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Abby Small


Crystal 'n Cuff

Snowflake 'n Crystal Drop Earrings

Sparkly Snowflake


Updated August 28, 2011

Abby's Crystal 'n Cuff

Crystal 'n Cuff

Level 2

To make a tatted fob and attach to an ear cuff to wear.

Techniques: Beading, spiral tatting, graduated picots on a split ring, finger tatting.

Beads: one drop bead at the bottom of the fob, 3 -4mm bicone beads, 3 other medium beads.
Size 10 thread 2.5 yards, one ear cuff, small slpit ring and a small lobster claw clasp.
We'll put beads on as we go.
Shuttle and a large eye bead needle
We'll be doing finger tatting.

Wind one shuttle with one yard of thread.

Optional Kit:
Ear Cuffs for $2.00. Only enough kits for the class.

Abby's Snowflake 'n Crystal Drop Earrings

Snowflake 'n Crystal Drop Earrings

Level 3

A beautiful pair of winter time earrings.

Techniques: Rings, chains, joins, pull picots thru beads, join a bead, lockstitch, josephine knot, & cluny w/ a loop.

Pre-requisits: Must be able to make clunys.

Beads: Two small drop beads, 12-3mm bicone beads, 2 soddered rings, 2 earring hooks w/ back.
A small tatting needle and a cluny loom. Usual tatting tools, shuttle and size 16 crochet hook.
We'll put the beads on as we go.
Size 40 white thread.

Wind one shuttle with 2 yards of thread.

Abby's Sparkly Snowflake

Sparkly Snowflake

Level 2

Work w/white thread & sparkly beads to complete an elegant snowflake.

Techniques: Tat w/ beads, use of picot gauge, mock picot and lock stitch.

Materials and Preparation
Beads: 30-4mm bicones, 12 seed beads.
A picot gauge (If plastic canvas: 5 squares tall and 10 squares long).
Put the seed beads on the thread and wind about 1.5 yards of thread and leave ball attached.
Usual tatting tools, size 16 crochet hook.
Size 20 white thread.

On Time: As a courtesy to your teacher and your classmates, please arrive ON TIME to your scheduled classes. If you finish your project early, or would like additional time to visit, shop, or see the silent auction items, you may leave any class early.

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