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April 15, 2015

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We gather monthly to share ideas, food, fun and fellowship! 

The Palmetto Tatters Guild meets the 3rd Saturday of each month. All tatters, and those wishing to learn this form of lace making, are welcome to attend. Free tutorials are included at each meeting. We may also be working on projects for the the SC State Fair or our Tat Days.

Our 100+ members (hailing from the tri-state area) are excited to teach the lace they love! For more information about guild meetings, watch this site or write Melinda at

Palm Fronds: Is there a Palmetto Tatter local neighborhood contact or group near you? Look here at our list to see. If you have a group or would like to be the contact for your city, please write Donna to be added. Thanks!

NEXT TAT DAYS "Tatting Angels Among Us"
September 4-5, 2015, Toccoa, Georgia, USA

South Carolina State Fair Tatting Booth Event

Palmetto Tatters Guild
2021 Saturday Meeting Dates (Mark your calendars)
Usually 3rd Saturday of each month, 12:00 to 3:00. Lessons subject to change.
LOCATION (most of the time-when it reopens): Lexington County Museum (Directions)
Several books from our PTG Library are at our monthly meetings. We have hundreds of publications for local members to check out for 1 to 2 months at a time. Be sure to "check it out" at our next meeting. Write our Librarian if you have questions -
DUE in December: Teaching Applications for Tat Days submissions. THANK YOU!

January 11: Museum Closed. Virtual

February 8: Virtual

March 21: Virtual.

2021 Scholarship Silent Auction at Tat Days: BRING wonderful items Tatters will love to bid on!

April 18: Virtual.

Craft Fair
Old McCaskill's Farm, 10 to 6, March 27th

May 16: Virtual.

June 20: Virtual.

July 17: IN-PERSON & Virtual


August 21: IN-PERSON & Virtual
Prepare for Tat Days.


September 18: IN-PERSON & Virtual
Tat Days 2021, "Tatting Across the Miles" and "Miles of Tatting," August 26-29, Lake Junaluska, NC  USA

October 23: State Fair Tatting Booth 9 to 9
and Virtual
Full Dates: 13-24, 2021

November 20: IN-PERSON & Virtual December 18: IN-PERSON & Virtual
Holiday Gathering-Show 'N Tell, Favorite Snack Recipes and Fellowship!

Dates may change.

2022 Tat Days 20th Anniversary "Celebration of Tatting." Probably August 4-7, 2022. Location Probably Lake Junaluska, NC, USA
Last updated October 22, 2021

Archived Calendars

Printable Calendar

Here are pictures and news from some of our great times together!

July 2006
Tatting Group
Tat & Chat Tat & Chat
June 2006 Meeting - Riet's class
Tatting Tatting Tatting
May 2006 - Tat Days Prep
Tat Days Prep Tat Days Prep
May 2005 - Tat Days Prep

Tat Days Prep
Tat Days Prep
March 20, 2004
Great Group!
December 6, 2003
FUN for ALL!

Tatting around the table.
July 19, 2003
Enjoying Tatting Together
Tatters around table
Preparing for State Fair

April 26, 2003

Talking about how much FUN we had at Tat Day 2003 and planning for Tat Day 2004!

February 15, 2003

Working on Goodie Bags for TAT DAY 2003!
Two NEW members joined us that heard about us on WLTX!

August 31, 2002

More Pictures

May 25, 2002

More Pictures
April 27, 2002

March 30, 2002
GREAT meeting. LOTS of FUN! Talked about many new and exciting things for Palmetto Tatters. Plans have begun for our Tatting Demonstration for the South Carolina State Fair, October 4, 2002, in Columbia. Don't forget to making BUTTERFLIES and CRITTERS! Also, watch for information about "TAT DAY 2003" in Columbia!
January 26, 2002

December 1, 2001

September 29, 2001

August 25, 2001

tatting-Aug25-0101-th.jpg (11956 bytes)
Alice, Joy, Maria, Kimberley, Faye, Teresa, Jean, Jeanette, Honey, Sheron

tatting-Aug25-0102-th.jpg (15044 bytes)
Sheron, Alice
Making Shuttles

tatting-Aug25-0103-th.jpg (13405 bytes)
Teresa, Jean, Jeanette, Honey
Making Shuttles and Palmetto Trees


July 28, 2001
july28-2001-03-th.jpg (9106 bytes)
Donata, __, Alice, Barbara, Pam, Joy, Teresa, Sheron, Karen, Faye
May 26, 2001
May26-2001-02-th.jpg (8590 bytes)
Jean, Patsy, Teresa, Sheron, Pattie, Joy, Faye, Pam, Allison, Lynn, Diane
(Margaret had to leave early)

April 28, 2001
April28-01-th.jpg (7115 bytes)
Gloria, Joy, Wally, Teresa, Patti, Carolyn, __

"Our mission is to promote the craft of tatting and spread it like
kudzu across the South!"

If you have any questions about this website please email the webmaster at
If you have any questions about the Palmetto Tatters, please email the  
Folks may also write our Membership Coordinator if they would like to join The Palmetto Tatters as a local or long-distance member. 

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