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Tatting by Martha Ess. Theme by Georgia Seitz.
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12th Annual

Tat Days 2014
September 5-6

"Tatting, Tea and Toffee"


Updated August 2, 2014

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PREPARATONS may change as patterns are test-tatted.

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We are SO EXCITED! Here is our list of international teachers!

(Alphabetical by First Name)

Donna Thompson USA
Erin Holloway Moseley USA
Georgia Seitz USA
Jane Eborall UK
Karey Solomon USA
Martha Ess USA
Nina Libin USA
Pam Freck USA


Randy Houtz USA
Sally Biggers USA
Sandra Eichelberger USA
Sharren S. Morgan USA
Shawna Wachs USA
Tonya Smith USA
Victoria Clarke Canada

Important Notes: L=Level, S=Shuttle, N=Needle. If not specified as a Needle class, needle tatters are welcome in that class but know that the teacher will not be able to help you with the pattern.
All preparations are subject to change after each pattern is test tatted.
A few images click to a larger image.

Donna - Keep Calm and Tat On (L1) (S)
Enjoy making an item to frame using a popular phrase to highlight your tatting.
Skills: Rings and Chains.
Techniques: Throw off rings from chains. Beads on thread and adding as you tat.
Materials: Any color thread you wish to use and appropriate size beads for your thread. Size 20 makes about a 4 x 6 picture with text. Size 3 makes a nice 8.5 x 11 size to frame with text.
Provided: Diamond like beads for top.
Donna will have some metallic size 3 or 5 if you want to try it.
Print outs of text, 4x6 and 8.5 x11, on white.

Erin - Dogwood (L3) (S)
Create a flower using techniques including direct method tatting, joins in non-traditional areas, use of paperclips as space-holders, beads.
Skills: Rings, chains, accustomed to handling fiddly projects,
Methods/Techniques: Direct method tatting, rings, chains, tatting with beads, lock joins.
Materials/Preparation: Shuttle 1 wound CTM from ball with #20 white thread and 8 pink #11 beads on shuttle, Shuttle 2 wound with 2 yards yellow #20 thread and 16 gold #11 beads.

Erin - Single Shuttle Beady Braid (L2) (S)
Make a complex appearing braid using a single shuttle loaded with thread and beads.
Skills: Rings, joins.
Techniques: Join two non-adjacent rings by passing join through a third ring located in between.
Use of beads on bare thread.
Materials/Preparation: Shuttle loaded with #20 thread and #11 beads.

Erin - Wrap Bracelet (L2) (S)
Make a wrap bracelet by tatting over leather cord.
Skills: Direct method tatting, rings, lock joins.
Techniques: A couple of non-tatting techniques are used in making this bracelet. Macrame square knots and the fishtail wrap are used. Both are simple.
Materials/Preparation: Two shuttles wound CTM with #20 thread, 10 8mm beads, 2mm leather cord twice the length desired plus 4 inches, button for closure.

Erin - Beady Little Christmas Tree (L1) (S)
Introduction to tatting with beads. Beads are loaded on shuttle only.
Skills: Pattern is composed of rings, chains, beads and the shoelace trick.
Techniques: Tatting with beads loaded on the shuttle.
Materials/Preparation: Shuttle wound with #20 thread, CTM , loaded with 81 #11 beads.

Georgia - Free Form Collage - (L3) (S & N)
Free form collage based on floral motifs and framed with split rings.
Skills: Basic tatting and split rings.
Techniques: Design a collage without a pattern.

HOMEWORK: Tat 3 to 5 flowers before class.


(Click for larger view)
Georgia - Variations Needle Chains - (L2) (N)
Working with Pearl or Maltese Tatted Chains.

"It is well for the tatter to master both styles [needle and shuttle] of tatting."

Skills: Basic tatting skills
Techniques: Pearl or Maltese chains and needle tatting with both hands
Materials: Tatting needle, 3 colors of thread, hook, picot gauge and scissors.
* Please alsobring a small variety of beads, a few seed beads, a couple of bugle beads and a charm type bead.

Georgia - Split Rings and Techniques Motif (L1) (S & N)
From the book: Die Schiffchen=Spitze der Frau Eleonore Endrucks Leichtenstern 1920 pg 6 design 5.
This small, almost unattractive, motif was chosen as a teaching model. It was pictured in the above book but no pattern was given. It is intended for the beginner or intermediate tatter who has just learned or is ready to learn split ring tatting.
Techniques used:
1. Rings, 2. Chains. 3. Direct Chains ( wrapped not tatted),
4. Picots, decorative, use of a picot gauge,
5. Picots, construction or joining purposes,
6. Down join (vs up join), 7. Shuttle lock join,
8. Split ring, dead spider method and encapsulation hand holds,
9. Shoe lace trick, for changing color or dwindling thread problem,
10. Altering double stitch counts for rounding curves,
11. Studying vintage lace and writing a pattern for it.

Materials: 2 shuttles, thread, hook, picot gauges, scissors.

Georgia - Vintage Tatting - Using Needle as a Shuttle (L2) (S & N)


(Click for larger view)
Georgia - Vintage Tatting - Using Needle as a Shuttle (L2) (S & N)
You can use a tatting needle or blunt tapestry needle as if it were a shuttle. The needle is attached to a long cut thread and then manipulated in the same manner as a shuttle. Joins may be either up or down joins as usual or the needle may simply be passed through a free picot. This technique is a carryover from the early days of tatting as can be seen in this vintage illustration from a Mlle Riego book.
Techniques: To be taught as you go.
Materials: thread, picot gauge, needle (blunt), scissors.

Jane - Cupcakes (L2) (S)
A large cupcake with an interesting way of block tatting.
Skills to be taught will include the block tatting and using beads. Two SCMR's are included in the pattern too.
Skills needed: Rings, chains and ready to learn more.
Materials/Prep: Size 20 thread and size 11 seed beads. For the base of the cupcake - 1 shuttle and ball thread – 1 ¼ yards on shuttle. For the 'icing' - 2 shuttles – 1 ¼ yards on Sh1 & 1 ¾ yards on Sh2. Add 5 beads to Sh1 and 10 to Sh2.

Jane - Gingerbread Man (L2) (S)
Techniques: Split rings (if not known), using beads, long beaded picot.
Materials/Prep: Size 20 thread and size 11 seed beads.
Take the ball of thread and add 20 white beads followed by 2 black beads (eyes) followed by 8 more white beads. Wind 2½ yards off the ball & onto Sh2. Pull off another 3 yards from the ball, cut and wind onto the second Sh. Before starting check that the 20 white beads are on Sh1 and the rest on Sh2.

Jane - Key For Success (Everyone)
Making a key suitable to use on a card or as a pendant.
Rings and chains.
Techniques: Split rings.
Materials/Prep: Size 20 thread. Wind 2 shuttles CTM with 3 yards on each shuttle.

Jane - Lock Joins and Catherine Wheel + a Pig -
Techniques (L1) (S)
Skills: split rings, rings on chains
Techniques: Lock Joins and Victorian ‘sets’ (seta setb).
Materials/Prep: Size 20 thread, one size 10 seed bead for eye, 2 shuttles and a safety pin/paperclip.
2 shuttles wound CTM with 4 ½yards on Sh2 and 1 ½ on Sh1.
The completed pig measures approximately 2" (nose to back) x 1½" tall.

Karey - Beady Blossom Earrings (L1) (S)
Easy and Fun! You will want several pair in various colors!
Skills: Chains.
Techniques: Working with beads.
Materials/Prep: Ear wires/earrings. 1 shuttle and ball. Thread 22 to 25 inches of beads on size 20 thread (2 to 2.5 lengths of standard paper). Do not wind. Keep on ball until class.

Karey - Cookie Plate Doily (L3) (S)
Beautiful Doily with several rounds.
Skills: Rings and Chains.
Techniques: FUN with Rings and Chains.
Materials/Prep: Wind two shuttles CTM. You will need to rewind as doily progresses.
There will be HOMEWORK before Tat Days.

Karey - Flying Geese Tea Towel Edging (L2) (S)
Wonderful edging that can be as long as you wish!
Skills: Rings and chains.
Techniques: Split rings, Josephine rings.
Materials/Prep: Two shuttles CTM (Continuous Thread Method-do not cut thread between shuttles.)

Karey - Tea Splotch Bookmark (L1) (S)
Techniques: Fun with rings and chains and different joins.
Materials/Prep: Wind size 10 (recommended) or 20 thread CTM on two shuttles. Bring paper clip. Charm optional.

(Click for more Angels)
Martha - Button Angel (L2) (S)
Students will work around a button to make an angel.
Skills: Basic rings, chains, joins, split rings, able to use 2 shuttles.
Techniques: Work around a button and able to use 2 shuttles to throw off ring from chain.
Materials: 2 shuttles, thread, metallic thread, button. For thread sizes 40-20, button size should be around ½ diameter.
Prep: 2 shuttles wound CTM

Martha - Mignonette Teapot (L2) (S)
Students will learn to use a folded gauge to measure the bare thread spaces in mignonette tatting and make a teapot.
Skills: Basic rings, chains, joins, should already know split rings.
Techniques: Folded gauge, mignonette tatting.
Materials: 2 shuttles, thread in 2 colors, size 20, 30 or 40. Card stock gauges will be provided.
Prep: Bring 2 shuttles wound CTM with color 2 thread (the pink in the example).

HOMEWORK: The central flower will be done ahead of time as homework.

(Click for more motifs)
Martha - Blocks and Squares Motifs (L2) (S)
Students will use block tatting and work around a metal finding (doo-dad) or button.
Skills: Basic rings, chains, joins, comfortable working with 2 shuttles.
Techniques: Block tatting with direct chain method.

Martha - Blocks and Squares Motifs (L2) (S)
Materials: 2 shuttles, thread in 1 or 2 colors, size 20, 30, or 40, one square finding (doo-dad) size 20 mm, or button size 20 mm or 7/16 inch.
Shuttle 1 (blue in example) 3 yds. Shuttle 2 (yellow in example) 4 yds.
1 doo-dad will be provided for each student in class and will probably have more in vending.
Prep: Bring shuttles already wound.

SEE Nina's Class Info Web Page for additional information:

(Click for Heart with beads)
Martha - Spiral Heart (L1) (S & N)
Project class, make heart with gradually changing ring sizes, with or without beads.
Skills: Basic rings, chains, joins.
Techniques: Basic pattern, with or without beads
Materials: 1 shuttle, thread in your choice of size, optional 52 seed beads, small crochet hook.
Prep: 1 shuttle wound CTM with ball, optional 25 beads on shuttle thread.
Nina - Gems or Pearls - Earrings (L1) (S & N)
3D earrings tatted with ONE shuttle.
Skills: Comfortable with rings and regular joins.
Techniques: The pattern includes beaded rings only. Students will learn the specifics of tatting with metallic thread and a version of ‘last-to-first’ join.
Materials/Prep: One shuttle with post (no hooks or picks), crochet hook, small scissors.
KIT REQUIRED: $12. A kit will include printed pattern, beads already on metallic thread, and ear wire.
There will be choice of colors (see pictures )

Nina_Jewelry Set (L2) (S)
Bracelet and earrings made with seed beads and fr-w-pearls.
The pattern includes beaded rings and beaded split rings.
Skills: Enjoy working with beads. Comfortable with rings, split rings, and regular and lock joins.Can do split rings.
Techniques: Students will learn (or refresh) the way to handle metallic thread and a lot of beads.
Students will learn how to handle beads in split rings and old bridging technique known as ‘pulled loop’ join.
Materials/Prep: Two shuttles, preferably with posts (not spools) and without picks or hooks.
Crochet hook, small scissors.
KIT REQUIRED: $17 if taking class. $20 if not taking class. Printed material (pattern, instructions on ‘Pulled Loop’ join, and general instructions on any BEANILE project).
Seed beads and fr-w-pearls on metallic thread strung in special order.
Ear wires and a clasp for the bracelet.
There will be choice of colors (see pictures )

Nina - Beads and Alternate Threads (L3) (S)
Become comfortable with beads.
HOMEWORK: Refresh/learn Tatting Alternate Threads technique:
- “Tatting Alternate Threads” book by Gary and Randy Houtz
- Great description of the technique by Kaye B. Judt in her ‘White Oak Leaf’ pattern on Tat Days 2012 pattern CD.
- Gina Butler shows how to hold alternate threads:

Techniques: Tatting Alternate Threads with additional challenge of metallic thread and different color beads.
Materials/Prep: 2 shuttles, preferably with posts (not spools) and without picks or hooks, crochet hook, small scissors.
KIT REQUIRED: $20. Printed material (3 patterns for earrings and general instructions on any BEANILE project).
Seed beads on metallic thread and ear wire for 3 pairs of earrings.
There will be choice of colors (see pictures

Pam Teaching Martha's Palmetto Tree
Students will make a palmetto tree, using SCMR.
Skills: Basic rings, chains, joins, lock stitch.
Techniques: Self closing mock rings.
Materials/Prep: 1 or 2 shuttles, brown and green thread in your choice of size.
Bring 1 shuttle wound CTM with ball of brown thread. Optional: wind a second shuttle CTM with ball of green thread if you don’t want to reload first shuttle in class.
Randy - Tidy Tatting (L1) (S)
Tatting a simple motif to provide details for improving the appearance of your tatting.
Skills: Basic tatting of rings, chains, and joins.
Techniques: Front-side/backside, thread loops, filament loops for hiding ends, adding thread, tatting over tails, and joining.
Materials/Prep: Two (2) shuttles wound with contrasting color, size 10. No variegated, please.

(Click for Doily)
Randy - Pearl Tatting TriDoily (L3) (S)
This class will show how to pearl tat the self-closing mock ring (SCMR) using 3 shuttles.
Skills: Experience with SCMRs and Pearl tatting.
Techniques: Finger tatting, Self-closing Mock Ring, and Pearl tatting.
Materials/Prep: Three (3) shuttles wound with strong contrasting color, size 10.
No variegated, please.

Randy - Bobbie's Bauble-Bobble (L2) (S)
The basics of Bobbie’s bauble-bobble tatting technique.
Skills: Basic tatting skills; Rings, Chains.
Techniques: Tatted Chain and stabilizing with threads.
Materials/Prep: Two (2) shuttles wound with different color, size 10.

Sally - Toffee Candy (L1) (S & N)
Create a candy-like design using size 20 thread.
Skills: Rings and Chains
Methods/Techniques: Using a Picot Gauge
Materials/Prep: 2 shuttles wound continuous thread method; participants' choice of colors.

Sandra - Teapot Edging (L1) (S)
Make a darling edging which includes teapots! Could be used as tea towel edging or as a bookmark.
Skills: Rings and Chains.
Techniques: Basic use of beads in tatting, switching shuttles, use of picot gauge (provided)
Materials/Prep: 2 shuttles wound CTM with size 20 thread, dozen 10/0 seed beads per teapot loaded on one shuttle.
Optional – 5 10/0 seed beads per teapot for center picots.


Sharren - I <3 This (I Heart This) (L1) (S & N)
Tat a heart around a 9mm metal split ring; can be worn as a brooch or pendant, or used as a hanging ornament.
Skills: Rings; Chains; Joins.
Techniques: The student will make a join into the metal ring to begin; there is one ring made with Shuttle 2.
Materials/Prep: Two shuttles; Shuttle 1, 3 yards; Shuttle 2, 2 yards; 1 9mm split ring;
for brooch, one size 1 coilless safety pin and two fish hook stoppers;
for pendant, 1 metal bail.

Optional Kit: $2 (class only-a few in vending). Hardware to make two hearts includes 9mm metal split rings; coilless safety pins; 4 fish hook stoppers; small pinch bails.

Sharren - Ringo the Dragonfly (L1)
Explore five methods of making rings to construct this cute dragonfly: true rings, self-closing mock rings (SCMRs), split rings (SRs), mock rings formed from two chains, and loop-tatted rings (LTRs).
Skills: Rings, Chains, Joins.
Techniques: SCMRs, LTRs, mock rings, double-double stitch (DDS), half-double-double stitch (HDDS)

Sharren - Edwardian Pendant (L1) (S) 
Tat a pendant inspired by the television series Downton Abbey.
Skills: Rings; Chains; Joins.
Techniques: Learn to start with a chain; make a split ring; join into a found object (metal ring, cabone ring, or doodad with six holes); can use beads or work plain.
Materials/Prep: Two shuttles, loaded CTM; if using beads, prestring as follows: Shuttle 1, about 4 yards and 49 beads; Shuttle 2, about 2 yards and 28 beads.

Optional Kit: $1 (class only-a few in vending). Hardware to make two Edwardian pendants includes two 6-hole doodads.

(Click for second pendant option)
Shawna - Silver Bead w/Pendant Necklace (L2) (S)
The goals for this class are: to learn the handling of a lot of beads, reading standard notation for Bead Tatting, and following both written pattern and diagrams. It is designed to be mostly finished in class by students familiar with BEANILE Lace techniques. For those who are new to this technique, they will be able to get a good start on this project to finish later.
Skills: Rings, Chains, and Joins.
Techniques: arranging blocks of beads into simple patterns of rings and chains, and the use of jewelry connectors and attaching a pendant.
Materials/Prep: Students need to bring TWO empty shuttles preferably without picks or crochet hooks on tips, and a separate crochet hook.
(If you do not purchase the kit you need approximately1350 size 11 seed beads on about 12 yards of metallic embroidery thread, and a pendant.)

KIT: $18 participant. $25 non-participant. There is a choice of the two pendants. If you want a different pendant you may bring your own.

Tonya - Tatted Bag (L2) (S)
Teaching the concept of split rings and split chains while making a tatted coin purse or bag.
Skills: Ready to learn split rings and chains. Rings, chains, and joins.
Techniques: In this class you will learn and practice the concept of split rings and split chains.
Materials/Prep: Two shuttles wound in the continuous thread method.

Tonya - Tea Mug (L1) (S & N)
Teaching the concept of magic thread trick and weaving in ends along with the construction of the Tatted Cup Insert.
Skills: Ready to learn magic thread trick and weaving in ends. Rings, chains, and joins.
Techniques: In this class you will learn and practice the concept of the magic thread trick and weaving in thread ends.
Materials/Prep: Thread size 10 in color/s of your choice. If using one color wind one shuttle in the continuous thread method and if using two colors tie shuttle and ball threads together.

Optional Kit: $2.50. Will include a Design-A-Mug and colored paper inserts.

Vicki - Cabochon Brooch Style 1 (L1) (S & N)
In this class we explore the construction techniques used in bead embroidery and translate them into a tatted project. Tatters will learn about when glues are used and when to use a needle and thread. The same skills will allow a tatter to make beautiful pendants and necklaces.
Skills: Tatter can make rings.
Methods/Techniques: Tatter will learn how to mount a cabochon, sew and finish a brooch.

Vicki - Cabochon Brooch Style 2 (L1) (S & N)
Materials/Prep: Tatter needs to bring a needle small enough for beads. Tatting shuttle or needle. Very sharp scissors.
KIT REQUIRED (ie. contents, choice of colors, etc): $3. Kit comes with felt, cabochon, beads, dazzle thread, and flat back broach pin

Vicki - Teapot Suncatcher (L1) (S & N)
Beads and tatting are used to make a Sun Catcher in the shape of a teapot.
There are no advanced techniques required beyond adding beads to a picot.
Materials/Prep: Size 10 thread with 2 yards on a shuttle CTM with ball.
Kit Optional (ie. contents, choice of colors, etc): $1. If you don't purchase a kit then you need 6/0 beads, a 18mm center bead, jump ring, ribbon and a suction hook (to hang it on a window).

Vicki - Whirly Gig Teapot Bracelet (L1) (S & N)
In this class we will use rings, chains and split chains to make a bracelet (or book mark).
Skills: Tatter needs to be proficient with rings and chains.
Techniques: Split chains will be taught in class.
Materials/Prep: Tatter needs 2 yards each of 2 colors in size 20 thread (or size of choice).
Kit Optional (ie. contents, choice of colors, etc): $1. Kit contains jump rings and a lobster claw.

Vicki - What Do They Mean? (Patterns)
This is a workshop where we review/ learn different ways that patterns can be written. It is a LCD presentation with discussion that walks tatters through the more common types of patterns including antique (word only pattern), mathematical (numbers only) and diagrams. We work through a few antique patterns by drawing them and trying to figure out what the pattern looks like without a picture. There is also a discussion of what resources are available to translate terms.
Skills Needed: Absolutely none
Materials: Pencil and paper for the drawing exercises.


Tat Days 2015, September 4-5, Toccoa, GA. (Labor Day weekend).
Theme will be "Tatting Angels Among Us" submitted by Hope Bates.

Tat Days 2016, September 9-10, Toccoa, GA. (Labor Day weekend)

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