Tat Off! Pattern for 2016 "Tatting is out of this world!"


(PDF Version for printing)

Shuttle or Needle and Ball
Any size thread. Any color.

One long chain.
-picots can be any size
The pattern calls for 10 first ½ stitches (seta) and 10 second ½ stitches (setb).
This gives you the curling effect.

Leave about 2 inches on both threads before first stitch.

First ½ double-stitch flipped
Second ½ double stitch unfllipped to lock core thread.

*10 seta
10 setb
-1 ds *
repeat *

After 4 to 6 inches, leave 2 to 4 inches bare thread. Begin again.

All tatting will be made into bracelets to share at the SC State Fair. Even you practice ones. Thank you!