Donna Thompson's Beady Bouncy Tail Tales Bracelet 2019

Level 1
Shuttle or Needle
Fun and easy bracelet-2 rings and long chain with elastic core. With endless combinations of thread colors and beads, you can make it to fit your own style.
Skills: Rings, Chains, Joins
Techniques: Long picots with beads and elastic core.

Thread: size 3 to 40, colors that blend with bead choices.

Elastic: 1 yard/3 feet (1m/91cm), 5mm to 1mm width (to go around largest part of hand twice plus 20” (51cm)).
Clear or colored.
Clear 1mm does not stretch as much as 5mm but may hold up longer.

Clear does not show through chain stitches.
Colored comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Stretches nicely.
If covered with metallic, tat loosely to not break covering.

6 Beads to Hide Ends: ALL need size 6 or 8 seed beads. Large enough for elastic (once) and thread (twice) to pass through.

Beads Decorative-bead hole MUST allow 2 threads to pass through-a long picot.
Sizes 8 to 12mm, 6 to 10 seed beads, bugles, triangles, flat or round, etc.
Large beads-8 to 15 count. Bugles-24 to 32 count, plus seeds 48 to 64. Just seed beads-120 to 160.
If using Bugle beads, may wish to include a seed bead at each end of bugles to prevent sharp edges from cutting thread.

Paper Clips or coilless safety pins: small, 8 to 20.
Crochet hook or loop to pull thread through beads.

TEST beads (especially stone cut) to be sure holes in beads are large enough to pull a picot (double thread) through. In class, Donna will have a tool to gently enlarge the hole in natural stone beads, if needed.

Preparation: Wind elastic on to shuttle.

Determine how far apart you will want your bracelet center beads along the chain by laying them out in a row and measure. _______________ inches/cm. TAT a chain the length of the distance between beads with your bracelet thread size so you will have a double-stitch count for between beads.

Kits are optional for this class. Cost of the kit is $ 0.50 for both participants and non-participants. A few available in vending.

Additional notes: Needle Tatters welcome but will be on their own unless my aide knows how to needle tat.

Hand dyed thread, size 20, and costume 8mm pearls.
This END is the one in the pattern.

Bugle Beads. They need seed beads at each end.

Tension on the chain thread can make it flat or crinkled.

Stone beads. Holes drilled small; only a few worked.
Check your beads. Donna will have tool to enlarge the holes a little bit.