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Jane Eborall

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June 15, 2009

Please no needle tatters unless you can ‘translate’ from shuttle to needle on your own. Thanks.

Tatted BEE
©2008-2009 Jane Eborall


This is an advanced pattern and will be a good way to learn about using many beads on picots.  Beads will be added to very long picots and these will be made into a double long beaded picot.  Also adding beads to the core thread will be taught. 

Advanced: Knowledge of split rings is required.  Other techniques will be taught during class.

No. 20 tan/brown/white thread, two ⅛” beads (eyes), seed beads - 2 colours for wings, yellow and black for tail. Also – safety pins or paperclips (7), 1” gauge and some short lengths of contrasting thread to use as ‘markers’.

Millie and Carter

This pattern will allow the student to see how three shuttles and a little patience can make a simple split ring design ‘more fun’.

Intermediate: Knowledge of split rings required.  Other techniques will be taught in class.

Materials for both bugs - Three colours of No. 20 thread, 3 shuttles, 2 beads, safety pin/paperclip and ¼” picot gauge.

Tatted Millie and Carter
©2008-2009 Jane Eborall

Pendant Set

Intermediate: Knowledge of split rings is required.  Other techniques including covering a metal ring will be taught in the lesson.

Materials required for both earrings – number 20 thread and seed beads, 2 large beads measuring 1/8" (roughly 2 seed beads). 5/8" earring finding, safety pin/paperclip.

Materials required for pendant – 1 shuttle, number 20 thread, seed beads and 1 large bead measuring 1/4". Round earring finding measuring 1 3/4". Also required 1 safety pin/paperclip.

Tatted Pendant Set Pink
©2008-2009 Jane Eborall
Tatted Pendant Set Purple
©2008-2009 Jane Eborall

Shuttle Bug

Become more comfortable with split rings and adding beads to picots.

Beginner/Intermediate:  Knowledgeable and proficient with rings, split rings, chains, and joins. 

Thread - No. 20, small seed beads for wings, 2 slightly larger (1/8") beads for eyes, 2 larger beads (size 1/8") for centre of wings. Also required – safety pin or paperclip.

Tatted Shuttle Bugs
©2008-2009 Jane Eborall

Tat It And See

Tat It And See (TIAS)

Jane and Erin will be leading this intriguing way to tat! You may take one or both of these classes or you may participate without the class. Jane and Erin will be available all during Tat Days Free Times to answer questions. There will be 7 stages which will be handed out at various times during Tat Days. You MUST TRY to keep the "what it is" SECRET until Saturday evening!

ALL welcome!

On Time: As a courtesy to your teacher and your classmates, please arrive ON TIME to your scheduled classes. If you finish your project early, or would like additional time to visit, shop, or see the silent auction items, you may leave any class early.

Other Inquiries

Teacher email: janeeborall@btinternet.com

General Tat Days Classes questions: Joanie & Hope

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