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Sharren Morgan


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August 2, 2009
(added materials for On Beyond Edging)

Butterfly ChatelainePin
©2008-2009 by Sharren S. Morgan

Butterfly Chatelaine Pin

Students will learn frontside/backside tatting; use scrap thread to facilitate a join into a tight spot as well as use it as a placeholder to facilitate a join where there is no picot; encapsulate thread as well as something other than thread. Class discussion will include various ways to make leashes for tatting tools.

Beginner/Intermediate:  Knowledgeable and proficient with rings, split rings, chains, and joins. 

Materials: 2 shuttles; 1 (size 1) safety pin (with loop – don’t use coilless) – 1-1/16” top to bottom;
6”-8” scrap thread (same size, contrasting color from wing);
for leashes to attach tatting tools to your pin- ¼” metal split rings and lanyard hooks; you may find small hackle pliers helpful.

Flowering Vine Lanyard

Rings, Chains, Joins, Split Chains, Encapsulation, Adding thread, Working Unflipped Stitches


* Shuttles – loaded with varying amounts of thread. The model was tatted with three shuttles: two loaded CTM with green, and the third with hand-dyed thread in Azalea from Shuttle Lab Technologies.
* ¼” metal split rings (or soldered jump rings) – you’ll need 2
* Lanyard hooks – you’ll need 2
* Scrap thread
* Crochet hook for joins (if you like to use one)

Tatted Flowering Vine
©2006-2009 by Sharren S. Morgan


Friendship Angels

Students will learn split rings, working with beads on two shuttles; padded rings; and use scrap thread to facilitate a join into a tight spot within the various projects which include angels with no beads, lots of beads, and non-round beads.


2 shuttles, loaded CTM; 3 yards on Sh 1, 1 yard on Sh 2. (I had thread left over on each shuttle, but I tat tight)

Tatted Friendship Angel Multi-colors
©2008 Sharren S. Morgan
Tatted Friendship Angel Blue & Green
©2008 Sharren S. Morgan
Friendship Angel White
©2008 Sharren S. Morgan


Tatted Edging 1
©2009 Sharren S. Morgan

On Beyond Edging

Students will learn to use two different colors without tying them together; use scrap thread as a placeholder to facilitate joins where there is no picot; and find the optimum place to turn a corner, using a pocket mirror, within the various projects which include an edging, two motifs, and a frame.

Tatted Edging 2

©2009 Sharren S. Morgan


Tatted Edging 3
©2009 Sharren S. Morgan

A shuttle wound and still attached to the ball OR two shuttles, wound CTM

On Time: As a courtesy to your teacher and your classmates, please arrive ON TIME to your scheduled classes. If you finish your project early, or would like additional time to visit, shop, or see the silent auction items, you may leave any class early.

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