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Erin Holloway

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Dainty Snowflake Earrings

Modified Scharf-type Leaf in Artistic Wire

Spangled Bangles!


Updated August 3, 2011

Dainty Snowflake Earrings

Level 1

The student is introduced to use of tiny beads with small thread in constructing this simple snowflake. 

Materials: #80 thread, 13/0 or 15/0 charlottes or true cuts, earring findings, 4mm beads of your choice (I used 4mm bicones and 2-3mm seed pearls).

Optional Kit for $7
10 yards #80 Anchor Mercer thread
prestrung with #15 charlottes
Lever-Back Sterling Silver Earring Wires, for pierced ears. There will be a few kits for non-punctured lobes as well. I'll hold these back and exchange upon request.
4 4mm bicone Swarovski crystals
6 2.5mm freshwater pearls
Beading needle

Modified Scharf-type Leaf in Artistic Wire

Level 3

The Scharf-type leaf is executed in artistic wire in this class. 

The leaf is made using direct tatting rather than flipping the stitches and the joinings are made differently to accommodate the wire.  The finished leaf can be used in a variety of ways. 

Approximately 3 yards of 28 to 32 gauge artistic wire, a small assortment of beads for embellishment, a paper clip.

Wind bobbin of shuttle with approximately two yards of wire, leaving a yard to be used as the carrier, or ball, thread. 

Optional Kit for $4
5 yards 34 gauge artistic wire prewound on a small EZBob
small assortment of beads for embellishment
small pin back

Spangled Bangles

Level 2

Baubles, bangles and beads are all used in this class. 

The student will be introduced to a variety of techniques to create these simple and fun bangles.  One technique will be to weave a wire used to carry the exterior beads through the work as the bracelet is covered.  Another technique is joining two bangles with beads to create a wider bracelet.  A third technique is to weave ribbon through the stitches as the bracelet is covered. 

Materials used are wire bangle bracelets, thread in a variety of colors and sizes and beads (left to the student’s discretion). 

Optional Kit for $5
10 yards #20 thread
6 aluminum bangle bracelets
Assortment of beads to coordinate with thread
Beading needle

On Time: As a courtesy to your teacher and your classmates, please arrive ON TIME to your scheduled classes. If you finish your project early, or would like additional time to visit, shop, or see the silent auction items, you may leave any class early.

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