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June 7, 2009

The Culprit

This pattern involves split rings, starting with a chain, lock joins, onion ring joins, lock stitches and tatting over a bangle. Any join or technique that may not be familiar will be explained.

Beginner/Intermediate:  Knowledgeable and proficient with rings, split rings, chains, and joins. 

2 Shuttles
Size 8 thread- 1 black thread, 1 green, 1 grey, 1 red (or colors of choice)
Paper clip

KIT: 1 bangle $.50 (Order and Pay when you register online and pick-up the kit in vending.) Extra kits available in vending.

Bitten by the Tatting Bug
©2008 Vicki Clarke
Other Bangle/Bracelet ideas. (Just for show.)
Tatted Green Bangle Tatted Lavender Bangle
©2008 Vicki Clarke

Tatted Flower Broach
©2008 Vicki Clarke

Fall Flower Broach

Students will learn swirl joins, onion ring joins, using lock stitch to change direction and how to use basic techniques to create a 3-dimensional flower and leaf.


1 shuttle
Size 20 thread for flower (yellow for centers and color of choice for petals) and leaf (green)
Crochet hook
Paper clip

KIT: felt base and pin-no cost in class. Extras will be available in vending for $.50

Rosette Sachet

This project uses the classic rosette pattern and simple beading techniques to make a lavender sachet or ornament.  This project can be either a review or introduction to the rosette and involves mock picots and shuttle joins.  This pattern will involve some construction. Once comfortable with beads you can change the pattern to add beads on the picots as you tat.  This pattern can easily be altered into a simple to make amulet bag.


1 shuttle wound using CTM with size 20 thread
50-4mm Beads
Fine tipped crochet hook

KIT: Lavender and felt $1 (Order and Pay when you register online and pick-up the kit in vending.) Extra kits available in vending.

©2006 Vicki Clarke

Tatted Wine Charm
©2008 Vicki Clarke

Wine Charms/Magnet

In this class students will use one of tatting’s most basic patterns to create Wineglass Charms and Refrigerator Magnets.  This will expose beginners to using beads while tatting, avoiding the twisted picot, single shuttle techniques and using paper clips.  This class is for beginners who know how to make a ring or someone who just loves the 6 ring flower.     

Beginner:  Comfortable with rings, chains, and joins. 

1 shuttle wound size 20 thread, size 10 or 11 beads, 8 mm beads

KIT: 1 Magnetic bead and ring for wine charm-no cost in class. Extras will be available in vending for $.50.

On Time: As a courtesy to your teacher and your classmates, please arrive ON TIME to your scheduled classes. If you finish your project early, or would like additional time to visit, shop, or see the silent auction items, you may leave any class early.

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