Tatting image by Erin Holloway Moseley.
Theme by Dawn Tucker.
Thank you!

14th Annual

Tat Days 2016

September 9-10
[Many will arrive on Thursday "BIG Shopping Day" (8th)
and leave on Sunday (11th).]

"Tatting is out of this world!"


Updated May 6, 2017

A few more class pics added for 2017


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2016 Class Grid Schedule | 2016 Class Projects-Pics | 2016 Weekend Schedule | 2016 Teachers | 2016 Tat Days

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Who is Teaching?
Who is Coming?
Why? Why NOT!
And How Much?

Banquet (Friday Night FUN!)
Cancellation Policy
Class Project Pictures
Class Grid Schedule
Emergency Numbers
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Tat Days 2017 and 2018: SAVE THE DATES!
Tat Days 2017, September 8-9, Toccoa, GA - "TAT A CON"
(Thanks Bonnie and Mark Swank for the theme suggestion!)
Tat Days 2018, September 7-8, Toccoa, GA

Tat Days 2017, September 8-9

"Tat A Con"
All about tatting - all aspects, all moments, all stitches, all designs, all purposes, and all people.

And our distinguished teachers will be....

Anita Barry
Paige Deputy
Sandra Eichelberger
Marilyn Jones
Sharren Morgan
Erin Holloway Moseley
Linda Reiff
Georgia Seitz
Phyllis Schmidt
Tonya Smith
Karey Solomon
Wally Sosa
Riet Surtel-Smeulders
Bonnie Swank
Sherry Townsend
Shawna Wachs
Stephanie Wilson

Class Project Pictures Teaser Page - All class project pictures are up. (May 6)

What will you volunteer to do? What small job would you like? Write tatdays@palmettotatters.org


1) To come in Thursday the 7th and stay through Sunday AM.

2) Banquet Costume Parade and Contest (Optional): Who, What or When will you be?

3) Save your change each week! Registration, Room and Food, Silent Auction, Live Auction, and Vending.

Tat Days 2016

What a WONDERFUL Weekend! Thank you!
Thank you to all who are so generous with time, tatting, and dollars, so we can offer our scholarships. You gave us over $2400 for our Scholarship Funds in 2016.


Tat Days 2016



Bring yourself, shuttles, needles, thread and be ready for a GREAT weekend!

If you are wondering, our shirts are black this year. Many will wear them Saturday.

Do you have our phone numbers in your phone? See below.

We are so EXCITED that so MANY want to come to Tat Days! It is going to be GRAND.
And, we are out of space at the facility for lodging. NO MORE ROOMS available on campus.

If you did not get registered online, you may still register at Tat Days. Please email our Registrar@palmettotatters.org about your intentions.

This week's updates.

Our Cancellation Policy if you must cancel.

We are looking forward to a WONDERFUL Tat Days, again!

And YOU will make it special!
Yes, YOU who are reading this!

Tat Off! Pattern is HERE, "FLAMES", finally! Practice! Let's watch the shuttles and needles FLY Saturday AM. Prizes. Pattern Inspired by the rockets that are going to be FLYING at Tat Days!
If you want to print the Tat Off! pattern, here is a PDF.

BRING your green name badge holder back from last year if you can find it, please, to reuse. (We do have more for those without.)

MORE PICTURES for Tat Days Scholarship Fundraiser - "Hope Chest"

Hope chest for a Bridal, Wedding, New Home, and Baby. See Georgia's description of the "Hope Chest" collection for this year's fundraiser. EXCITING!

DONATE HERE at TatDaysScholarship.info


We have received many BEAUTIFUL things!
THANK YOU for the work you have done on this project. Send inquiries to Donna at web@palmettotatters.org. Check the link above often for updated pictures.

The Palmetto Tatters Group will be adding a small quilt to add to the "Hope Chest" collection or it may go into the Live Auction.

LUNCH on Thursday, Sept 8, 2016: Downtown Toccoa. X-Factor/Cornerstone Café at 27 Doyle Street, Toccoa, GA. It is 1/2 way down the block or enter the antique store on the corner and go upstairs.
Noon to 1:30ish. If you eat with us, you may be asked to help with setup.
Email Donna at tatdays@palmettotatters.org to RSVP by Thursday, September 1, please. Thanks.

Watch for emails from your teachers for homework and class prep details.

Emergency Contact Numbers - PLEASE put these in your phone, now, and share with your family. THANKS!
Donna Thompson 803-338-1384
Theresa Orren 843-364-2443
Georgia Baptist Conference Center 706-886-3133

Things you might want to BRING:
Provided: Bar soap, 1 white towel per person and linens. (There may not be a towel change during the weekend.)
Bring: Hair dryer, shampoo and other personal toiletry items. Second towel (not white) if you need more than 1 for the weekend.
Rolling cart (optional) to move from classroom to classroom-small suitcase, craft box on wheels, folding crate that rolls.
Tatting Bag with basic tatting supplies like crochet hook (small), scissors, bead threader, shuttles and/or needles, and threads for various extra patterns that will be shared. (Items available in vending if you forget something.)

Sweater or battery operated fan-depends on you.
Water bottle with a lid.
Tatted Lanyard (optional) for name tag.
Umbrella or Raincoat for short walk to dining hall.
Money for vending, silent auction, and live auction. (PTG sales only take cash or check. Main vendor may or may not take a few credit cards.)

WELCOME BAGS: Each year we have a tote bag for our Tatters. We believe this year's is once again very special! Many contribute to these bags. This year there are free patterns, candy, goodies, etc. We have SO MANY talented and generous tatters!

Rocket pattern with kit from Vicki Clarke!

Bonds of Love Bracelet pattern with kit from Georgia and Muskaan!


Silent Auction Items
Anything tatters might like.
Do you have too many of one color thread? 2 copies of the same book? Or too many shuttles or needles? (Probably not possible!) Make up a basket or just bring the items and we will make a collection.

Do you make jewelry or lanyards/eyeglasses chains? Donate one if you want.
Martha Ess Dump Truck tatted by Stephanie Wilson

Wrap by Maria Hart

We will have some "Grab Bags" for $1 or $5. Put the money down and "grab" a bag. Surprise! FUN stuff!

Have a tool you do not use or an extra one? Maybe a crochet hook that is not the size you like anymore? Have a ball of thread that you tried a yard of and do not like? Donate, if you want, to a Grab Bag Surprise!


Handmade Jewel (This one by Erin.)


There will be some GRAND items auctioned off at Tat Days,
Friday night after the banquet around 9:00.
Here are a few.


And my bid is _____!

Knitted Shawl by Marie Hart
A real Riego book treasurer! It's the 3rd printing of her 1850 book called Tatting, which has additional material that wasn't in the earlier printings. It will be in an acid-free bag & board, and included is a write-up on the back to help emphasize the importance & rarity of this book.

One-on-One with a Teacher for 1 hour.
Jane Eborall has volunteered her time!

Shuttles by Rita Richmond


A quilt that shows gift ideas for each anniversary. Tatting by the Lexington SC PTG group. Each picot stitched down by Theresa Orren. THANKS!

And what else will Georgia
present us with?

What is Tat Days? One tatter writes: "I am so excited I can hardly STAND it! ;-) You'd think I was 5 years old and waiting for Christmas, my birthday, and a trip to the circus, all rolled into one. ;-)"
Tat Days is a time for all level tatters (tried it a little to advanced) to come together and tat ("art of making lace") for 48 hours. Well maybe only 45; we do sleep a little! There will be a variety of 1.5 to 3 hour classes to select from with various items being created and new techniques being learned. There will be lots of time to chat and learn from other tatters. Show 'N Tell will be exciting as folks bring out works of art they have created. And of course fun, games, and good food. Meet back up with old friends and make new ones. Find out you no longer need to keep tatting by yourself in your closet because there are tatters all across the globe. Tatting started out as an edging on sheets and clothing. It is much, much more than that now. As you scroll down this page and browse our site, you will see many examples of tatted lace. Or take a look at our About Us page. Enjoy!

PICTURES from Tat Days 2015!

THANKS to Raymond and Ron and a few others that contributed their photos-471 of them!

2014 Tat Days Pictures | 2013 Tat Days Pictures

Sample Pictures of Tatting from Past Tat Days Classes

Past Tat Days Pattern CDs (USB or SD Card) on sale here. Thanks for supporting our Guild.
Pattern CDs from Tat Days are $15 + SH.

Direct registration questions to Teresa, our registrar: registrar@palmettotatters.org.

Be sure to mark on your registration your roommate preference.

Early Online Registration for classes: Friday=$40, Saturday=$40, Friday AND Saturday=$80
Late Registration Fees (after August 4th will be at Tat Days): Friday=$45, Saturday=$45, Friday AND Saturday=$85
Online Registration will close on August 8 and we will prepare class packets and many other items for Tat Days on August 20 which means early registrations and payments really help us out. Thanks.

Lodging: 3 nights + 7 meals will be $255 per person in a double room. (Toccoa went up. We went up. $5 per night.) ($315 for a single room per person.)
2 nights + 5 meals double room per person = $175. Single = $215.
1 night + 2 meals double room per person = $85. Single = $105.
Banquet =$18 (Our cost from Toccoa.)
Commuter Fee: $15. A person that does not spend at least one night at the conference center in the hotel including someone that just wants to drop by and shop. (Toccoa charges us $24.)
Optional: Class Kits. T-Shirts=$15. Pattern CD, USB or Micro SD Card at Tat Days=$12. (After Tat Days, $15+S&H.)
In vending you will find PTG Polo Shirts=$25 and PTG Denim Shirts=$25.
Bring extra funds for Shopping, Silent Auction, and Friday Night Auction. The auctions will benefit our Scholarship Fund and the Guild's General Fund to make our Tat Days and State Fair happen, along with a few monthly expenses.

SAMPLE Menu: Each meal is served buffet style. Many, many choices available at each meal. Here is a sample menu of possible items. The actual meals are subject to change. Our banquet menu is listed here, too.

Scholarship Application is HERE. DUE August 1st.
2016 Application process is closed. as a DOC and PDF or Google Doc. (For Google, Make a Copy so you can type on it. Then Share the View link back to Scholarship or Download as a PDF and email the PDF file.) (For the PDF, Print, complete it, Scan and send or take pictures and email the pictures.)
Note: You may wish to go ahead and register for your classes and wait to pay while waiting to hear back from the scholarship committee. That way you have a better chance of getting your first choice for your classes.
The completed and signed application with essay attached, will be submitted to the PTG Tat Days Scholarship Committee - by mail to PO Box 1597, Lexington, SC 29071 USA, or by email to scholarship@palmettotatters.org.
The application must be received by August 1, 2016 in the Guild’s post office box or email address.

Look Who is Coming! LINK

Tell us what you think of our Palmetto Tat Days. If you are on Facebook, look for the Palmetto Tatters Guild page and LIKE us and post a note.

We are SO EXCITED! "Meet our Teachers" here.

Anita Barry (Virginia) Mimi Dillman (Washington)
Carol Lowe (North Carolina) Nina Libin (New York)
Erin Holloway Moseley (Tennessee) Paige Deputy (North Carolina)
Georgia Seitz (Illinois/Alaska) Phyllis Schmidt (Georgia)
Jane Eborall (Stratford-upon-Avon) Richard Embrey (Virginia)
Karey Solomon (New York) Riet Surtel-Smeulders (The Netherlands)
Kathy Hodge (Tennessee) Sandra Eichelberger (Georgia/South Carolina)
Lauren Snyder (Washington) Shawna Wachs (Kentucky)
Martha Ess (North Carolina) Sherry Pence (Mississippi)

Tat Days Volunteers for 2016 - write Donna at tatdays@palmettotatters.org.

VENDOR for Tat Days 2016: In vending, 2 checkout stations. PTG sales only take cash or check. Main vendor will take cash, check or probably a few credit cards.

MAIN VENDOR! Nancy and Bruce Tracy. THANKS!

Display of Tatting -"Eye Candy" says Martha Ess: We are going to have a tatting display this year so attendees can show off their handiwork. BRING YOUR WORK! We will need volunteers to watch it for an hour or so anytime our main gathering room is open. Some of our spouses are probably willing to help watch it. Write Donna at tatdays@palmettotatters.org if you would like to be in charge or help with this endeavor. THANKS!


Best in Show

Best in Theme

Most Creative

Winners will take home one of Deb Arnold's beautiful Tatting Bags from ds9designs.com. Sample.


Can we get 12 or more to participate in 2016?

Tat Off! Pattern HERE.

PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! Join the FUN Friday afternoon.

The PRIZES for the
probably a 2nd contest will be one of Deb Arnold's tatting bags as shown above.

What should the second contest be?

Any thread, shuttle or needle.

EXCHANGE TABLE: Bring items tatters enjoy that you no longer need or of which you have too many.
Friday-Leave an item, take an item. Saturday-Take all you will use.

Containers: We are tatters! We are always collecting containers! If you have any extras, bring them for the exchange table.  THANKS!


Class Projects: Pictures and skill levels. You should receive an email from your teachers with materials and preparation information. If not, email your teacher.


Meet Our Teachers

Level 1: knowledgeable and proficient with rings, chains, and joins.
Level 2: knowledgeable and proficient with split rings and block tatting and comfortable working with beads. Ready to learn SCMR or Split Chains and much more..
Level 3: mastery of all the above skills and ready to try new techniques and creative tatting.
ALL Levels. FUN for everyone!

Publicity: Help us spread the word on your blogs and tweets. Thanks! See our ads in IOLI Summer magazine and Piecework magazine.

Scholarship Fund Raisers and General Fund:

THANK YOU to ALL who have been diligently working on these WONDERFUL items!

"Hope Chest" Scholarship Fund Raiser. See details from Georgia here. EXCITING!

The Palmetto Tatters Group is working on a small quilt to add to the "Hope Chest" collection or for the Live Auction.

Donations to our Tat Days Scholarship Fund may be made here: http://www.tatdaysscholarship.info/
Visit the page to see our GORGEOUS items!

There will also be a Live Auction Friday evening. Come ready to BID! We know we will have some BEAUTIFUL things! Part goes to Scholarship. Part goes to General Fund that allows us to continue our Tat Days and other tatting activities to spread the art of tatting.

Tat Days Silent Auction Donations - All proceeds go to our Tat Days Scholarship Fund. If you wish to donate, drop Donna T. a line at tatdays@palmettotatters.org. You can bring the item(s) to Tat Days or ship them to Palmetto Tatters Guild, P.O. Box 1597, Lexington, SC 29071. THANKS!

SHIRTS: Tat Days shirts will be a v-neck tee shirt. We will have our PTG shirts-polos and denim-on sale in vending.

462 Sonrise Way Toccoa, GA  30577-Georgia Baptist Conference Center
This address does work at maps.google.com. If you have a fairly new GPS or recently updated, it should find it, too. Or you can go to their website at http://mytoccoa.com/home and click on the Driving Directions link on the left. If your GPS does not recognize this address, just get to Toccoa, GA. Once you get to Toccoa, you should be able to ask anyone in town and they should be able to point you in the correct direction. This Center has been there for over 40 years. If you get lost, call the conference center at 706-886-3133 or call Donna at 803-338-1384. Put these numbers in your cell phone.
Pictures of Location

There are simple hotel accommodations in Griffith Hotel with meals included (most choose this), camping or off campus hotels. See the pictures link above for the hotel on campus and classrooms.

Camping at the conference center is available-tent or RV. $21 (2014 cost) for the camp site and facilities (showers, restrooms, hook-up). Then there will be a $10 commuter fee for tatters + $8.25 per meal if eating in the cafeteria. Call the Georgia Baptist Convention Center at 706-886-3133 to sign-up for a spot and pay the $21 for the camping spot to Toccoa. They will ask for arrival and departure dates, number of people and tell them you are with the Palmetto Tatters. You DO NEED to register to attend Tat Days, pay for meals (optional) and pay the commuter fee. Thanks!

A possible place to stay off campus: (I have not stayed there but heard the B&B is very nice. Check http://www.tripadvisor.com.)

Simmons-Bond Inn, a Bed and Breakfast
130 Tugalo Street West, Toccoa, GA 30577
Local Phone: 706-282-5183, Toll Free: 877-658-0746
Fax: 866-862-7627

Cancellation policy
All cancellations must be in writing, either by email to Teresa at registrar@palmettotatters.org, or mailed to the Palmetto Tatting Guild,  PO Box 1597, Lexington, SC  29071. To receive a full refund, a cancellation must be received on or before August 4, 2016. For cancellation notices received from August 5 through September 1, all paid fees, excluding half of the registration fee, will be refunded. After Sep 1, refunds will depend on charges from conference center. Commemorative items, tee-shirt, pattern CD and class kits are not refundable. These items will be mailed following the conclusion of Tat Days.

BANQUET: We LOVE our banquet on Friday evenings! Some will dress up for the Banquet (nice "church" clothes). We will have great food, fun and fellowship! Do join us for just $18. (Our cost from Toccoa.) Menu.

Friday evening there will be the drawing for the Hope Chest items and some auction items! Come ready to bid and have FUN watching the FAST ACTION with Georgia!

Tat Days 2017 and 2018: SAVE THE DATES!
Tat Days 2017, September 8-9, Toccoa, GA - "TAT A CON" (Thanks Bonnie and Mark Swank for the theme suggestion!)
Tat Days 2018, September 7-8, Toccoa, GA

Pattern CD
A CD with all of the patterns from Tat Days will be available through registration for attendees of Tat Days or purchased in vending for $12. For all those not attending Tat Days, please be patient with us. We will get the link for this CD on the website as quickly as possible after Tat Days. The cost then will be $16 or $18 plus postage.

Weekend Schedule

Saturday Night: Finish projects. Visit. Exchange stories. Relax. ENJOY! (No white elephant game this year.)

If you are a brand new tatter (if you want to learn to tat), sign up for the Beginners classes on Friday and Saturday mornings. The rest of the day, find a tatter not in class to assist you as you practice.

Other options for learning to Tat

  • Come to our PTG meetings, usually the 3rd Saturday of each month to learn to tat before Tat Days.
    See our Calendar.
  • See if there is a Palm Frond near you.
  • Check out some videos on the internet. Our video online (under About Us) gives you a simple start and then You Tube has many more.

Special Needs
Please write Teresa at registrar@palmettotatters.org if you have a special need pertaining to a room. All rooms are accessible by elevator. There are a few rooms on the first floor, the same floor as all of the activities other than dining. There are a few rooms that are specifically designated as Handicap. They have 2 double beds (like all of the rooms). The bath is very similar as the others except it has a raised commode, railings in the bathroom along the wall, the lip to get into the shower is a much smaller step over than the other tubs and I believe the counter with the sink is raised a little higher, too.

Tat Days Wheelchairs:
No scooter rentals are available in the area but here are our 3 choices for folks to call ahead and make their arrangements for a wheelchair. There is no delivery for the wheelchair but if more than 1, they will pickup on Monday. The pickup and payment will be up to the person renting the wheelchair. All businesses are open Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM except the pharmacy which is open on the weekend. All are for the same price of $20 for the weekend (2013 price) .
Please send a note to Pam at specialneeds@palmettotatters.org if you do rent a wheel chair just for our records.

Next to Me Medical Supplies – 706-886-6649
Convalescent Home Equipment – 706-886-8474
Jerry White’s Pharmacy – 706-886-2662

What to wear?
We are always casual and comfortable. It is a Baptist center so please nothing too far out.  Why not wear your favorite past Tat Days shirts? Easy to pack! You may wish to include a sweater, scarf, or small personal battery operated quiet fan. Raincoat or umbrella may come in handy if it is raining on the way to the dining hall. If you purchase this year's shirt, wear it Saturday.

Cameras are welcome! We will have a few "official" photographers roaming around documenting the event. Just remember, be courteous, when picture taking. Do not let it disturb your classmates and be aware that some tatters may not want their picture taken. Thanks.
NOTE: By registering and attending Tat Days, you give PTG permission to use your likeness in our photos for purposes of the Guild such as advertising online and in print. Thank you.

You can post your photos from our Tat Days on our Facebook page. Just look for the Palmetto Tatters Guild page. And we welcome any tatted related posts there, too. Thanks!

Weather: Average High = 85/86 and Average Low=66. Check out weather.com for 10-day forecast. For the class rooms, some will bring a sweater and others will bring a fan.

Internet Access
If you bring your own laptop, there is wireless internet access in some of the lobby areas in the hotel/classroom building and in the lobby of the main building next to the dining hall (a short walk). Also, we will have a laptop for checking email and such for limited times during the day and evening.

Emergency Contact Numbers - PLEASE put these in your phone, now, and share with your family. THANKS!
Donna Thompson 803-338-1384
Theresa Orren 843-364-2443
Georgia Baptist Conference Center 706-886-3133

Need a Ride? If you need a ride from a nearby Airport (Atlanta, Greenville/Spartanburg, Columbia, Charlotte) or AmTrak (Toccoa, Atlanta, Greenville, Columbia), ask and we will try to accommodate your needs. No promises but we can see.

Give a Ride? If you are able and willing to give a ride to a tatter from your city or along your route, please let us know.

Write us at transportation@palmettotatters.org

The PTG Tat Days Tatting Notation (specifically written for our Tat Days and Pattern CDs)

Questions? Write Donna at tatdays@palmettotatters.org

Teachers: Write Theresa O. and Melinda at teachers@palmettotatters.org

Registration: Write Teresa W. at registrar@palmettotatters.org

Class Schedule | Class Projects | Weekend Schedule | Teachers (Some links are not live, yet.)

Past Tat Days: 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003

"Our mission is to promote the craft of tatting and spread it like
kudzu across the South!"

If you have any questions about this website please email the webmaster at web@palmettotatters.org
If you have any questions about the Palmetto Tatters, please email the president@palmettotatters.org  
or membership@palmettotatters.org.
Folks may also write our Membership Coordinator if they would like to join The Palmetto Tatters as a local or long-distance member. 

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