Tat Days 2016
will be
September 9-10

"Tatting Is Out of This World"

Tatting image by Erin Holloway-Moseley.
Theme by Dawn Tucker.
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Anniversary Quilt Ideas


Tat Days Scholarship "Hope Chest" Fundraiser Item


To be offered as a 2016 Tat Days Fundraiser. Watch for details.


Updated May 21, 2016

The Palmetto Tatters Guild has a white, blank quilt piece about 48 inches by 36 inches.
This piece will be included in the Tat Days Scholarship "Hope Chest" Fundraiser package.

This project will be called something like "The Anniversary Years." We will do many blocks, counting up to 75 anniversaries, showing the colors for each year as a helpful reminder to the couple for exchanging gifts. Tatting assistance WELCOME! See list of possible pieces you may send our way if you are so inclined . You can email pictures to web@palmettotatters.org. DUE June 25, please.


If anniversary is not your thing, check out ALL of the Hope Chest needs: Bridal, Wedding, Anniversary, Baby. To see all the details on the "Hope Chest" fundraiser by Georgia, go HERE.

THANKS for supporting our Scholarship efforts to help "Spread tatting like Kudzu!"