I've Been Bitten By The Tatting Bug

Thank you, Vicki Clarke, for the tatting for our logo.
Thank you, Erin Holloway, for the logo phrase.

Palmetto Tatters' Palm Trees

"I've Been Bitten by the Tatting Bug!"
September 11-12


Updated September 13, 2009

Sept 13

THANK YOU for all of your participation at our Tat Days! We could not do it without you.

THANK YOU for your generosity in so many ways:
*Donations of tatted items to share with our South Carolina State Fair Goers. We have so many that look and watch for us each year so they can get their next tatted piece. They collect them year to year, especially the faithful and wonderful fair workers.
*Donations to our Scholarship Fund! WOW! We have enough to award almost 7 full scholarships next time. That is incredible!
*Donations of your time to share your love of tatting with each one of us that was at Tat Days and now to share it in your community.

Sept 11 Want to follow and participate in the TIAS? Click Here.
Sept 7 Saturday Night Fun! 6:30 until someone turns the lights out!
Did you miss TATS? Ask someone what new tip they learned!!
Visit with new friends.
Finish class projects.
TIASThe TIAS revealed.
Watch movies of previous tat days.
"Snail Mail with Georgia"-Let's make 2 cards-keep one and donate one for Tat Days Fund Raisers at craft fairs. Thanks!

Sept 6


TIAS: You will want two shuttles wound continuously.  Use the thread size with which you are most comfy tatting.  And you'll want a bead that is compatible with your thread size.

You will also need to bring your patience and your lovely sense of humor! 

See you really, really soon!
Erin in Tenn.

Sept 5 Vending: The new Freecia thread (replacement for Opera) will be in vending! http://www.hhtatting.com/results_threads.cfm?SubCategory=60
Sept 4

Clothes and Weather Outlook: Shorts, khakis and jeans are fine. Modest clothing, please. It is a Baptist Convention facility. Some will bring something "nice" but not too fancy to wear to the Banquet Friday night. The classrooms may be warm, comfortable or cool, depending on each individual so you might want to have a light sweater packed just incase you need it.

Looks like it will be cool in the mornings walking to breakfast, average 64. High will average 84. Partly Cloudy most days, 20% chance of rain. 30% change of showers on Sunday.

Aug 29 White Oak Campus Tour Updated. Take Note: Registration will be downstairs in the Classroom building. You can drive around to the back of the Classroom Building, driving along in front of the motels, to go straight into Registration.
Aug 18

Shuttles: ORDER BY THE 20th!
1) Georgia Seitz is doing a shuttle again this year. The shuttle will be red with markings like a lady bug. The reverse will read: "I was bitten...etc." or "Your Name was bitten by the Tat Bug at Tat Days 2009." Order when registering and before August 20. 2008 Picture.
2) The Shuttle Shop will be doing a shuttle again this year, also. The logo on one side and "I've Been Bitten by the Tatting Bug 2009" on the other side. Done in cherry wood at $30 each. Email Erin to place your order. Orders DUE NO LATER than August 20. Picture.

Aug 14 Vending: Again this year, Palmetto Tatters Guild welcomes The Lacemaker of Cortland, OH as our key vendor. The store is operated by Tracy Jackson. Their website is http://www.lacemakerusa.com. They will have many, many items of interest for tatters including Lizbeth thread that was brand new last year. This year it will come in 2 sizes-20 and 40. Watch this page for more info on vending.
Aug 12

Tatting Display: If you are coming to Tat Days this year don't forget to bring items for the tatting display. We want to see the exquisite items you have created. The tatting display will have three winning categories: People's Choice, Best in Theme, and Most Bodacious Bug. Bring your tatted items to show and compete.

There will be a Bodacious Bug pagaent so make sure you tat a beauty to participate. Use your imagination! If you want some ideas to get started with, there are many options on the web. Here are just a few:

Emma: http://www.geocities.com/emmacrew/tatting/doodlebugs.html

Heather: http://www.freewebs.com/heathersdesigns/littlebuggies.htm

Jane: http://www.e.n.e.btinternet.co.uk/

Sue: http://freespace.virgin.net/bo.hanson/Tatting/SuesPatternPage.html

See you at Tat Days!

Aug 6 Practice for the Tat Off! - Bug Off! Here is the pattern.
Aug 5

* Check for Homework on your classes. Email comments and questions to your teacher.
* Check for preparation of shuttles and threads for your classes.
* Tat some bugs for sharing - "Trade a Bug" (optional, of course) Looking forward to seeing all of your creations!

Aug 2

For Everyone

Tat It And See

Tat It And See (TIAS)
Jane and Erin will be leading this intriguing way to tat! You may take one or both of these classes or you may participate without the class. Jane and Erin will be available all during Tat Days Free Times to answer questions. There will be 7 stages which will be handed out at various times during Tat Days. You MUST TRY to keep the "what it is" SECRET until Saturday evening!

July 12

NEW Registration Location. Come around to the back of the Classroom Building and Downstairs. All of our classes will be downstairs, too. NO steps when you enter from the back. We hope to have all of our hotel rooms near this entrance. There is an elevator to take us up to dinner if you are unable to walk the path up to the dining hall.

CAMPUS MAP - Find parking, registration, motel rooms, classes, vending, and meals.

More White Oak Conference Center information.

1) Georgia Seitz is doing a shuttle again this year. It will have the Tat Days Logo on one side and can be personalized on the other. Order when registering and before August 20. Picture from 2008.
2) The Shuttle Shop will be doing a shuttle again this year, also. The logo on one side and "I've Been Bitten by the Tatting Bug 2009" on the other side. Done in cherry wood at $30 each. Email Erin to place your order. Orders DUE NO LATER than August 20. Picture from 2007.



Questions? Write Tat Days Chairs Joanie and Hope.

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