18th Annual Tat Days 2020, September 3-6

"Knotting Knots - The Chain of Tatting Friends Around the World"
by Anita Barry, February 2020.
Full design by Paige Deputy. THANK YOU!


(UPDATED July 11, 2020-Vending-Convention Kits, Lorena teaching Martha's Rainbow)




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Our distinguished teachers! (in order by first name)

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Anita Barry (Virginia)
Anitra Stone (North Carolina)
Arlene Medder (North Carolina)
Bonnie Swank (Virginia)
Erin Holloway Moseley (Tennessee)
Kaye Judt (Indiana)

Lorena Finnerty (North Carolina)
Martha Ess (North Carolina)
Melissa Deputy (North Carolina)

Mike Lyon (Alabama)
Paige Deputy (North Carolina)
Pam Freck (South Carolina)
Phyllis Schmidt (Georgia)
Richard Embrey (Virginia)
Sharon Fawns (Kentucky)
Shawna Wachs (Kentucky)
Victoria Ong (Illinois)


2020 Class Pictures ONLY Page (Teaser)







Will be posted here for early preparation. (No classes so far are listing homework.)

Lisa of Tatting Corner is offering Convention Kits-pre-packaged supplies for classes. 4 kit options. See More Here at Tatting Corner. If teachers have kits, she will not be duplicating any of their supplies. Lisa is working very hard to help us manage a SAFE shopping experience! Look at Tatting Corner for which kits cover which classes. And when you purchase the PTG 2020 Tat Days Pattern Collection, you will already have the supplies you need for your favorite patterns, even classes you WANTED to take but could not schedule. COOL!

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AFTER Tat Days, there will be a Full Convention Kit available for purchase when purchasing the Tat Days 2020 Pattern Collection.

Preparation: Collect materials, wind shuttles, etc.

It is a good idea to check materials needed periodically for any updates. You will be able to purchase items on Thursday evening to complete your prep.

If you have questions about the prep, email your teachers.

** Tells Donna that the Teacher have checked their class listings.

Anita Barry (Virginia)

email: anita.bothyfarm@comcast.net


Eye Spy" ... a Heart

This pattern was published as Daisy Medallion1 in a
1922 Home Arts & Entertainment magazine.

Anita extracted a portion of the pattern to construct a heart.

Let’s see how this is done.



Eye Spy" ... A Heart! (L1, S&N, No Kit)



Tat a decorative heart motif for a necklace medallion.
Develop the skill to locate hearts within patterns.

Knowledge: Rings, Picots, Joins, Mock Picot, Split Ring and Chains.

Materials/Prep: 2 Shuttles with 2 Yards of thread each.

Hidden Rose Snowflake Heart (L2, S&N, No kit)


Create a 2-Color heart with a rose inside. Pattern is extracted and ever so slightly adjusted to create a heart from Muskaan’s Hidden Rose Snowflake pattern. We will work with Ring, Join, Chain, Thrown Off Rings, Lock Chains, and Split Rings.


Knowledge: Split Ring.


Materials/Prep: 2 Shuttles, 2 colors size 20 thread

Sunburst Medallion (L2, S, No kit)


Create a medallion beginning with Mignonette Tatting and ending with Chains and Dot Picots. Will be using Rings, Picots, Mock Picots, Mignonette Tatting, Bare Thread Spaces, Split Rings, Chains, Thrown Off Rings, Dot Picots and Sewing in Thread Ends.


Knowledge: Mignonette Tatting, Split Rings, Thrown Off Rings


Materials/Prep: 2 Shuttles, Size 20 thread

Anitra Stone (North Carolina) **

email: madtatter@aol.com


Tatted Rainbow (L1, S&N, No Kit)

Create a tatted rainbow using rings, chains, & joins.

Materials/Prep: Bobbins or shuttles loaded with Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, & Violet

If you’re a needle tatter, I’ll be able to offer limited help, as I’m a shuttle tatter by nature, but because this is just rings, chains, & joins, I feel certain needle tatters can accomplish this pattern.


Arlene Medder (North Carolina) **

email: sewicked@gmail.com


Rainbow Ice Drop (L1, S, No kit)



Tatting around an ice drop - glass glob, glass hemisphere. or glass dome gem. 

Rings chains and joins.


Materials/Prep: 3 shuttles wound and still attached to ball of thread and one glass gem or a flat bead. 


Gems will be provided.  

Bonnie Swank (Virginia) **

email: swankmb@verizon.net


SR Jewelry Set II – Earrings (L2, S&N, Kit)


Use of metallic thread and beads to make a beautiful pair of earrings.
These versatile elegant earrings can be made in a solid color to match your favorite outfit or in muted rainbow colors to match any!
Concept of up and down bead placement in beaded split rings and chains tatted with metallic thread.


Knowledge: Split rings (symmetrical and asymmetrical), chains, use of metallic thread and lots of beads.


Materials/Prep: 80 seed beads size 11 and 3 yards of 3-ply metallic embroidery thread.

Shuttle tatters 2 yards of thread and 60 beads on shuttle A and 1 yard of thread and 20 beads on shuttle B.

Needle tatters size 8 needle,16 beads on ball and 64 loose in tray.


Kit optional. Cost $15 for participants and $16 for non-participants.
The kits will contain thread with preloaded beads in your choice of color. Choose silver or gold thread and your choice of bead color or gold thread with rainbow beads as shown in photo. Kit will also contain earring findings (10kt gold plate or sterling) and rubber stoppers.
Write Bonnie to select your kit colors.



SR Jewelry Set II – Pendant (L2, S&N, Kit)


Use of metallic thread and beads to make a beautiful pendant! This versatile elegant pendant can be made in a solid color to match your favorite outfit or in muted rainbow colors to match any!
Concept of up and down bead placement in beaded split rings and chains tatted with metallic thread.


Knowledge: Split rings (symmetrical and asymmetrical), chains, lock joins, use of metallic thread and lots of beads.


Materials/Prep: 5 yards of 3-ply metallic embroidery thread and 180 seed beads size 11.
Shuttle tatters 3 yards of thread and 140 beads on shuttle A and 2 yards of thread and 40 beads on shuttle B.
Needle tatters will need tatting needle number 8 with 47 beads on ball and 93 loose beads in tray.

Kit optional. Cost $18 for participants and $20 for non-participants.
The kit will contain thread with preloaded beads in your choice of color. Choose silver or gold thread and your choice of bead color or gold thread with rainbow beads as shown in photo.
Write Bonnie to select your kit colors.

Tatted Ribbon Candy Christmas Tree (L1, S&N, Kit)

This is a basic ring and chain edging that is woven with beads to form the shape of a tree!
Great for new tatters and experienced tatters can add optional additional beads!

You will be adjusting tension and picot size to make an edging straight and weaving beads through finished edging to make a 3 dimensional item.

Knowledge: Rings, chains, joins, Reverse Work, Use of Beads.

Materials/Prep: 5 yards Lizbeth Thread size 20 in Rainbow Splash or color of your choice wound CTM - 3 yards shuttle on A and 2 yards on Shuttle B.
Needle Tatters 5 yards Lizbeth Thread size 20 in Rainbow Splash or color of your choice and tatting needle size 5 or 7.
Also need two 4mm beads and eight 6-8mm beads that will be woven through the finished edging. Optional additional 73 size 11 seed beads - for shuttle load 38 on shuttle A and 35 on shuttle B, and for needle load 73 on ball.

Kit optional. Cost $2 for participants and $3 for non-participants.
Kit contains two 4mm beads, eight 6-8mm beads and a beading needle. Teacher’s choice of color with beads all coordinating with Rainbow Splash.
You will need to bring your own thread.
This is a great class for any beginner tatter or for shuttle tatters that want to try out needle tatting (I’ll teach you how and will even lend you a needle!), optional additional beads may interest more advanced tatters. It is an easy pattern and makes a cute gift!

Note: Yes we know Bonnie’s tree looks similar to Jane's tree from 2012.

Patterns are different and Jane is OK.

Bonnie & Kylie

The All Reading Bookmark (L1, S&N, No kit)


Remember the old T.V. show The Reading Rainbow? The All Reading Bookmark with the “All-Seeing Eye” shaped joins is the perfect marker for your favorite book!


This is a beginner level single shuttle bookmark with an interesting thread join!
Use of metallic thread and a thread on thread open lock join that makes and “eye” shape. Needle tatters will learn a floating ring technique that will allow them to stay attached to the ball.


Knowledge: Rings, Chains, Open Lock Joins, Floating Rings (for needle tatters)



Five yards of Lizbeth Metallic Thread size 20 in your choice of color wound on one shuttle.

Needle tatters will need 5 yards of Lizbeth Metallic Thread size 20 in your choice of color and a size 5 tatting needle.

The metallic thread is a must and is not optional.


Erin Holloway Moseley (Tennessee) **

email: tataconic@bellsouth.net


Half-Moon Split Ring Edging (L2, S, No kit)


Make an edging or insertion with a rings-only design that employs two colors and bridges from side to side with half-moon split rings. Student can use either set stitches or regular double-stitches for making half-moon split rings. Variations of pattern will be discussed as well as construction of a corner.


Knowledge: Rings, split rings, set stitches.


Materials/Prep: Two shuttles each of which is loaded with one of two colors of coordinating thread in desired size, standard tatting kit.

Great Rings of Saturn Bracelet (L3, S, No kit)


Make a bracelet that has little beaded rainbows!
Creating new multiple long beaded picots on a split ring while also joining to existing long beaded picots from previous ring. Loading beads onto long picots and holding in place with paper clips. Joining toggle clasp.


Knowledge: Split rings, long beaded picots


Materials/Prep: 2 shuttles loaded with #20 thread CTM, #11 beads (I used delicas), toggle closure or closure of choice, standard tatting kit, 6 paper clips, small crochet hook which can slip into beads used. Each ring repeat requires 24 beads (or adjusted amount if using some other type of bead). The 7 ½” bracelet shown took 528 beads (there are approximately 110 no. 11 beads per gram).

Fingerless Glove or Barefoot Sandal (L2, S, No kit)



Make a fingerless glove (or barefoot sandal with slight alteration to fastening strap). Practice custom fitting a project. Creating a “buttonhole” of split rings.


Knowledge: Rings, chains, split rings


Materials/Prep: Two shuttles wound CTM with 6 yards #20 thread wound on each shuttle. Approximately 25 yards of thread needed for one glove. Standard tatting kit and button for fastening.

Ruby Slippers (L3, S, No kit)


Learn a new method of making a ribbed bobble using stacked rings.
Practice block tatting with increases and decreases.
And work with three dimensional tatting.





Knowledge: Rings, chains, block tatting, use of paperclips as placeholders.


Materials/Prep: Two shuttles wound CTM, #20 thread, picot gauge, 5 paper clips, standard tatting kit, crochet hook.


Kaye Judt (Indiana) **

email: kayejudt@gmail.com
website: kayejudt.com


Tat a Color Wheel and Basic Color Theory (L1, S&N, No kit)

This is an easy rings and chains pattern for each color, plus Frivole's "No - Blip Join" for joining motifs together. Along with the tatting pattern, basic color theory will be shared: hues - tints - shades-tones, various color schemes, the importance of value, and how background can affect color. This class and lecture will help any tatter create more beautiful tatted projects.





Tat a Color Wheel and Basic Color Theory


Knowledge: Rings and chains.


Materials/Prep: Wind 1 yard on shuttle CTM with ball of size 20 tatting thread or thread needle onto ball of size 20 tatting thread with 1 yard of thread in loop (Rings and Chains Method). Bring a variety of colors of thread to practice the No-Blip Join when joining the motifs together.

Martha Ess (North Carolina) **

email: essm@bellsouth.net


Dimpled Ring Doodles (L2, S&N, No kit)



Dimpled rings with down picots for practice in making and closing dimpled rings.


Knowledge: Rings, chains, joins, half stitches.



1 shuttle only for butterfly.
1 shuttle wound CTM with ball for heart, bell, tulip, angel, thread in desired size, crochet hook.

SORRY. Cancelled this one.

Bell with Dimple Rings (L2, S&N, No kit)



Block Tatted Rainbow & Working in Ends (L2, S, No kit)
Lorena Finnerty will be teaching this class for Martha.


Learn to work in ends by holding 2 shuttles together in your hand, while making a block tatted rainbow.


Knowledge: Chains, lock joins

Materials/Prep: 5 shuttles, 5 rainbow colors of purple/lavender, blue, green, yellow, red/pink. Chose 5 rainbow shades: all brights (purple through red) or all pastels (lavender through pink).

Bring 2 shuttles wound CTM with purple/lavender thread with 1 yard on Shuttle 1 and 1 yard on Shuttle 2.

Remaining 3 shuttles, wound with 1 yard size 20 or 1 1/2 yards size 10.
Aero / Aerlit or other bobbin shuttles work well for switching colors.

Dye Your Own Rainbow Thread (ALL, KIT)

(With Anitra and Arlene)

Dye your own variegated rainbow thread.


Ability: Listening to instructions.

Participants will dye a 50 yard (approx.) skein of size 10 or 20 Lizbeth thread, using safe dyes from tie-dye kits.


Kits are required. Cost $5. 2 Kits will be available-size 10 or size 20 Lizbeth thread, white or natural which dye the same. One per person. Class kits will include the thread, styrofoam plate, latex free gloves, plastic pipette.


Paint smocks provided at the dyeing stations.

Thread will be dyed Thursday night; needs to set overnight.

Class leaders will rinse thread Friday morning and hang to dry.


Materials/Prep: NONE.

Melissa Deputy (North Carolina) **

email: megdeputy@gmail.com



Laura’s Bracelet (L2, S, No kit)


Complete a simple bracelet using beads.

Knowledge: Split rings.

Materials/Prep: Load 120 beads, ½ on each shuttle. ( I found bracelet with 114 too long for my wrist so you can use less for a smaller wrist - subtract in sets of 6). Size 10 Lizbeth was used with size 11 beads.


Meg’s Petite Cross (L2, S, No kit)


New tiny cross. Easy to complete.
Knowledge: Split rings.

Mike Lyon (Alabama) **

email: Mike.lyon@comcast.net


Celtic Snowflake (L1, S, No kit)

This snowflake is in a Celtic design. Making this involves working with long chains and using Celtic shuttles to weave the design.


Knowledge: Ability to have consistent tension in long chains


Materials/Prep: 2 Celtic shuttles and 1 paper clip.


Eye See You (L2, S, No kit)


This round motif can serve as the foundation of a larger mandala design. It can also be tiled to create a larger motif. If the BDS option is selected, knowledge of basic BDS tatting will be useful (or can be covered in class)


• 1 bobbin (shuttle) of black
• 1 bobbin of blue (or other suitable “eye” color)
• 2 bobbins of white
• 4 bobbins of tan or other neutral color to represent skin.

America’s Heart (L1, S, No kit)



America’s Heart

This is a basic small motif that is useful for using up those collections of thread segments that you have on hand. It is a nice gift for a friend to carry in their wallet/purse.


Knowledge: Basic rings and chains


Materials/Prep: 1 shuttle of red / 1 shuttle of white / 2 shuttles of blue.

Paige Deputy (North Carolina) **

email: paigedeputy@gmail.com


Petite Beaded Cabone Snowflakes (L2, S&N, Kit)





Petite Beaded Cabone Snowflakes
Learn to tat cute little beaded snowflakes, perfect for using up leftover thread, and tatting around a cabone ring.

Materials/Prep: Size 20 thread, single shuttle cut off of ball.

Kits required. Cost $3.00 for both participants and non-participants.
Kits will include: 5 cabone rings and all of the beads needed

Leftover Thread Mitten (L1, S&N, No kit)

Create a mitten motif from leftover thread on your shuttles.

Knowledge: Chains, rings, joins.

Shuttles with varying amounts of thread.

Little Leaf Motif (L1, S&N, No kit)

Tat a little motif for decoration with beads.

Knowledge: Rings, chains, basic knowledge of using beads.

Materials/Prep: 2 shuttles wound CTM

Pam Freck (South Carolina) **

email: pamfreck@gmail.com

Rainbow Dangle (L1, S&N, Kit)

The purpose of this class is to create a simple yet neat gift to share with others – a dangle for an electronic device, purse, backpack, etc.. You will be learning 2 ways to add beads. We will also work on a last to first picot join.

Knowledge: Making Rings

Materials/Prep: 1 aux plug on a split ring (to fit into an earbud jack) or jump/split ring, 14 beads, 4 yards of size 10 or size 20 thread, crochet hook and 1 shuttle

Kits optional. Cost $2. Choice of rainbow colors.

Phyllis Schmidt (Georgia) **

email: temp20003@yahoo.com


Dangle Earrings (L1, S, Kit)

Dangle earrings made with teardrop or round and seed beads. Learn to add beads to thread, lock stitch and optional single shuttle split ring to finish without tying or hiding ends.

Knowledge: chains and rings.

Materials/Prep: Size 20 thread, 2 10-mm eardrop or round beads and 10 seed beads.

Kit optional. Cost $1 for both participants and non-participants. Will contain beads and earring findings.

D. Richard Embrey (Virginia)

email: Faerlic@gmail.com


Helix Rainbow Jewelry (L3, S, No kit)



Helix Rainbow Jewelry

Make a tatted rainbow I-Cord necklace or bracelet or earrings or all three using the helix tatting technique! Let your rainbow slip into the split-ring clouds or shine by itself!

Knowledge: Split Ring (if you want clouds!)


Materials/Prep: Lizbeth Size 10 in seven colors (six for the rainbow and one for the clouds), findings, & sewing needle.

Rainbows in Ireland Pendant Necklace (L2, S, No kit)

(Updated 7/4)

Make a single pendant necklace, single strand bracelet or simple earrings or all
Three! Will be working split rings with beads on upper and lower positions, thrown off rings and joins with beads.


Knowledge: Split Rings and working with beads.

Materials/Prep: Size 10 thread in two colors, Size 10 silver lined seed beads, jewelry findings-clasp and ring, sewing needle.

Sample in picture used Lizbeth Thread size 10 “A” 184 Rainbow Splash and “B” 404 Mermaid Lagoon with green seed beads.

Rainbows in the Water Pearl Snowflake (L2, S, No Kit)


Tat a snowflake with beads using Pearl Tatting.

Knowledge: Rings


Materials/Prep: Size 10 Lizbeth thread in two colors, size 11 silver lined seed beads, ¼ inch silver lined bugle beads, sewing needle, & wire (optional)

Sharon Fawns (Kentucky) **

email: stitchingsharon@hughes.net


Pearl Tatted Bracelet (L1, S&N, No kit)

Learn to pearl tat with beads.

Knowledge: Rings, making un-flipped double stitches.

Materials/Prep: Size 10 thread. 3 shuttles, beads (8/0 or 6/0), bracelet finding.


Thumb Chatelaine (L2, S, No kit)

Make a handy thumb chatelaine using joined split rings, joining on both sides, and a lock chain.

Materials/Prep: Size 20 thread, 2 shuttles wind 3 yards on each shuttle CTM.

Shawna Wachs (Kentucky) **

email: sanddcreates@gmail.com


Rainbow Peacock (L2, S&N, No kit)


We will make a cute Peacock. Learn split rings and lock chains.

Knowledge: Rings and Chains.


Materials: 3 colors (Body – Lizbeth #665, Tail – Lizbeth 184 & Lizbeth 601) of size 10 or 20 thread, 2 shuttles and 1 bead (size 10 or 11) for eye.


Needle tatters welcome, but will be on their own.



Twisted Rainbow Necklace (L2, S, Kit)


Will be making a necklace intertwining two pieces of tatting embellished with beads and using lock chains.

Knowledge: Rings, Chains, and Beads.

Materials: Size 10 Thread, 2 shuttles, Beads in six colors, Small button, Paper Clip.

KIT optional. Cost: class participant $12 and for non-participant $15.


Kit will include 4 flat shuttles loaded with beads and thread enough to complete project, and a pearl button.

Victoria Ong

email: flowersinthreads@gmail.com


Turkish Oya: A Taste of Needle Lace for Beginners -

Edgings and Flowers

Victoria's classes will get your started in needle lace by taking you through two basic edging patterns and one scarf flower pattern with step by step illustrations in a twelve page handout.

You may take one or both of Victoria's classes.

Must be able to work with sewing needles and have good hand dexterity.


Knots and Loops- The Fundamental Units in Needle Lace Technique
• Increasing Loops in a Row
• Decreasing Loops in a Row
• Casting on New Color or Adding More Thread
• Good Practice with Tail Ends and Casting On
• Undoing Knots and Mistakes
• The Effects of Layering
• The Effects of Outlining
• The Effects of Linking Petals


For both of Victoria's classes:


Students must bring: Lizbeth size 10 threads (required), scissors (required), seam ripper (optional), stitch markers (optional).


If you do not purchase a kit with a template for the edging, you must bring an edge to work on like a handkerchief with hem edging or square piece of fabric and #18 tapestry needles.


If you have trouble seeing, students should bring their own visual aid tools: desk lamp, magnifying lens, etc.

KITS Optional (participants only)

Lace Edging: $8.50 for Square plastic template for doily/handkerchief pattern + 2 tapestry needles.

Triangle Edging and Flower: $6.00 for Ribbon + 2 tapestry needles.



Basic Lace Edgings (L2, Kit)

Triangle Edging and Flower (L2, Kit)




Classroom Rules: Have Fun! Listen and Learn. Show Integrity and Respect. Talk Softly. Laugh.
Attend only your scheduled classes.
Shhh…if you enter late.
Arrive on Time: As a courtesy to your teacher and your classmates, please arrive ON TIME to your scheduled classes. If you finish your project early, or would like additional time to visit, shop, or see the silent auction items, you may leave any class early.




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