vending, and meals.

More White Oak Conference Center information.

August 29: Silent Auction

Better bring a few extra dollars for the Silent Auction! We have more generous donations to the Silent Auction from Linda Davies of the UK. Check out the pictures - aren't they gorgeous! These are just a sample of the items donated for the Silent Auction from many tatters, which supports the Palmetto Tatters Guild Scholarship Fund. Be prepared to bid.


Thank you one and all,

August 28: Saturday Night Exchanges

Saturday night at Tat Days is turning into an amazing exchange!! First it was hearts! Then thread!! And now tatting books! This is a grand opportunity to swap duplicated books, or books that turned out to be "more challenging" than anticipated, or books that are now "too easy"!! Whatever the reason, if you want to trade, bring your books with you to tat days! There are no rules! It will be up to the the tatters doing the exchanges to decide how best to exchange. Who knows? It might take a book and a shuttle to exchange for another book. Or your favorite ear rings!

August 25: Special Fund Rraiser to benefit Gary Houtz (Shuttle Brother 1)

A special fund rasier will be conducted in the Vending Room during Tat Days 2008. To benefit Gary Houtz, the 'older' Shuttle Brother who was severely injured in a car accident in May, a technique package for "Knotless Tatting" will be offered. This package consists of three pages of instructions and a package containing two different types of filament loops (two each) bound in a plastic binder that will allow additional techniques to be added. The instructions represent two class handouts from Gary and Randy that were edited by Teresa Woods with pictures from Gina Butler. Diagrams are from Randy Houtz and Ron Butler. All materials have been donated by RT Woods Consulting with a suggested donation of $3.00 minimum per binder. In addition to the donation of materials, RT Woods Consulting will match up to $150.00 all sales of the binders for the fund that has been set up for Gary with the Southwest Colorado Federal Credit Union.

The link to their website is http://www.geocities.com/gr8shuttles/ (although it is a little out-of-date).
Teresa Woods

August 19: TATS (Trade A Tip Session) and More Trading

Remember -- Friday morning is TATS!  Be thinking of a tip! 

On Saturday night, it's let's trade tatting "stuff"!!!  For starters, how about  thread?   Wind about ten yards of your favorite thread on a card and label it with name brand of thread, size, color name, where it was purchased and your name.   If you would not like to part with your favorite thread, then share your least favorite thread. Your least favorite thread might become the favorite thread of someone else.  The thread does not have to be rare, exotic, expensive, etc.  It could be your favorite (or least favorite) thread simply because of the color!

August 17: Vending

Less than three weeks away and more of the latest information for consignees in the vending room!!

Riet will have Ineke's books with her. Please contact her at Surtel-Smeulde@kpnplanet.nl if you haven't already done so.

Martha Ess will be bringing her books. She has really made block tatting her own and has wonderful animals. Martha's new book will be especially handy with the holiday season just around the corner. Previews of her books can be seen at http://my.att.net/p/s/community.dll?ep=16&groupid=318278&ck. Her heart book, Tat's Amore, is appropro for this year's TatDays 2008 and is a beautiful book.

Nina Libin will have a nice selection of her usual items: kits, books, shuttles, picot gauges. Even if you are not taking any of Nina's classes this year, you'll enjoy her wares.

Hope Bates and Lori Dunlap have been VERY busy. Hope has decorated a lot of shuttles and they certainly only resemble Clover in shape. Each is unique and while collector items, they are extremely useful. Lori and Hope together are also offering hand-dyed thread. Can't wait to see them and I'll bet some wind up in my own stash!!

RT Woods Consulting will be offering blank notecard sets for you to decorate and use. Book plates in various designs and various numbers of plates in a set will also offered for sale. A limited supply of resin-style Double Bobbin Shuttles (made by Randy Houtz, one of the shuttle brothers) is also available. A limited supply of Toni Storer's books are also available and can be ordered. RT Woods has a royalty agreement with Toni, who lives in Australia, for books sold in the US through this small consulting operation.

Palmetto Tatters will also have such a few CDs from past TatDays events-patterns and pictures, the Tatting Hands DVD, Denim shirts, a few Tat Days 2008 t-shirts, as well as other items. If we run out, there will be an order form available at the PTG cash register in the vending room.

Silent auction items will be on display AND BIDDING in the vending room. So far, a large butterfly umbrella and a rolling crate have been donated. There is also a BEAUTIFUL hair barette decorated with flowers from Linda S. Davies who lives in the UK and a wonderful hand-made basket, made by one of our Dear Hubbys, has been added and more items to follow!
_ _
Happy Tatting!!
Teresa Woods, NATA #79
Mount Holly, NC USA
blog: http://teresawoods.blogspot.com

August 15: Georgia's Shuttles

Sunday, Aug 17, LAST DAY to order Georgia's Tat Days Shuttles!

Georgia Seitz Shuttle Georgia Seitz Shuttle


August 11: Tatting Display

DID YOU REMEMBER THE TATTING DISPLAY!!!!  Prizes will be awarded for: People's Choice, Best in Theme, and Most Hearts in a Pattern.  That last one should be most interesting!  Creative thoughts, start gelling.  Everyone who attends the display on Friday between 5:00 and 7:00 can vote. There are no strict rules or guide lines, so everybody who attends Tat Days, expert or novice, will be eligible.  Load your shuttles ladies and gentleman Bernie and start tatting!!!!!!!!!!

August 10: Friday Night after the Banquet


Lampwork Bead Demonstration!!  Friday after the banquet, we will have a demonstration on how to make glass beads.  Mike and Lynn Skeen will be our guests.  They will show a video on how to make glass beads, and they will have beads for sale.  Be sure to bring money as the beads and pendants are just too beautiful to pass up!! 

Beads Hearts Beads Pendants
Beads Small Bead Blowing


August 3: VENDING at Tat Days 2008
Excited about TatDays 2008? Of course you are! This is one of the very best times to shop for threads, your favorite or to try others you've only read about online.

The Lacemaker will be bringing all the threads they market through their online store at www.lacemakerusa.com and Tracy tells us that she has a large selection of other threads, too, that will BE ON SALE. Name brands will include Fincrochet, Venus and Anchor. Tracy will also be bringing small selections of other fiber arts, including bobbin lace, kumihimo braiding, lucet braiding and MORE!

Georgia and Richard Seitz will have many of their standard items like picot gauges, shuttles, and crochet hooks for chatelaines. Georgia will be highlighting Book IV in the Ribbonwinners series.

A new book will be available from Sheron Goldin. This book gives detailed instructions on the use of a double bobbin shuttle and has a collection of pattern adaptions for DBS as well as original patterns by the author.

More updates next week ... check here often until TatDays 2008, when we'll see you at White Oak!

_ _
Happy Tatting!!
Teresa Woods, NATA #79
Mount Holly, NC USA
blog: http://teresawoods.blogspot.com

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