From our FIRST Tat Days 2003 Banquet

Tat Days 2011

Riet Surtel-Smeulders


Dancing Daisy Picot Edging Riet’s Way

Riet's Lock Chain Snowflake


Updated July 16, 2011

Dancing Daisy Picot Edging Riet’s Way

Level 2

Material and Preparation
You need 2 shuttles and thread you like. Riet suggests one solid color and 1 variegated color.
For the edging in Riet’s way you can use the size you like.
Of course bring with you all the normal things you need to tat.

Riet's Lock Chain Snowflake

Night Owl Friday Night-All Invited

Level 1

What is a lock chain? Normally you can move the stitches in a chain. In a lock chain you can’t. You can make the stitches in different ways and it is still a lock chain.

Materials and Preparation
2 shuttles and 2 different colors of thread. Any size thread.

On Time: As a courtesy to your teacher and your classmates, please arrive ON TIME to your scheduled classes. If you finish your project early, or would like additional time to visit, shop, or see the silent auction items, you may leave any class early.

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