17th Annual Tat Days 2019




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Our distinguished teachers! (In order by first name.)

Anita Barry (Virginia)
Bonnie Swank (Virginia)
Donna Thompson (South Carolina)
Erin Holloway Moseley (Tennessee)
Georgia Seitz (Illinois/Alaska)
Jane Eborall (England)

Marilyn Jones (Alabama)
Martha Ess (North Carolina)
Melanie Cervi (California)

Paige Deputy (North Carolina)
Pam Freck (South Carolina)
Phyllis Schmidt (Georgia)
Richard Embrey (Virginia)
Sandra Eichelberger (Georgia/South Carolina)
Sharren Sarver Morgan (South Carolina)
Shawna Wachs (Kentucky)
Stephanie Wilson (North Carolina)
Tonya Smith (Georgia)


* Most biographies are updated for 2019. (Last updated May 5.)

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Anita Barry (Virginia) *


email: anita.bothyfarm@comcast.net

My! How the years fly by! I've been tatting 24 years! I enjoy teaching, mentoring and demonstrating. I have fun creating my own patterns and tatting patterns created by others, too! I live in lovely Amissville, Virginia, with my incredible husband, Paul. We are having a fun journey growing a lavender farm. Ah, yes. It's a sweet fragrance. My favorite time of the year is when I’m at Tat Days! It's the highlight of my year! I hope it is or will become the highlight of your year, too!

Bonnie Swank (Virginia) *


email: swankmb@verizon.net

I taught myself to tat from Barbara Fosters Needle Tatting Books 1 & 2 that my mother-in-law bought me at a church rummage sale.  I had never heard of tatting before but it soon became my obsession!   My aunt told me that my grandmother used to tat and I mourned the years I could have been knotting lace with her!  In addition to needle tatting I am proficient at shuttle tatting, teneriffe lace, netted lace and am currently learning bobbin lace - but needle tatting remains my true love!  I teach and/or demonstrate tatting at local yarn stores, our senior center, civil war/living history events (in costume using period shuttles of course), the county fair, libraries, elementary schools, and even at the Smithsonian Museum of American History!  One of the true joys of my life has been meeting Nina Libin at Tat Days and being blessed in test tatting and working with her in bringing her true vision of BEANILE lace to needle tatters, for which she graciously gave me coauthor credit for Lace of Beads #21 Essential Bead Tatting Part III-2/Symmetrical Beaded Split Rings.  I am a member of the Piedmont Lace Guild of VA, the Chesapeake Region Lace Guild, and IOLI.   I am currently working on the Apprentice -Phase I of the Tatters Across Time Proficiency Program (YES, they will accept a needle tatted entry!).

Donna Thompson (South Carolina) *
email: createwithdonna@gmail.com

I retired recently from teaching teachers how to better utilize technology in the classroom for themselves and their students. I love to teach! Whether teaching technology or tatting, I love to laugh so be assured if you are in my class, we will have fun even at 6:30AM (after strong coffee or tea, of course)! I am very easy going and there will be plenty of time for questions. I really enjoy teaching at Tat Days and I am looking forward to this year!


At our SC State Fair, I have won several blue ribbons for my tatting. I even won the PTG “Best Double Stitches and Picots” blue ribbon in 2009. That was exciting!

Also, I helped produce our PTG Tatting Hands video with lots of help from Jeff (my dear husband of 34 years), Georgia Seitz (our narrator), and the 34 tatters that let us film their hands demonstrating 34 different ways to tat. See a preview at https://www.palmettotatters.org/fundraisers/TattingHandsSample100K.wmv.


From 2010 to 2012, I was honored to be your PTG President and I have been Tat Days Chair for quite a while! Feel free to send comments to us - tatdays@palmettotatters.org


I want to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to my very dear husband, Jeff Thompson, without whom we could not operate our secure internet site or our online registration!

Looking forward to seeing ALL of you soon!

Erin Holloway Moseley (Tennessee) *


email: tataconic@bellsouth.net

I was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee.  I’ve had a love affair with thread and yarn my entire life. I’ve left behind a trail of thread crumbs and yarnage measuring in the miles by now.  Granny taught me to crochet when I was wee little, then I picked up embroidery and knitting. The Real Craft Renaissance began when I discovered the “how-to” book section in the library when I was about 9 years old. Oh, my poor parents, how they suffered.
I taught myself to tat from the Coats and Clark Learn How Book Granny gave me when I was eleven. I was the lone tatting survivor preserving the ancient lost art of tatting for the rest of mankind until I met up with the internet tatting community around 1998 or 1999. I had my first face-to-face meeting with a tatter in 2001.  My, how my skills have grown since then.  Now in retirement I’m loving that I have more time to design and play with techniques – some new and some old. 
I have attended all but the very first Palmetto Tat Days and have had the honor of being an aide and teacher at several of the events.  Every year I have the good fortune to reconnect with dear friends, as well as make new ones.  Tat Days is truly one of the highlights I anticipate every year

Georgia Seitz (Illinois/Alaska) *


email: aktatter@aol.com

Once upon a time
long, long ago,
I searched both high and low
for some one to teach me
what I wanted to know.
No go.


Back from the Army,
settled in Sacramento,
a buddy came to see me
we searched through books and threads
but still no go.


But then in the post
a birthday card came
with a gift of tatting lessons
in MY name! Oh, joy!
Now my shuttle goes and goes.


Come share the joy of tatting with me and all the gamg at Palmettos Tat Days 2019.

Georgia Seitz, tatting since February 1979.

Jane Eborall (England) *


email: itatlots@gmail.com

I live in Stratford-upon-Avon, U.K and have been shuttle tatting for 60 plus a few more years after my grandmother and I 'worked it out' together. I have always loved using colours in my work – the brighter the better but back in the 'dark ages' there were very few interesting coloured threads so I often resorted to sewing threads. Nowadays I play with blending fine threads together to find interesting combinations.


My ‘career’ as a designer started with a desire to make earrings to 'entertain' the four/five year old children I was teaching at the time and has progressed from this simple start. A few patterns were published in weekly magazines in the UK before I discovered the internet in it's very early days. A desire to share my patterns 'encouraged' me to start a web site (a huge learning curve) where all my free patterns can be found.


I have a blog where I talk about my life in ‘Tat Land’ http://janeeborall.blogspot.com/ and this keeps me motivated to tat and design too. My email address is itatlots@gmail.com


Several people have asked me in the past why I tat. The answer is simply - I have to!!! Ideas just keep coming. I have taught myself several types of lace but always, always returned to the shuttles although I do turn to the sewing machine to make tatting accessories in the warmer months.


I have taught at Tat Days in the past and look forward to meeting up once more with friends both old and new.

Marilyn Jones (Alabama) *


email: mgj5231@gmail.com

My first introduction to tatting was finding a shuttle in my grandmother’s sewing basket. She was never very interested in tatting but kept the shuttle.

My proudest teaching tatting moment was when a high school friend asked me to teach her to tat. Sure! “I have 30 minutes before I leave to go back to school 6 hours away.” Out came the magic wand and she won an Easter egg decorating contest for the entire school with her tatting within a few months.

I have an under graduate degree in Home Economics and a masters in Adult and Higher Education. I have published tatting patterns in Piecework and have been honored to teach at Tat Days several times. I have taught tatting with quilt shops as well as the local university and won several ribbons at the fair for tatting and other crafts. I teach tatting privately as the occasion arises. I also teach aerobics and pilates.

My wonderful husband is retired military and is the chief instructor at his various karate studios. We live outside of Killen, AL with 2 surrogate children – a cat and a dog.

Martha Ess (North Carolina) *


email: essm@bellsouth.net

I have always been interested in many forms of needle work, and while growing up I learned as many as I could -- crochet, knitting, embroidery, etc., but I had never even heard of tatting until 1976.   Armed with two library books and some supplies from Woolworths, I managed to learn how. It was fun and different.  I carried shuttles with me everywhere that summer. 


As years went by, I would tat off and on, alternating it with my other crafts.  There was not a wide variety of patterns available to me then, so I began to make up my own, and early on sold two patterns to Workbasket.  Since then, I have self published 10 tatting pattern books: New Critters on the Block, Tat’s Amoré, Holidays on the Block, Tea is for Tatting, More Critters on the Block, Playing with Picots, Flights of Fantasy¸ A Flight of Angels, Toys for Tatting, and Button Jar Tatting.   


I have been honored to have been chosen to teach many times at Palmetto TatDays, and also at the Finger Lakes Tatting Convention (Hector, NY) and the Fringe Element Tat Days (Cambridge, ON).

Melanie Cervi (California) *


email: picotsnkeys@yahoo.com

I discovered tatting as a teen while growing up in Oregon. It filled the time between practice sessions on the organ and countless rehearsals and performances. After a number of moves, the box with the tatting supplies ended on top and I rediscovered creating lace with a shuttle. I also discovered how much is available on the Internet and began to hone my skills.


Now I happily combine my love of music and tatting. I perform, create art and teach in the Monterey Bay area of California. I am excited to make some lace and teach among the Kudzu.


For more information about me and my tatting with music, please visit http://picotsnkeys.blogspot.com/ and write to picotsnkeys@yahoo.com

Paige Deputy (North Carolina) *


email: paigedeputy@gmail.com

I was always interested in the arts, from ceramics to music, to fiber arts. After moving to NC and taking a class on weaving, I discovered tatting from my mother who was learning it at the senior center. I have been tatting for 9 years now and learned how to shuttle tat 8 years ago from Sue Miller.


This is my fourth year teaching at Tat Days. Outside of tatting, I have a degree in Interior Design and am currently self-employed with Uber and freelance art.

Pam Freck (South Carolina) *


email: pamfreck@gmail.com


My Tatters Tale

I have loved tatting all my life. I was taught to tat at age twelve by my grandmother, Metta Mildred Gardner Dickens, from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and the coal mines of West Virginia. I have continued to “keep the art alive” for way over 50 years. 


Although I originally learned to tat left-handed, in 2006 I learned to tat right-handed, so I could more easily help teach new tatters.  Teaching and sharing tatting is one of my greatest joys.  I even taught hubby Jerry to tat in 2013 even though he prefers macramé cord to tatting thread.


I am a slow tatter and even slower when tatting right handed.  I have found that tatting with ribbons, and teaching others to use ribbons, is “just the ticket” for me- it is slow and methodical. 


Since I never finished my first book “Tatting for Left-Handed Dinosaurs like Me” I decided to go ahead and finish and publish “Ribbon Tatting” in 2015. 


I have worn many hats at Tat Days including coffee maker, Banquet, teacher’s aide, test tatter and teacher at least twice before. I have won the logo design twice: "Tatting in a Winter Wonderland" and “Not My Grandmother’s Tatting.”


My husband Jerry and I live in hot South Carolina and have raised our children there.  Now all three of them (Chris, Kyle, Sr. and Kristina) live nearby.  Our grandchildren stretch from North Carolina to South Carolina.

Phyllis Schmidt (Georgia) *


email: temp20003@yahoo.com

Phyllis Schmidt

I learned basic tatting and a couple of edgings 50+ years ago from my Grandmother. 
After an absence, my daughter introduced me back into the tatting world in 2011.  My ability and knowledge with new techniques and tips from the many teachers, blogs, online classes and Facebook groups has been greatly expanded. 

I have attended the last seven Tat Days with my first year teaching in 2015.

Evenings are used for tatting to relax and keep my mind alert. 
Tatting is carried with me so when I have down time, I am ready to tat.  Small motifs are carried with me so I can give them away to children and/or adults who are interested in this craft.


My blog is:  http://phyls-handwork.blogspot.com

D. Richard Embrey (Virginia) *


email: Faerlic@gmail.com

I reside in Casanova located in the beautiful Piedmont region of Virginia.


I have been shuttle tatting since 2010 when a friend at work suggested we learn shuttle tatting. I enjoy learning new things so learn I did, from YouTube. I enjoy making snowflakes and trims. I have learned a great deal since joining the Piedmont Lace Guild in January 2015, including the mysterious pearl tatting I had seen online in an old Mlle Reigo publication. I am truly thankful for all the help and encouragement my friends at the Piedmont Lace Guild have given me. I taught two classes at Tat Days 2016 and had a wonderful time!

My wife and I run a yarn shop in Old Town Warrenton called Yarnia of Old Town. We have a Chat n’ Tat on the last Sunday of the month from January until November. Please stop by and say hello if you find yourself in Warrenton, VA.

Sandra Eichelberger (Georgia/South Carolina) *


email: psychomomtats@gmail.com

I was taught to tat by my grandmother back in the ‘70’s (while I was in high school), and I’ve been tatting ever since. I work in technology and enjoy photography, pottery, crochet, and other needle crafts. I like to laugh a LOT!   In a past life, I received a BA in theater and I worked as a costume designer. 


I now live in Decatur GA, a great walkable urban area in metro Atlanta.  You may be more familiar with me as The Crazy Mom, from my blog Crazy Mom Tats! where I discuss tatting, my life and work, and all my (now grown) sons - AKA the Stooges.  Some of my tatting has special decoration – cat hairs….

I’ve gone to Palmetto Tat Days since 2008 and loved every conference.  I taught at Tat Days since 2011 and had a grand time. I also taught at the 2013 Finger Lakes conference. It’s so much fun to be with everyone and learn new things. And tatters are the best!

And while I live in Hotlanta, I’m a Palmetto gal! I was born in Anderson, SC and am related to half of Anderson County….
Blog is http://psychotatter.blogspot.com/  (though I’m not there often these days)

Sharren Sarver Morgan (South Carolina) *


email: greenwoodtatter@yahoo.com

I have always been interested in needlework, beginning with embroidery when I was six.  I later learned to crochet, then to knit; and then needlepoint captured my interest in the early 1970s. 


I saw pictures of tatting, but not tatting itself, and never saw anyone tatting; nevertheless, I bought my first tatting shuttle in 1968 and tried to learn to use it. Twenty years later, I learned – finally – to make rings and chains.  Another 10 years, and I learned split rings, then began designing. 


Now – 31 years after making my first lumpy double stitch – it still fascinates me as no other needlework does (although I still knit and crochet occasionally), and I carry a loaded shuttle with me everywhere!

Shawna Wachs (Kentucky) *


email: Shawna.wachs@gmail.com

I started tatting about 25 years ago mostly as a self-taught tatter.  Since then, I’ve enjoyed many learning experiences.  I once took a class where I was the only student.  My Tat Days instructors have helped me tremendously and tatting is now my official favorite pastime. 

I have been honored and have enjoyed the opportunity to teach at Tat Days for the last several years. I also had the wonderful opportunity to teach at the Finger Lakes Tatting Conference twice.  I enjoy entering items in the local County Fair and State Fair and have won many ribbons over the years.

Married for over 30 years, 3 children, two granddaughters and one grandson.  Besides tatting I enjoy quilting, sewing and some scrapbooking.  I have a degree in Data Processing, substitute teach for special education classes, help with a Special Olympics swim team, and in my spare time I am a stay-at-home Mom.

I have attended 13 Tat Days events, and love being here and rubbing shoulders with such wonderfully talented and friendly people.

Stephanie Wilson (North Carolina) *


email: trompeter914@hotmail.com

Mom taught me to knit and embroider when I was about 7.  She tried to teach me to crochet, but since she is left handed, and I was unable to reverse the process to learn to do it with my right hand, I didn't learn to crochet until much later.  I learned to sew when I was very small and thought dolls were invented primarily so I would have something for which to sew doll clothes.  Play with them?  Not me - I was too busy sewing for them. 


I had no idea what tatting was until I got married.  My mother-in-law showed me two of her old 10-cent pattern booklets for doilies, and told me to chose the one I liked best, and she'd help me crochet it.  After examing the entire booklet thoroughly, I picked the most beautiful one.  She said, "Oh, honey, that's tatted, I can't help you with that one.  Pick another one."  So I went back and deliberated over all the other patterns in the book and picked - you guessed it - the only other tatted doily in the book.  She said, "Oh, honey, that's tatted, I can't help you with that one."  Then she handed me the other booklet and told me to pick one from that book instead.  Naturally I chose the two tatted ones.  Finally she just gave me the booklets.  That started me on a hunt for tatting - a shuttle, thread, patterns, and someone (or a book) to teach me.  It took 11 years to find a teacher and a shop that sold all the things I'd need.  In 1986, FINALLY I learned to tat.  The shop owner, Evelyn Caugh, patiently sat down with me one afternoon and worked with me until I could produce a ring that would (only occasionally) close.  I went home to practice obsessively for a week, then showed up for another lesson:  how to use a second thread.  I learned chains that day.  At the end of the afternoon, she told me now I could tat almost anything.  She closed her shop and moved away (I heard it was to live closer to her grown children) soon after I learned to tat.  I thought I was one of the only two tatters left in the world, and annoyed everyone I knew, trying to teach them all to tat, thinking that I was the only one left who could prevent tatting from dying out.  With the coming of the Internet, eventually  I discovered Georgia Seitz and the online tatting world.  What an exciting day that was!  I tat almost every day, at home and in public.  I rarely leave home without some tatting in my pocket.

In 1975 I was awarded a Bachelor's degree (Lenoir Rhyne College) in music performance.  Went back to school (UNCG) much later and earned a Master's degree (1999) in music composition.


I live in western North Carolina, and have been married since 1975.  My sweetheart has learned to live with bits of thread hanging from every waste basket and has learned to ignore the constant clicking produced by my shuttle.  He puts up with being surrounded by bins and bins of thread, shuttles, and - as of the last few years - beads.


My first time at Tat Days was in 2008.  I start getting excited about Tat Days as I am leaving to go home from the 'current' one.  That excitement spills over and gets wilder as it nears the time to register for the NEXT Tat Days.  I suspect that my husband makes sure I can attend each year just so he and the rest of the family can get a break from my tatting craziness for a few days each year.  I love it!

Tonya Smith (Georgia) *


email: tonya_le@att.net

I wanted to tat since I was about seven years old. I did not find my first shuttle until I was 19 years old and taught myself how to tat that first night. Now I have been tatting for over thirty years.


I have taught at Michael’s Arts and Crafts for two years and privately for many more. I have demonstrated tatting at various Civil War Reenactments throughout the years. I have attended many Palmetto Tat Days including the very first event and have taught classes there as well. I am a first grade teacher and live in Dallas, Georgia with my family.

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On Time: As a courtesy to your teacher and your classmates, please arrive ON TIME to your scheduled classes. If you finish your project early, or would like additional time to visit, shop, or see the silent auction items, you may leave any class early.